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Well, today we have something very exciting prepared for you! Altius is an amazing small development in a gated community inside of a gated community of Sierra Blanca that is hitting the market right now, exclusively for sale by Drumelia! You are going to BE THE FIRST to know about it!

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Altius - Living Room


What immediately stands out, is the level of finishing’s, brands, materials, and exclusive furniture that this property is full-on. You will not see any development, ever, to have so much money spent on this stuff! I mean look at this crazy boffy kitchen with Gaggenau appliances and what a special island! The dining table cuts into it, becoming one whole masterpiece, the front side covered with a unique piece of marble that is lit at night through this opening and gives the black and white touch to the rest of the kitchen with this completely insane white and black contrast going on. Further use of wood in the middle, including the backsplash above the white countertop, gives it that last touch of the homely feeling to this stunning, directly from a cover of the magazine, kitchen! And it's not just the kitchen!

Normally this kind of level of qualities you will only see in a property that is tailored built by someone for himself, you never spend so much money on interior decoration when putting a property for sale because it’s just crazy! Or is it not? Altius is one of a kind, there’s no other property like this on the market, and there won’t be any time soon, so hurry up!


And meanwhile, we begin our tour right from the living, because look at how many exciting details and features this place has, but first, let’s go through the specs on this property, 650m2 built, 3 massive bedrooms suites, 4 floors, the best views you can get, modern design, furniture by Pedro Peña, a basement full of gadgets and an asking price from €2.590.000 to €2.990.000, you will be amazed, let me tell you later, let’s go!


The living, dining, kitchen, office space, combined with the outdoor terrace and pool, all open plan, with this modern architecture and game of heights, is really impressive, look at this chimney going all the way up the double-height, what a cool design combination of white ceramic without a single union with this wood cutting across, this is the most Instagramable property ever, and all of this has led lights everywhere, at night is AMAZING, Check it out right now!

Quite spectacular nonetheless, the main sitting area is just superb, gorgeous comfortable sofas and chairs, the perfect size to feel so spacious with all these different ambiences going on, but still very cosy. The wood shelves are beautifully decorated, even the coffee table is unique, I really want you to picture how every single detail in here, every little thing that you can think of, is tailored made to a level of absolute perfection! The TV is placed on this corner above this floating white stand with cupboards and same cutting across the furniture repeating the kitchen and chimney concepts! Just the decoration cost 500.000 euros in this property and its included in the price that I’m about to tell you!


I'm really enjoying this tour, I mean everything speaks for itself right? Easy job for me this time. Let's carry on, so now that you’ve seen the main living area, let me show you the rest of the stuff we have on this floor. There's a hidden room at the back behind that Greek David, is that David, I hope so, with lots of storage and laundry rooms, next to some extra closet space and a lift that goes to all 4 floors, very important. Beautiful dark staircase with mirror effects leads to the upper floor, nice shezlong to put on your boots, entrance door right next to it, and we've got plenty of wardrobes next to the entrance smoothly hidden with this dark panelling, also very cool, I don’t know if you noticed, how the designers played with the different touches to the floor mixing dark wood with white stone to highlight different areas of the house.


Guest toilet of course, and we have the first bedroom suite on this floor which… Every bedroom, every bathroom in Altius is a spectacle, with outstanding finishes and high qualities throughout. The sizes of all rooms are ideal, and you have numerous amount of windows and architectural solutions, to bring light to all rooms. Surrounded by nature you also have breathtaking sea views to Puerto Banus, Gibraltar and Africa... A total of 3 bedrooms suites, one on the ground floor and two on the first floor, this being the master suite with a walking closet and charming bathroom also connected partially with the bedroom through this glass overlooking the integrated in wood bathtub. Once again the décor overpasses any expectations, simply the best.


Every house in Altius has its own decoration and concept, this is my favourite one, but they are all exceptional, don’t worry we will show you all of them and you'll get a full understanding of how it works, just stay with us, and the prices, yes the prices are, would you just look at this view! I mean what a staggering view, solariums are accessed directly from the lifts, are completely private, excellent for an evening of parties or relaxation with this great bar and sofa area. Isn't it incredible?

So are you Altius? What do you expect to have from your house? Maybe it’s a cinema to watch movies with your friends, or games and a billiard room to spend quality time with family. Maybe you are into wine tasting and dream of your own collection of wines, or you just want that quiet tv room to be away from everyone upstairs and just relax. Or like me, you are crazy about that private workout in your own gym, but whatever it is, I’m sure, after, you want to hit the spa with a heated swimming pool for the last touch of pure relaxation in your own house! Whatever it is, in Altius you can find your perfect tailor-made combination!

Altius offers 6 semidetached villas priced from 2.59 to 2.89M euros with furniture packs of 300 to 700 thousand euros, included in the price, 3 bedroom suits, with 3 car garages each. You can choose from complete and utter privacy to amazing open sea views and the coolest features in the basement, pick the smartest furniture design that suits you the most, enjoy your own private swimming pools and also have access to 4 communal pools, 24-hour security and concierge and maintenance service so you don’t have to do anything at all. Tell only your best friends! And hurry only 6 villas hitting the market and you can even join them together if you have a big family to make it a 6-bedroom first-class property. Follow the links below for full pictures and descriptions of each property and leave your contact details to get a private viewing booked!  Altius, the one and only!

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