Sergey Sinichkin Drumelia Real Estate

The founder and owner of Drumelia Real Estate, an accredited and sworn property appraiser, a professional consultant and an illustrious specialist - works in the property market in Marbella since 1997. Many years of experience in Russian and Spanish real estate, close relationships with customers, innovative thinking and overall professionalism allowed Drumelia Real Estate to firmly establish itself in the real estate market.

The Costa del Sol region, and Marbella in particular, is blessed with a geographical location and scenic beauty that gives it a unique position within Europe. This part of Southern Spain combines some of the most favourable elements of climate, facilities and accessibility in all of Europe, contributing to a lifestyle that makes Marbella a preferred location in which to own a summer residence or live year-round.

As a result, Marbella has evolved into a modern resort town with some of the most attractive residential on the global market. The choice of property here satisfies a wide range of preferences.


Artur Loginov
Artur Loginov Sales Director +34 622 596 121