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Purchasing Raw Land in Marbella

Purchase of raw land for subsequent development is a very serious business, which should be supervised by specialists. Drumelia Real Estate collaborates with qualified lawyers in Marbella who are responsible for verifying all the documents relevant to the property such as; existing urban plan regulations, availability of encumbrances, debts and the seller’s rights of ownership. Also lawyers should pay special attention […]

French Style

The French Art of Living in Marbella

In Marbella, there is a trend nowadays to follow the popular trends of interior design and we have paid special attention to France. The standards of beauty change every season, but not by the French – they know the timeless recipe of beautiful life, and they have no intention to change it even for the sake of fashionable trends. Now the secret of the French art de vivre (art of living) has been unveiled and components of the French style interior […]

Bahrain World Trade Centre, Manama

Eco-buildings around the world: Asia, Australia, Oceania and Africa (II)

This blog post is a continuation of our previous post, Eco-buildings around the world: Europe and North America (I), where we analyzed eco-efficient buildings such as “The Crystal” in London, “Media TIC” in Barcelona, “Bank of America Tower” in New York and “Nemi Eco Villa” in Mexico. In this publication Drumelia Real Estate will tell you […]

The Gate Residence, Egypt

Eco-buildings around the world: Europe and North America (I)

Did you know that quite a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the building? The energy consumption used within buildings such as electricity, natural gas, petroleum & water all add towards higher CO2 emission so the impact of buildings on our environment is undeniable. This is why today the “green building revolution” has […]

Russian Culture Week in Marbella 2016

To be imbued with the Russian culture while staying in sunny Marbella, visit other great cities of the Costa del Sol and, of course, just have a great time – it is possible attending the Russian Culture Week which will be held from September 28 to October 2, 2016. Russian Culture Week is organized annually since 2004. It really […]

Tax benefits and subsidies for sustainable construction

While standard building practices are guided by shortterm economic considerations, sustainable construction is based on the best concept that combine long-term effectiveness and quality, at an affordable price. This way, in the life cycle […]

Celebrity: Andrei Merzlikin wants to confess his love and trust in Marbella

Since the very beginning the resort town of Marbella has always been very popular. The hotels are packed with tourists and visitors and the population of the former fishing village keeps growing, having increased 897% during 50 years. To paraphrase the well-known line of a Russian classic “Man – it sounds magnificent!” we can surely say: “Man of Marbella, its guest or its resident – it sounds interesting!” Among them there are stars and legends, young and talented professionals, people who found success in their endeavours. All of them are truly united by one thing – their love to our city.

Mediterranean Idylle

Since architecture is poetically called music frozen in space, the interior metaphorically is a melody that should be in harmony with the mood. An apartment or a private house gradually becomes not just a living space but a peculiar expression of the inner world of the owners. Home style is focused primarily on the creation of a comfortable and harmonious psychological climate. Therefore, modern interior, within its essential meaning, […]

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