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Mediterranean Idylle

Since architecture is poetically called music frozen in space, the interior metaphorically is a melody that should be in harmony with the mood. An apartment or a private house gradually becomes not just a living space but a peculiar expression of the inner world of the owners. Home style is focused primarily on the creation of a comfortable and harmonious psychological climate. Therefore, modern interior, within its essential meaning, […]

Simple but tasteful

How to create a house – according to the fashionable trends or your own taste? It is well-known that every interior style dictates the rules that you have to abide by. However, there is a way not only to express the individuality, but to live in a place with modern interior. Contemporary style is an ideal solution for those who want to be sophisticated and easily follow the waves of fashion trends, with a touch […]

Marbella, Spain´s Beverly Hills

Often compared to the playground of Miami, Marbella is the jewel of the Mediterranean. Discovered by the international jet set back in the late fifties (The Marbella Club was built in 1954 by Alfonso de Hohenlohe as a private residence, where he invited royalty, influential business associates and his social peers from Europe and The United States. In the late 1970´s he re-developed the property to become the Marbella Club as we […]

Celebrity: Valery Meladze feels very close, spiritually, to Spain.

Valery Meladze, a winner of numerous awards, including the Best Artist of the Year and the Best Performer at the Russian MTV, a judge of international singing competitions, a television presenter and the constant center of media attention, shares his thoughts about […]

Sweet Home – Smart Home

Illusion – an expert in custom home automation solutions in Costa del Sol and the winner of the Business Award for Top Marbella Company honoured by APYMESPA in 2015 – will tell us about some latest trends on this market and give us some interesting and client-orientated facts.

Project Management by Drumelia Real Estate

The company Drumelia Real Estate offers professional assistance in planning, organizing, motivating and controlling investment and construction projects aimed at achieving the best possible result for our clients.

Celebrity: Luis Figueroa Conde de Quintanilla

Luis Figueroa Conde de Quintanilla – an aristocrat who fell in love with Marbella, in his sight changing from a fishing port into one of the most luxurious and expensive resorts of the entire Mediterranean coast. You are from Madrid; however, Marbella occupies a special place in your heart. Please tell us your earliest memory […]

Real Estate Expert Advice: to buy or to rent

Many people face it while choosing their new place to live. There are many factors to consider when tackling this question, and we hope to be useful here. There are different types of clients according to their financial abilities, intended duration of staying in the country, family situation: kids-schools-dogs and so on. Let’s talk about a potential […]

Area of elegant and comfortable ambience, Guadalmina Baja

Located on the beachside west of Marbella, only few kilometers away from the centre of Marbella, close to glamorous Puerto Banus and a lovely town of San Pedro de Alcántara, Guadalmina was originally a residential zone associated with Spanish and European aristocracy. It has become established as a peaceful and luxurious suburb […]