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Perfect Moment to Invest in Properties on the Costa del Sol

Marbella breathes positivism again and sales growth throughout 2017. These last two years mark the end of the crisis, with price stability and a very favourable national economic situation. Unlike previous years, the market price is equivalent to the sale price.

Золотая Миля сохраняет свой статус и стиль на протяжении десятилетий

Golden Mile – The Most Exclusive Area of Marbella

It all started here… When Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe founded the legendary Marbella Club Hotel in 1954, the former fishing village became a hot spot for the international jet set and started the image of Golden Mile as the main playground of the famous, rich and very rich. Today it remains one of the finest addresses in Europe and most established and mature markets attracting “the upper echelons of society” …

Гвадальмина Баха оазис покоя и элегантности

The True Jewel of the Costa del Sol – Guadalmina Baja

Once upon a time a Basque businessman was attracted by lush greenery and beautiful beach from his yacht. Norberto Goizueta recognised the potential for luxury living here and together with Marques Soriano started the Golf Revolution: got rid of sugar cane plantations and much to the amazement of local farmers planted grass for the 2nd on Costa del Sol…

«Друмелию» можно назвать «бутик-агентством» по недвижимости, специализирующуюся на оказании услуг по приобретению, аренде и обслуживанию недвижимости в одном из самых красивых и престижных мест Европы – г.Марбелья. Основное правило компании - клиенту должно быть комфортно! И мы абсолютно искренни в этом желании.

Why Do We Need a Real Estate Agent?

Buying/selling home is complicated, significant transaction for most people. Potential problems of going solo outweigh possible benefits. Invest countless hours in Internet research and doublechecking of every detail of useful and useless information, but there’s no substitute for experienced professional dealing with selecting properties …

Marbella, Puerto Banus

Privileged location of your home in Puerto Banus

Who hasn’t heard about Puerto Banus where glamour is very much the name of the game and lifestyle is mythical. Who hasn’t been impressed with its world of luxury: fashionable designers’ boutiques, breath-taking cars parked next to the yachts of the world’s wealthiest people, top-class international fine dining.

Новая Золотая Миля, Эстепона

New Golden Mile – Luxury for a Modern Era

New Golden Mile is a picturesque stretch between San Pedro and east part of Estepona. Divided into 2 geographical areas, beachside and hillside, this prestigious area has evolved over the past decades and fast becoming renowned among international clientele for its individual style and exclusivity.

The French and Belgium avalanche at Costa del Sol

The bustle of the usual Marbella Jet set places overflows with a new musical thread. Between am “Olala, and Merveilleux, we here a lot of gossiping on buying high-end housing in Marbella and its peripheries. French and Belgian not only represent the third tourist market on the Costa del Sol, but also have increased their spending on luxury property, becoming the second market in buying homes above 100m2. “For the first time in years, we are experiencing a new and increasing francophone client with a high purchasing power and interested in high-end housing.” Artur Loginov (Drumelia Real Estate).

Development, La Morelia

Fabulous variety of properties in Marbella

Southern Spain offers a wealth of different properties, from small apartments to huge country mansions set in acres of land, with just about everything in between. The types, styles and sizes of properties vary but Drumelia Real Estate has something to suit everybody. What are you looking for?

Luxury villa in Madroñal

El Madroñal – Riviera lifestyle

Imagine classic seaside resorts such as the idyllic spots of South Californian, Ligurian or Côte d’Azur coasts… El Madroñal is comparable to those finest hillside residences, with its breath-taking panoramic views over the sparkling blue Mediterranean towards the Strait of Gibraltar, African coast with Rif Mountains, majestic Andalusian mountains, pastoral hills and picturesque Guadaiza River Valley with golf-courses.

Покупка и продажа жилья.

Buying and selling property. The buyers´ and vendors´expenses.

Buying and selling property is not an easy process and requires certain knowledge from both parties involved in the real estate deal. It is important for the buyers to understand that their expenses are not only a fixed price and a figure in the contract. In addition to the payment for the square meters of a future property they will have to pay some additional costs. It is equally important to be clear about the ongoing expenses you will face as a property owner.

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