Drumelia Principles

Welcome to the company Drumelia, a real estate industry expert about 20 years specializing in providing tailor-made, high quality services for home buyers, vendors and landlords of all types of properties, commercial & residential property investments, all aspects of property maintenance, as well as a wide range of concierge services and project management in one of the most beautiful and prestigious resort towns in Europe – the Mediterranean resort of Marbella, Spain.

Our Mission

What is our business and what are we trying to accomplish at Drumelia Real Estate? What are the needs that it addresses and how we find a way to direct a business into the right path and to keep improving?

We believe that no matter how beautiful the mission is, it should be clear, specific and based on life’s realities. The mission of Drumelia Real Estate is simple – to serve all of our clients’ real estate needs in today’s increasingly fast-paced world, first of all to make them happy while looking for their dream house, during the process of flawless legal transactions and over the entire period of ownership.

Therefore, we think of the offered property not just as a villa, a house or an apartment but as a future family Home. Drumelia Real Estate actually takes over part of the responsibility for well-being and comfort in this Home, building, constructing, improving, providing concierge services to its tenants and organizing their leisure time, creating projects of a harmonious environment and assisting in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Services provided by Drumelia Real Estate company evoke positive emotions and lead to the changes in customers’ life for the better (Link to webpages Concierge, Drumelia Design, Project Management, etc.
  • Drumelia Real Estate also wants to build profitable relationships and create partner & collaborator delight, being responsible together for the success of the mutual business and the further prosperity of both sides. Sharing the responsibility to the clients who entrust the realization of their dream to us, we guarantee an excellent result by relentlessly delivering our traditional care and up-to-date information, technology advancements and modern concepts that become essential to the way we work and live.
  • Working with investors, developers and real estate development companies, we think not only about one-off profit, but also about the long term mutually beneficial business relationship, and also about the trust they put in us in the search of making the right decision and the chance we can give the investors to increase their capital through effective investments.

Our business principles

The company Drumelia Real Estate is confident that the spirit of the law, rules, ethical principles and values is fundamental to its success, while the commitment to our firm believes is the key to our successful business. Together with the professional and ethical code of behaviour, our business principles are the basis of any decision made by the company.

While our basic corporate business principles are firmly established, we continue to adapt them for a changing world and our company’s growth, though we have defined the main principles for doing business, try to follow them and not to change, using them also as the basis for developing our strategy and corporate culture.

  1. We comply with the requirements provided by the law and adhere to the high ethical standards; conduct business transparently, act with integrity, bona fide, not receiving financial benefits violating business ethics; respect the principles of fair competition on a market and comply with all the rules of the professional community and the Code of professional conduct.
  2. We respect customers, our employees, investors and partners. 
  3. We are committed to the conservation of the environment, care about safety and health and prosperity of human lives, share our vision of “green” management and eco-construction both with customers and employees and partners, and always recommend the construction or purchasing of environmentally friendly, energy efficient houses and the use of alternative energy sources and technology. 
  4. We are dedicated to being a respected and socially responsible company contributing to the development of the communities we live and operate in. 

Interaction of Drumelia Real Estate with local communities in various spheres of life can be an actual example of implementation of the policy of corporate social responsibility.

Our Corporate Values

For the employees of Drumelia Real Estate, the corporate values ​​are not like the theory of relativity, the existence of which is known to all mankind but the essence is understood by very few. Corporate values genuinely define both the character and the culture of our company, they are turned into the principles of a strong work ethic vital to every employee and become an “internal compass” that helps making complex decisions in challenging situations, organizing our activities and communication with each other, customers and other interested parties. Our values drive behaviours. One cannot but rejoice at commonalities occurred in personal values and beliefs of the team members and the corporate values ​​of the company.

1. Сustomers

The first line of our list of core values belongs to the customers of the company. Therefore, the main corporate values ​​are customer focus and building successful long-term client relationships. Drumelia Real Estate guarantees an individual approach to each and every client, confidentiality, efficiency, high quality customer service, in-depth knowledge of local conditions and markets, employees’ language proficiency which makes it easier for the customers to contact us and do business with the company, and of course our sincere desire to do everything possible to make the customers happy and satisfy them for the long term.

We care deeply about delivering the best experience to all our clients and provide the same high level of dedicated service to both a buyer of a small modest apartment and a client who purchases a luxury property in the most exclusive area.

Drumelia Real Estate is proud of the fact that most business comes to us directly through references and personal recommendations of the clients satisfied with our work and commitment. We are pleased that many customers who had received our professional services exceeded their expectations became our friends.

2. Employees

The company is truly only as great as the people who embody the mission of the organization. During our activity on the market of Marbella, we succeeded in bringing together intellectual, technological and creative resources, creating an effective organizational and management structure capable of developing in a highly competitive environment and ready to offer our customers new services and opportunities.

Today, Drumelia Real Estate is a team of enthusiastic adherents, motivated, creative and benevolent professionals, leading an active and healthy lifestyle and aimed at a positive solution to all the tasks set. The atmosphere prevailed at the company is rightly considered one of the advantages of Drumelia Real Estate.

Our company welcomes independent thinking, the desire to achieve one’s creative potential, intellect and knowledge. We appreciate each other’s readiness to help at any moment and internal discipline which eliminates the need for excessive control.

