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Rent with option to buy in Marbella

Imagine a situation where you want to buy a new property and you have actually found it already but for example, the sale of your house in your home country did not go through or you are expecting the sales of some shares or something else to get the money to buy the property but it has not happened yet and you are in a situation where you studied the market and want to go for a property, but the money is not there yet. In this blog, we will talk about the option to purchase with a rental contract in Marbella.

Top 5 New Developments Sierra Blanca

Designer villas and stirring modern mansions are in high demand across the entire landscape local to Marbella, but perhaps the pinnacle of these ultra-desirable developments is in Sierra Blanca. Despite its highly exclusive nature and very limited number of properties for sale, there are some truly stunning new developments that offer something to suit the taste and style of every prospective homeowner. After many years at the forefront of design and innovation, Marbella has established itself as an architects’ playground, and there’s no better evidence of this than in these top five new luxury developments in Sierra Blanca.

CULLINAN SOLD post background copy

Read about our sale of the “Diamond of Marbella” – Villa Cullinan! Probably as you all know, and for those of you that don’t, Villa Cullinan is a 32million modern mansion in Zagaleta that was listed for sale in summer 2019 exclusively by Drumelia, in collaboration with the developer Prestige Expo. Other properties sold recently in Zagaleta area are Heaven 11 and villa Cypress. Which villa will sell next? Ibiza Breeze, Villa Cristal or El Capricho?

Properties in the Golden Mile, Marbella Drumelia Real Estate

Welcome to the spiritual home of sophistication and luxury living in Marbella. Often compared to the eccentric and lavish playground of Miami, Marbella is the jewel of the Mediterranean. But in reality, thanks to its glamourous appeal and timeless elegance, Marbella is more akin to Beverly Hills; and together with the fabulous local climate, both visitors and residents can enjoy the relaxing and leisurely environment for which the Costa del Sol has been renowned for over five decades.

Villa Cullinan plot

Well, we just thought the whole team, that it would be nice to tell a little more about us, because you see a lot of information on the Internet and our Instagram, YouTube channel, Facebook, website. But that’s just one of the ways to get to know us. And there’s a lot of things behind it. And we thought, Hey, why not? Let’s tell you a little bit more about us.

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First of all, what you need to know is that any property prices that you see no matter where the brochures on the internet or anywhere else, it’s all net price to the vendor, and the purchase taxes and costs go on top of that price. And most of them are paid by the buyer, unfortunately, so if you don’t want to get into details, you have to keep in mind something around 13% on top of any price that you see anyway. So if that’s the case you can stop reading this blog, you’ve got the main information there but if you want to get into details, let’s get to it.

Property taxes in Marbella

All these taxes and costs will be calculated on the basis of the purchase price, the location of the property – municipality, and its size and cadastral value. Let’s break it into different parts. You’ve got taxes and costs related to the property itself, and then you got taxes related to the owner…

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