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The Gate Residence, Egypt

Did you know that quite a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the building? The energy consumption used within buildings such as electricity, natural gas, petroleum & water all add towards higher CO2 emission so the impact of buildings on our environment is undeniable. This is why today the “green building revolution” has […]

To be imbued with the Russian culture while staying in sunny Marbella, visit other great cities of the Costa del Sol and, of course, just have a great time – it is possible attending the Russian Culture Week which will be held from September 28 to October 2, 2016. Russian Culture Week is organized annually since 2004. It really […]

While standard building practices are guided by shortterm economic considerations, sustainable construction is based on the best concept that combine long-term effectiveness and quality, at an affordable price. This way, in the life cycle […]

Since the very beginning the resort town of Marbella has always been very popular. The hotels are packed with tourists and visitors and the population of the former fishing village keeps growing, having increased 897% during 50 years. To paraphrase the well-known line of a Russian classic “Man – it sounds magnificent!” we can surely say: “Man of Marbella, its guest or its resident – it sounds interesting!” Among them there are stars and legends, young and talented professionals, people who found success in their endeavours. All of them are truly united by one thing – their love to our city.

Since architecture is poetically called music frozen in space, the interior metaphorically is a melody that should be in harmony with the mood. An apartment or a private house gradually becomes not just a living space but a peculiar expression of the inner world of the owners. Home style is focused primarily on the creation of a comfortable and harmonious psychological climate. Therefore, modern interior, within its essential meaning, […]

How to create a house – according to the fashionable trends or your own taste? It is well-known that every interior style dictates the rules that you have to abide by. However, there is a way not only to express the individuality, but to live in a place with modern interior. Contemporary style is an ideal solution for those who want to be sophisticated and easily follow the waves of fashion trends, with a touch […]

Often compared to the playground of Miami, Marbella is the jewel of the Mediterranean. Discovered by the international jet set back in the late fifties (The Marbella Club was built in 1954 by Alfonso de Hohenlohe as a private residence, where he invited royalty, influential business associates and his social peers from Europe and The United States. In the late 1970´s he re-developed the property to become the Marbella Club as we […]

Valery Meladze, a winner of numerous awards, including the Best Artist of the Year and the Best Performer at the Russian MTV, a judge of international singing competitions, a television presenter and the constant center of media attention, shares his thoughts about […]

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