Inside a €16.900.000 Villa Hermes – Iconic Modern House in Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Spain

By Salma Hwedi on - 7m. reading time

This Property has been sold

This exclusive property is extraordinary. Villa Hermes has its tennis court, huge gardens, numerous fountains, an outdoor swimming pool with a bar and barbecue area away from the house, and a Jacuzzi swimming pool next to the house. Inside, we have a unique double-height games room with a bar area, a space for any other entertainment, a fantastic cinema with spectacular pool views, a master suite to die for and a garage filled in with the most impressive cars. The mansion, with 8 suites and a total build volume of over 2.000 m², is set on a plot of 7.400 m². The ground level has almost 1.000 square meters, the first floor, where the bedrooms are, is 500 m², and two separate basements, one with all the entertainment areas and another with the garage, are just under 400 m² each. This property has an asking price of €16.900.000.


The street entrance is on the south side of the property.   This house has lots of character, and you know it from the first second you see this double height and impressive volumes, architectural shapes and non-standard forms. The hallway is massive, 130 m², and there are bulletproof glass windows with shutters everywhere.


To the right, you get access to another hallway that leads to a 120 m² gym with a Spa from where you can go straight to the gardens. Also, there's a 60 m² guest suite. A lift can take you to the garage in the basement and the bedroom suites upstairs; a marvellous staircase leads up to the same bedroom area. Guests arriving for an outside party can follow the corridor to the end to access another garden area without going into the house. There are two guest suites on both sides of that passage, placed next to the gardens and away from the main living areas. A beautiful cascade is incorporated into the stone wall to welcome your friends, which works for both sides. There is an extra lounge of 8 square meters, ideal for receiving people if needed, or it can be a great office if you use one at home. The wallpaper gives a nice touch and reminds us of outside materials like concrete.

There is incredible lightning and home automation system control in every single room. The guest toilet is right between the main hallway, the extra lounge/office and the main living area. The staircase leads to the basement with entertainment areas. The gorgeous 2,5 ceiling height with a balcony gives the feeling of amplitude, and the light flows through all the windows. It's almost 9 meters high from the floor to the ceiling. The kitchen is 65 m², has fantastic quality throughout, and has a beautiful and practical design. It has an impressive island in the middle and an excellent breakfast area next to the windows with direct access to the west garden. Another practical detail is the staff access from the north, with the possibility of a car to drive in and unload all the food shopping straight to the kitchen. A staff staircase connects to a 50- square meter laundry, machinery room, staff bedroom and the rest of the basement. The kitchen is positioned next to the 65 m² dining room that can host at least 12 people. A beautiful chimney works for both sides. The living room is 226 m² and leads to the terrace with the outside 'cocktail' swimming pool and different lying and sitting areas. The tennis court is behind this pool, on the east side of the garden.


Dark colours are used in the interior in contrast with the upper floors. There is a disco bar, and you can have your pool table or anything you want. The wine cellar has an excellent design; you can see the cinema from here and the outside pool. You have a great space of 200 square meters. The cinema adds another 80 m² to this size. The swimming pool is incorporated; you can close it off at any stage to enjoy the movie or leave it open to enjoy the views. There are comfy sofas, a surround system, and a bar at the back. The staff bedroom and the laundry are located in a separate corner. This is the first basement, and the other hosts a garage with some stunning vehicles. The internal staircase goes up to the kitchen and the dining area, and it also leads outside.


On the East side, there is the 'cocktail' pool and the tennis court that we have seen before, while on the North side, there is access for staff and all sorts of deliveries. The West side offers the main garden area of this property and the 250 m² swimming pool. The walk is a joy; you can see all these beautiful palm trees and spectacular landscapes with a koi pond. The pool has a shallow entrance as if you are walking into the sea; there is a Jacuzzi at the far end; the chill-out area is ideally integrated inside the pool; a great summer kitchen has a barbecue and a pizza oven. You will find a toilet with a shower and ample storage. We have another terrific garden space on the other side of the pool. Set on the west side, it gets the most sun during the day, and Marbella boasts over 320 sunny days per year.


We get into the gymnasium, which is on the garden level and allows combining workout with outdoor exercises, the swimming pool and then Spa. The last touch will be a sauna that enjoys the marvellous views and the Hamam for a more intimate moment. There are big showers, a closet space, and a toilet at the far end. To the left, we have the biggest guest suite in the house that reminds us of a suite in a costly hotel: a phenomenal size, an open plan concept which makes it feel even bigger, a huge comfy sofa, LED light details, excellent painting, the carpentry of the highest qualities (like in the rest of the bedrooms).


As we come upstairs, we have a great lobby area with a balcony that we have seen from the living area. This floor features four bedroom suites and a huge games room. The master suite is one of the most excellent places in the whole house. It has a beautiful walk-in closet with dark glass creating a mirror effect, an open plan bathroom with a gigantic shower and the bathtub nicely incorporated in the bedroom, and a coffee table right in the middle. This room is 125 m², and it feels even more spacious with irregular shapes and many windows all around, enjoying spectacular sea views. It is south/west-oriented and enjoys the sun throughout the whole day. This is truly a unique master suite! Three more bedroom suites vary between 47 and 63 m². The qualities of every single bedroom and bathroom are spectacular; the spaces are beautifully decorated and have lovely details like the freestanding bathtubs, unique skylight, suspended vanities and very big showers.

The last room on this floor is the games room, ideal to be enjoyed by all the family and kids. It has a beautiful space of 85 m². Suppose, for some reason; you're short on bedrooms. Even though there are eight-bedroom suites, including the one in the basement, you can easily convert this room into one-bedroom or two-bedroom suites with 35 square meters each because you need to leave about 15 square meters for the hallway.


The garage is beautiful, with plenty of space and, most importantly, easy and comfortable drive-in and drive-out. There is a room at the back, 100 square meters, and 25 meters long. It was thought to be a bowling or maybe a shooting range.

Collaborator Salma Hwedi