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Here is another excellent listing from Drumelia in La Zagaleta. The plot is 5,300 m2, and the house is 1.257 m2, with 7-bedroom suites. It is priced at 5,950,000 Euros.

This is still a brand-new house, built in 2008 by the famous architect Miguel Tobal who is now working with his son Diego in Tobal Arquitectos Studio.

In 2008, it was the most futuristic modern mansion in Zagaleta. Even today, you will see that it is in excellent condition, has extraordinary qualities throughout and can be easily updated to the last tendencies while maintaining its Andalusian character.

It is just a fantastic listing with the correct price (and we know what we are talking about because we have many properties in Zagaleta and show them daily non-stop).

Another important thing is its location in the F sector, about 3,5 minutes from the North Entrance. Nice, easy and straightforward, not much turning around. 



A car drives in, and we have a platform to manoeuvre, a big carport and extra space for the cars. There is greenery throughout, a beautiful fountain and a double-height portico.

The house greets with a double-height, very spacious hallway with a double staircase leading upstairs and to the basement, the beautiful lamps from the ceiling and many dark wood elements.  The stucco-painted ceiling in the hallway is expensive and shows high quality, and so does the marble floor.


Through the pocket wooden doors, we access a spacious, double-height living room with a double-sided, almost floor-to-ceiling fireplace and a ceramic wall, which is a great design addition to the room. A nice cosy TV room logically connects to the hallway. The spacious private office is also correctly positioned, and you can have your own entrance from the carport if you wanted. It is done in this dark wood concept, has a Demotic system, marble floors, and underfloor heating throughout.

On the other side, we have the formal dining room that connects us with the kitchen. The hallways are wide, and next to the entrance, you will find a guest toilet and a walk-in wardrobe almost hidden behind the painting, so they don't bother your eye when you walk into the kitchen.

The kitchen island is massive, you can be cooking and have your friends around in the bar area. There are double fridges, a large wine cellar and everything you need. The beauty of this kitchen is that it has its own dining table or breakfast corner. The formal dining room is truly important but not used as much … or maybe even never, while this kind of concept, a table inside the kitchen, is much more practical and good as a family-style moment in day-to-day life.


What do you use even more than this table in the kitchen? The outside tables and all the outside space for your breakfast, lunch, and dining! At least 320 days in Marbella are sunny, of course, you are going to be outside all the time and this inviting area of the house is big and nice.

The pool design is cool; it is right next to the house, sort of integrating with the architecture. The bar area with further dining spots integrates with the pool, and there is an extra space over there in case you are throwing a party. The lower garden level is nice for your kids playing football. The sunbathing area enjoys the views and surrounding landscape with beautiful olive trees. There is a nice view of the facade and further terrace areas with lots of space to sit down or dine.

The house is west-oriented, so we get the sunset view and the afternoon sun. Actually, the sun is already out here from 12, then you get it for the rest of the day, and it sets behind the mountains.

This is a very private part of the plot, with no houses looking at you.

Zagaleta started back in 1991 when the developers planned to build around 3,000 units.  Before they started building, they changed that concept, which today, in 2022, is still absolutely unique in Europe. They decide to build not 3,000 units but 300 and make them separated from each other with green areas where animals can run free in the wild nature. That was a vision! That concept made Zagaleta one of the best, if not the best urbanization of Europe. 

They also implied many rules for building houses and positioning them. Until very recent years, every single house was obliged to have an Andalusian, Mediterranean-style roof. It was changed after the contemporary and modern-style architecture started to be a tendency. 


On the ground floor, 2 bedrooms in the corner, both have bathrooms en-suite and exit to the terrace. One bedroom is slightly bigger, and has its own walk-in wardrobe connected with the en-suite bathroom with a big bathtub and a shower. The second bedroom leads to the same terrace and everything is pretty much the same, just a little smaller.

There are 5 main family bedrooms (2 on the ground floor, 3 upstairs), the staff flat with bedroom number 6 on the lower level, and the guest bedroom number 7 outside the house.


The upper floor is simple: 3-bedroom suites, 2 are in one corner and a separate bedroom occupies another wing. The Master suite has 2 big walk-in closets with many windows, a Master bedroom with beautiful views of the mountains, a massive Master bathroom with a freestanding marble bathtub, marble flooring and gorgeous vanity, and its own private, very intimate little terrace corner all for yourself, which is important living in the big mansion with many people. There you enjoy another beautiful view of the garden, incredible greenery around and the second golf course of Zagaleta as well, where the owners of Zagaleta properties opened the second restaurant and their own gourmet shop; they deliver very good food to the houses as well. 


The basement has a wine cellar, a guest toilet, a laundry, and behind the door, a staff apartment and a machinery room. From the hallway, we can access 3 entertaining rooms, which are: a Cinema room for the whole family, a big games room with natural ventilation as well, another TV room, a bar area and billiard, and a SPA, which transmits absolute tranquillity and relaxation. The choice of the materials, the way everything is combined, the green view from the floor-to-ceiling windows, the colour of the tiles in the fantastic pool, a gym in the corner with the glass reflection, another bar area, sauna, Hammam, showers, everything makes sense.

Another nice detail is that the bedroom suite number 7 is outside, with its own separate access from the basement or from the carport.  This is a great addition if you have guests.





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