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Когда дело касается шика и гламура, мало мест на планете может сравниться с фешенебельной Марбельей. «Подвинься, Майами! В сторонку, Ибица! Новое модное место для гедонистических вечеринок в роскошных пляжных клубах - Марбелья, испанский эквивалент элитного Сен-Тропе», - утверждают газеты. И они правы!

The Finest Beach Clubs in Marbella

Synonymous with glitz and glamour, Marbella is distinguished for its opportunities which few cities in the world can be compared to. “Move over Miami, step aside Ibiza, there’s a new home to hedonistic pool parties and luxury beach clubs: Marbella, a Spain’s equivalent of Saint-Tropez”, media writes.

Марбелья приветствует новые авиарейсы с большим потенциалом для элитных сегментов туризма и индустрии недвижимости. Туризм Коста-дель-Соль ожидает огромный подъем, связанный с открытием прямых рейсов из арабских государств Персидского залива в Малагу.

Wealthy Gulf Countries’ Tourists fly to Marbella

Marbella welcomes new flights with great potential for developing luxury tourism and real estate.
Costa del Sol expects the biggest upsurge in luxury tourism brought by non-stop flights from the Arab states of the Persian Gulf to Malaga. It is one of the most desired and sought tourism segments. An Arab tourist with high purchasing power spends more than any other one, furthermore, the vacation length exceeds the average of other visitors, due to the lovely Mediterranean climate.

Signature Event Marbella

Last Wednesday evening 30th May, “Signature Event Marbella” took place in Villa La Perla Blanca,, one of the most spacious and majestic beachfront villas in Estepona, organized by the most prestigious brands of the Marbella scenarios offered to more than 200 select high profile companies clients an exclusive cocktail party. Drumelia Real Estate, Bentley Marbella, C. de Salamanca,Rafael Urquízar, Tourbillon  Boutique Puerto Banús, Bang&Olufsen,…


Foreigners buying property in Spain

The Belgians’ and Germans’ buying homes in Spain goes through the roof, however the British are retrying again, informs the ‘El Confidencial’ specializing in economic, financial and political news of Spain. For a decade the purchase of Spanish homes by foreigners has been living its sweetest moment, almost doubled and already represents 2 out of every 10 operations that are closed in Spain, according to data from the General Council of Notaries.

При покупке недвижимости и переезде в Марбелью, вам не стоит беспокоиться о хорошем учебном заведении для своих детей. Провинция Малага стоит на третьем месте после Мадрида и Барселоны по качеству образования, с 7 лучшими международными школами, расположенными именно в районе Марбельи.

Quality Education in the Finest Location. Schools of Marbella

When buying a property and relocating, many people are concerned about schools for their children. You needn’t worry in Marbella! Malaga is on the 3d place after Madrid and Barcelona when it comes to quality of education, with 7 best international schools located in Marbella area!

Club Ferrari Spain at the entrance of Villa Crystal

Marbella’s 1st Excellence Experience Event

Last Thursday 10th of May 2018, a selection of the most luxury brands of Marbella have come together to organise a real leisure experience for their clients and Marbella’s highest end society. (Marbella’s 1st Excellence Experience Event). With over 200 assistants and a very good ambience, this 1st event has been all a success. This event has taken place in one of the most luxurious and impressive villas of La Zagaleta (Villa Cristal) which is on sale with a value of 15 M.

Health Destination Marbella

One of the top European holiday destinations is making a name for itself as one of the best health resorts. According to Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, health tourism generates revenue of 75 billion euros a year around the world. Marbella with its easy access by land, sea and air, blue Mediterranean, majestic mountains, idyllic country scenery, unique microclimate, healthy Mediterranean diet, excellent clinics with a long list of medical experts, top-notch Spa, wellness and fitness facilities is perfect for health tourism.

Гольф - привлекательное преимущество Марбельи и Андалусии в целом. Более половины андалусийских полей для гольфа расположены в провинции Малага, многие лучшие из них в Марбелье. Увеличение членства в Федерации гольфа более чем на 10% в 2017 г. ясно говорит о повышении интереса к гольфу на побережье Коста дель Соль.

Golf Tourism for 2018 in Marbella

Golf is a great attraction in Marbella and Andalucía in general. More than 50% of its golf courses are located in the province of Malaga, and Marbella has a large number of the best of them. In 2017, the Golf Federation memberships increased by more than 10% showed a growing interest in golf on the Costa del Sol.

Рынок аренды недвижимости в Испании начал играть по новым правилам, которые были официально представлены правительством Андалусии в 2016г. Недвижимостью для туристической (сезонной) аренды теперь считаются объекты в городских жилых зонах, регулярно предлагаемые для краткосрочного проживания интернет-сайтами, туристическими и посредническими компаниями с привлечением финансовых транзакций.

New Holiday Property Rental Law in Andalusia

In 2016 Andalusian government announced new regulations for tourist accommodation. Holiday rental accommodation is a property in residential zones regularly offered for touristic purposes by financial transaction and promoted via travel agencies, intermediary companies, etc.

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