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We are delighted to introduce you to this magnificent beachfront mansion for sale in our beautiful Marbella, Spain. This property on the market has an extraordinary tranquil atmosphere with superb qualities. The Seaview in this villa to purchase it's breathtaking as well as the surroundings full of nature.

We will now describe everything in detail for you.


The owner is selling this modern beachfront mansion for €12M, and it’s an extraordinary house for me because I sold the original plot with an old house to this owner. We then demolished it, and I did the project management for the construction, so I was involved with architects and the construction for 24 months every week! A lot of history is involved with this house, and I can’t wait to show it to you! It’s an off-market pocket listing. You won’t be able to find the information anywhere else!

So, the main features of the house are:

Plot 2.500m2 beachfront.

House is 1.500m2

We’ve got nine bedrooms suits

Indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools

There is plenty of parking area out here as you can see and on top of that, we’ve got this glass lift for the car to go directly into the garage in the basement. Pretty impressive, and I’ll explain later why it’s done like that.

So, the entrance is remarkable already. You can tell this is one kind of a house! The whole construction evolved around this tree to try and preserve it, to keep that feeling of nature alongside the modern architecture. The entrance façade is already unique. We’ve got a mix of marble, glass, wood, and these white sheets called in Spanish Alucubon are very thing metal sheets placed directly on the façade to create this sleek futuristic effect rather than the typical ceramic or other similar materials. Beautiful touch with the small fountains on both sides of the house. And at night, the façade combination with all of this is a wow effect straight away as soon as you enter. No money was saved on lightning around the whole property, and it is stunning!


Once we enter the house through this huge pivoting wooden door, we have this 70m2 hallway, which is a statement all by itself. An amazing double, floating marble staircase takes us to the upper floor. The moment we walked in, straight view through the Livingroom to the outside and the sea! But before you get excited with the sea view, which is 50% of the price, check these huge windows, floor to ceiling, one complete piece installed on both sides and featuring a cascade. That will leave your guests speechless! I think cascades are sometimes meant to bring your mind in a state of relaxation, well plenty of peace going on the moment we step inside!

The distribution of this floor is simple, we’ve got 2-bedroom suits on the east side, there’s a beautiful spacious guest toilet next to the entrance. The basement is also accessed with two staircases from the hallway. The kitchen is on the west side, also enormous. There is a pre-installation for an island if anybody wants it and it can be directly accessed from the parking.



From these pocket doors, we access the dining that is connected in one space with the living room, which occupies the frontest part of the house, coupled with the massive outside porches. All qualities are excellent, everything very spacious, great height of the ceiling, and exceptional windows. The brand is not so familiar in Marbella, plus they are costly, its called sky frame and the excessive price is due to how easy the windows can be moved and what identifies this brand are the thinnest frames between the glass, allowing you to enjoy the sea views with as less possible distortion to the gaze.

Currently, the living together with dining is 115m2. Another details we preinstalled In this house was if you don’t need as many bedrooms, there are 9 in total, this wall can be easily removed, you would lose one bedroom, but you would add a mirror room like the dining we've seen, to the living space, like an extra tv or library, creating a total of 150m2 of living space, everything connected and enjoying this gorgeous sea views.


I mean, have you seen this! This is sea views, and everything else is just a joke! The smell of the sea, and you can hear the waves. And most importantly, how private it is! You are like on an island with no one else around. You don’t ever sea people around here, so it's very quiet, you’re all by yourself. Even though there are many neighbors and there is 24h security here. And even if something is walking by the beach, the hedge is perfectly cut to the ideal altitude where it is 2meters from the opposite side so no one can look in, but from this side, swimming in the pool, your view connects the pool water with the sea. It really is amazing! And of course, the pool is heated! You’ve got covers installed on each side that connect in the middle to keep the water temperature and heat it easier so you can enjoy it all year round! As you already noticed, it’s a modern architecture but with many classical details, and symmetry plays a huge role. The same thing happens with this 25m pool repeating the house's symmetry on one side is created access to the pool, and on this side to maintain the symmetry a jacuzzi is installed for some pleasant relaxation.

The house was designed to have the longest possible façade for the most number of rooms to enjoy this stunning sea views. That’s why, when we extended the façade so much, there was no more possibility left to create a ramp into the garage, therefore, opting for the car lift.

And from this point, we can enjoy the main façade. Also, a spectacle! And specially at night with all the led lights, impossible to confuse with anything! With the beautiful view of the mountains behind.



I'll give you another crazy fact. The house is built so close to the sea, and the terrain mixed with salt water is so unsteady that during construction, we had to install 20m long pillars, one next to another, making a complete square around the house, which cost 100s and 100s of thousands of euros, to be able to build the house. And it didn’t stop there, most of the houses in this area have no basement or a basement that’s just 2m in height for the same reason of the closeness to the beach. Because the seawater is just under the terrain, but in this house, the owner wanted to have a 3 and a half meter ceiling in the basement ok. So the house is standing in seawater. Double walls were built around the whole perimeter of the house, a unique and costly waterproof system has been installed, and I tell you, the house is already around three years old, and the basement is perfect, not a single strange smell or anything. Here I must say that the construction company played a huge role. When you are doing such complicated projects, you need the best companies. This house was built by Jamena, a local company, one of the best construction companies in Marbella. So great, thank you to Jamena. I'll show you the basement in a sec.

There are a total of 5 bedrooms suits up here, 3 of them looking to the sea and 2 at the back. As mentioned, a huge effort was done to enlarge the façade to the maximum so as many rooms as possible are looking to the sea.


This is the master suite, all the bedrooms on this floor have this vaulted ceiling. The master has two bathrooms and two walking wardrobes, his and hers, of course. And coming to the terrace is this particular view I wanted to show you. In the garden, it was already impressive. You could see Gibraltar and Africa, but because there are these vast trees on each side to create privacy in the garden, your view is only to the front whilst it opens 180 degrees and is a beautiful sight to enjoy every day.


And now of we go to the basement, which has little in common with the word basement. You’ll be surprised how the height ceiling and the numerous number of windows can completely change this floor's perception.

One of the most excellent things, as soon as you are walking down the stairs is this view of the indoor swimming pool that opens. Glass is installed floor to ceiling to separate the hallway from the indoor pool, and you can always put the curtains down in case you need privacy, but in the day to day, it’s delightful to have it like this. As mentioned, lots and lots of light coming in through these 3-meter windows. On that side, we have the guest apartment, which has a Livingroom, separate kitchen, separate entrance and 2-bedroom suits, everything with lots of natural light.

On this side, we have the gym, also separate access into the garden. There is, of course, a lift that connects all floors, through that door, we access the garage which has the car lift and space for 5 cars easy. Sorry currently, there is an extraordinary car collection, and we cannot shoot it…

The gym is fully equipped, everything you need, and connects us directly to a spa area with a hammam, very nice size, changing rooms, toilets, and a gigantic shower connected directly with the indoor swimming pool, which of course is also heated.

This was an amazing property. It might sound strange, but for sale only for €12M! I mean, you get an impressive one-of-a-kind mansion, beachfront in Marbella. Pretty particular property and qualities are unique! Thank you for watching this video, and if you are interested in seeing it, or any of the other properties that we sell in Marbella, it’s never been easier to get in touch! here All my contact details are on our website, or reach out to me through Instagram!


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