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About Drumelia Real Estate

Staff Members

Our staff members combine professional backgrounds with market experience, and as a result we have an efficient and highly capable team that is fluent in Spanish, English and Russian, which is one of the most important markets today.



Working with Drumelia is an unrivalled experience. Innovative management, marketing and communication guarantee our clients knowledgeable and personalized service through the entire sales process, in association with professionals who handle related banking, legal, tax and notary matters accordingly.

The purchase or sale of your property is more than just a simple transaction - it is a significant decision. That is why we pride ourselves on getting to know you well, understanding your way of thinking, priorities and wishes, all this in order to provide you with total support.


Due to our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the luxury property market, entrusting Drumelia with the rental of your property or finding you an available property to rent is an effortless experience. To ensure a smooth stay we cater to your special requirements: services of chauffeur, cook, baby-sitter, domestic staff, rent a car, and much more.

You can be assured that in personalized customer care Drumelia will be with you every step of the way to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Property Management

Drumelia will guide you through the entire management process, matching your requirements with selection of the best professionals in a range of services at competitive rates:

  • Maintenance (house, garden and pool, etc.)
  • Monthly financial statements, (electricity, gas, water, telephone, maintenance contracts, etc.)
  • Utility services, (water, post, telephone, gas/electricity, etc.)
  • Tax and insurance

We supervise the preparation of a personalized management plan that covers every detail so that you can relax and appreciate those true pleasures of your beautiful home. Our aim is to make each homecoming feel as if you had never been away.

Project Management

Drumelia offers professional assistance in planning, organizing, motivating and controlling project resources, together with procedures and protocols to achieve the best results for our clients.

Our team of specialists in the field of project management are responsible for the planning, execution and the termination of each and every project, related to the construction, engineering, architecture, as well as monitoring and controlling the quality of materials, and working only with trusted and qualified specialists.

In addition we also require on behalf of our clients building or development permits from the local municipality.

Philosophy Drumelia sales, rental and management of luxury properties since 1998

Our values

Drumelia has always preserved a unique code of conduct. Our values and beliefs set us apart in an increasingly competitive market. We highly value our expertise and professional integrity while maintaining an open and direct communication with our customers and partners, offering great quality service and transparency.

Our clients

Each of our clients is unique, and the main objective of our company is to satisfy each and every one of them. Our job is to offer always the best service, anticipate their needs and satisfy their demands.


For more than over 15 years, Drumelia has obtained a reputation for fundamental virtues such as competence, consistency and reliability, bringing their professionalism in terms of:

  • Large scale real estate transactions
  • Rental service of exceptional properties
  • Administration and management of luxury properties
  • Professional advisory and representative work

With complementary individual skills and a common goal, our members of staff are highly motivated and truly united as a team. We recognize the value of individual contributions, so we encourage personal responsibility and initiative.

By sharing our knowledge and professional abilities we demonstrate that a team is much more than just a large count in numbers.

Readiness & Availability

The essential to maintain a relationship of trust with our partners and clients is offering customized solutions to meet their expectations and needs. This represents the basic requirement of an effective professional relationship.