3. Associates and partners

Our company is always open to cooperating when it comes to mutually beneficial business, and mutual benefits are another corporate value of Drumelia Real Estate. We believe that business is not successful unless it leads to prosperity and the opening of opportunities for others, creating favourable conditions for common cause, building relationship with our partners for long term and successful cooperation.

The company is proud of its experience and effectiveness of cooperation during all these years. The success of Drumelia Real Estate is in a creative union with highly valued realtors, leading law firms, reliable banks, consulting and investment companies, financial and development organizations that recommend us to their clients. And we in our turn help to effectively promote their business.

Banks: Santander, Sabadell, La Caixa
Lawyers: Bocanegra, Martinez Echevarría, Balms Abogados
Construction companies: Jamena, B. Solís, Alquimia
Architects: Marcos Sáinz, Maiz y Diaz, Diego Tobal
Investment company: Altavista

The alliance and business cooperation between collaborating companies allow the creation of new business opportunities: using common markets, intellectual property, assets, accumulated knowledge and invaluable experience, while achieving the planned result without additional investment, based on the idea of mutual benefits and common prosperity.

The company is always happy to form a relationship with new partners and to expand business opportunities. We are interested in building and developing honest business together: expand the client base for both sides, increase the coverage of the international market, improve the quality of service and our competitiveness – and to achieve more revenue. We welcome self-confident, talented people who are proud of their personal achievements and the professionalism of the company they represent.

The advantages of cooperation with Drumelia Real Estate which we are happy to share with our partners are:

  • Stability and impeccable reputation of Drumelia as a recognised competent company and a reliable partner.
  • Profound knowledge of the local real estate market and its particular characteristics, and almost 20-year successful relevant work experience in the local real estate industry. 
  • The availability of an excellent real estate database, including our own listings, properties directly from the developers, ultra-exclusive and special properties.
  • The uniqueness of the place that we offer. Marbella is famous for its exclusivity, special Mediterranean lifestyle, the best climate in Europe, a broad range of unique health care and health improving opportunities and European (including British) and now also American educational opportunities.
  • Reaching a wide variety of international clientele in the various countries of Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States – CIS, the USA, UAE, China, etc)
  • Brand recognition. Presence on social media, real estate social media marketing, direct advertising, marketing campaigns, open house promotion and other promotional events, etc.
  • Professionalism, business ethics and exceptional dedication and commitment of the company’s employees.
  • Experience and effectiveness of current cooperation with existing partners, highly valued realtors, leading law firms and legal offices, reliable banks, financial institutions, consulting, investment and development companies that recommend us to their clients. 

Drumelia Real estate sincerely hopes that all this will contribute to the increase of the number of satisfied customers, will serve to improve the profitability of our partners’ business and the prosperity of all the companies that we have cooperated with before and will have the honour to collaborate in the future.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Striving for excellence is one of the key values, since it does not allow our company to rest on its laurels and forces it to develop various lines of business. Whatever we do, we are guided by the desire for excellence and the continued commitment to the goal of creating the highest quality services in the market.

Employees of Drumelia Real Estate regularly attend professional training courses and seminars related to real estate, management, marketing, advertising, PR, branding, jurisprudence, project management, as well as in the field of psychology and personal development. Everything is interesting and useful to us and therefore we can be seen at a variety of international exhibitions and presentations in the sectors of real estate, culture and tourism, marketing, new technologies, architecture, construction, house design and interiors. The management of the company sets the direction, encouraging the aspiration of employees to learning and personal development, inspiring its team to strive for excellence in collective work on projects, organizing corporate training and team building, and to improve the working atmosphere.

Our efforts resulted in success. We entered in the year 2017 with a double victory in the most prestigious international contest “The International Property Awards”. Our project management team head the project of the villa Arcadio and this property presented by the company Drumelia received two “Oscars” of the real estate industry – it became the National Winner in the regional category “Best Residential Property in Spain” and then won the title “Best Residential Property in Europe” (Read here – reference to Villa Arcadio and a link to Blog post about the victory in Europe).

Strategic vision

“Be effective, do everything possible to achieve the maximum result today and strive for more, so that tomorrow becomes even more rewarding” – that is the motto of our team.

To date, Drumelia Real Estate has turned into one of the few companies on the coast that have all the necessary resources for comprehensive customer service and provide a full range of services in the field of real estate. We have developed a confident integrated approach to solving problems of any complexity – from the selection of residential and office space to investment consulting, market analysis, development, project management.

Drumelia Real Estate has its own Design studio, where professionals with creative and artistic abilities are engaged in stylistic solutions for interiors and the creation of projects of a harmonious environment to improve living conditions.

The team is proud of the company’s success and looks with confidence into the future, predicting the needs and demands of the market to lead Drumelia Real Estate forward to long-term success. All managers and employees share a clear strategic vision of their own future, in order to aim at a common cause. We do not stop there, we are not afraid of obstacles and we always strive for growth. Each structural unit in the organization is responsible for its contribution in realizing our plans. And they are really great, because as the famous American businessman Howard Schultz said: ” If you dream small dreams, you may not succeed in building something great”.

The company has plans for a project of the most luxurious residential complex in Spain, where apartments will cost from 3 to 6 million Euros, as well as a project of another exclusive urbanization with villas worth 4.5 to 6.5 million Euros.

It is not surprising that every new step of Drumelia Real Estate attracts interest from professional market participants, the general public and the media.

Artur Loginov
Artur Loginov Sales Director +34 622 596 121