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Extraordinary and incredibly tempting as the stone it is named after, Villa Cullinan is the most exclusive and biggest new modern villa of Europe. The eco-friendly mega mansion is also considered one of the most innovative contemporary estates. It has no competitors when it comes to the latest, top-notch technology, up to the minute trends, brave ideas and luxurious features. The same can be said of the generous size of the house offering 3.110 m², its 13.845 m² plot and imposing swimming pools, a 20-meters long internal heated pool and an outdoor saltwater pool that goes underneath the house, with astonishing depth of 4,56 m, a masterpiece of its own.

Before contacting a real estate agency in Spain make sure you know what you want. Or at least answer the main questions to save time, efforts and money and avoid disappointment “They offer me something completely different from what I need”. Here are these questions.

Great news! We are delighted to inform our clients that after working closely with the helicopters’ provider on all aspects of your flying on Costa del Sol, Drumelia offers an additional service: point-to-point travel getting its clients by helicopter directly to where they need to be, in luxury, comfort and style – airport, Sierra Blanca, Zagaleta that have their own helipads for VIP residents and guests, etc. The helicopter with luggage capacity 1 bag/suitcase per person takes up to 6 people. Now our clients can skip traffic, save time and maximise their business productivity with Drumelia helicopter charter. Add fun! And what a way to make an entrance!

While choosing your Spanish real estate, get ready to avoid some stereotypes. Here are the most common of them. “By the very blue sea.” Living by the beach might seem like a dream… (Spanish Coastal Property) But it might be overrated. As a rule, it is the busiest part of the city or town. Crowded […]

In the process to buy a resale in Spain there are important aspects to consider. A buyer will need to go through some documents, and it’s better if you do it together with the experienced professionals.

When buying properties, future homeowners face the standard problems plus national “peculiarities” of urban planning, zoning, legislation and lifestyle.
When buying a plot of land in Spain, it’s necessary to check whether it is agricultural or residential, suitable for construction, infrastructure and services connections are in order. You don’t need as access problems, border issues with the neighbors, or their right to pass through your territory.

Andalusia is Sports Enthusiasts Paradise. It attracts residents and tourists who are interested in golf, tennis, equestrian sports, walking, hiking, cycling and mountain biking, football, water sports, rock-climbing, snow skiing, on a team or individually, for both adults and children. No other place in Spain can offer as much as Andalusia does all year round!

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