The price and the pricelessness of art in Marbella

By Salma Hwedi on - 5m. reading time

Fashionable interior design accessories made of wood and stone has a major influence worldwide and Marbella is not an exclusion. The  experts predict stylish animal prints and patterns boom. Doesn’t matter what the design trendsetters dictate or fashion demands of our interiors, the uniquely designed authorial works are always highly prized, including paintings, many of which eventually grow in value. However, these works of art will never be the accessories complementing the interior. More likely they will lay down their demands. How to share space with works of art and how to integrate them into your trendy interiors?


Everything is relative in this world: someone values pencil scribbles of his or her sweet child, another has been waiting for years for an auction exposing a littleknown work of a world famous artist. Thus, Pablo Picasso’s canvas “Women of Algiers” has been sold at Christie’s auction this spring for a record ‘setting price of $ 179.4 million, with the initial price tag $ 140 million. Of course, such a jewel requires its proper place in the house and specially created interior that will emphasize the importance and wealth of the owner. However the main purpose of paintings or graphic art is to create a unique atmosphere in the house, filling it with a certain mood. Therefore, design experts believe each room has its own key rules of selection and exposing of paintings.


A good tradition is to adorn halls and library rooms with the portraits that tell the story of the family; in some houses they create a whole gallery. Quite often family portraits can be found in the dining room of a large house. In the classic style living and dining rooms it is common practice to exhibit landscapes or still-life paintings in frames matching the interior design. If you have a room full of the distinctive Baroque elements chose a lavish frame for your painting. While the minimalist interior does not require modern or avant-garde paintings, classical painting can become a bright accent of a vast space. This is the exact way of creating the loft style interiors – a harmonious blend of new and old, classical and hi-tech.

Dining room


The guest area allows to experiment with a variety of design, including selection of paintings,
but the bedroom requires delicate and considerate attention. Selecting a theme images for your personal private rooms pay attention at the art work with peaceful and relaxing scenes, soft lines, pastel palette. Choose the place for a painting thoroughly - do not hang it over your head as this can make you think about danger and insecurity of fittings. Besides, what do you need a masterpiece for if you cannot look at it? Place it on the opposite wall from the bed, right in front of your eyes. Often the paintings are displayed above the door, adorning the rooms. It is called dessus de porte - the French term means ‘decorative composition located above the door’.



In the home office it is allowed not only to exhibit art collection, but to perform the socalled
wall art hanging – it is a special way of filling a whole wall with pictures or paintings posted very close to each other. Study always represents its owner and its interior is usually filled up with symbols of status and prosperity, so choose the style and the images that will reveal you as a personality and a professional. Paintings themes in your study allow your imagination to express itself – it can be marinistic art, portraits, genre scenes, and even epic battle canvases. The current trend in the wall design of the home office suggests combining of classical paintings with drawings, sketches and photographs. On one condition - no copies! Everything has to be unique and original!

Home Office


Different reproductions of the original paintings are perfect for children’s rooms. Most likely your child would love to finish some masterpiece - give him this opportunity! Psychologists believe it is important to hang in the children’s room both positive and educational images: geographical maps, botanical atlases, informative pictures from fairy tales. If you put them in stylish frames, you can help your child not only to obtain some useful information from the pictures, but to develop his aesthetic sense, and learn to treat these works carefully. A good example would be Albrecht Dürer’s engravings of animals – rhinoceros, owl, rabbit and others. This artist has created the most recognizable and now the most expensive prints. His “Rhinoceros” was sold at Christie’s auction for 866,000 dollars. Creative art works of your young genius can be exhibit in an effective way by setting them on the easel in any room. This option is very popular now - it emphasizes the value of a work of art and at the same time organizes the space, bringing an atmosphere of an art gallery into interior design.

Children's room

No matter how you exhibit your painting, remember it is an eye-catching focal point and an
accent in the interior design composition. Gather your collection of masterpieces and create a
unique interior design with your own art gallery!

Collaborator Salma Hwedi