Interior Design

If you  

  • have an impeccable sense of style and like to be surrounded with exclusive things
  • are big on taste but short on time
  • like your interior to be harmonious, stylish and thoughtful down to the last detail
  • won’t accept standard landscape design solutions
  • just don’t know what you want yet 

please contact Drumelia Interior Design! 

We guarantee quality and our responsible approach to the work at any level, as well as individual approach to each and every client. 

Drumelia Interior Design offers: 

  • full project design with individual sketches by hand; estimating a design project budget; creating concept and layouts; style design; ventilation, acoustics and lighting solutions; order and delivery of furniture directly from manufacturers, furniture arrangement; wall finishing, materials and finishes selection; textile design and decoration of premises; customizing and accessorizing; etc., 
  • drawing and high-quality 3D visualization of design projects, both the interior and exterior, 
  • interior design and decorating professional services (from work paper documentation to hand drawing sketches of exclusive artistic fragments of the interior and furniture and wall art), 
  • projects development and installation of the most advances technologies (aerothermy, geothermy, solar panels and other engineering systems and alternative sources), 
  • making measurements and developing home remodeling plans,  
  • repair works of any level of complexity, 
  • technical project customization required for the design, 
  • author supervision of the construction and finishing works and project support, 
  • concierge services and property maintenance, 
  • furniture ordering (direct cooperation with various furniture manufactures of the world) and decorating, 
  • projects aimed to provide better living conditions by creating a harmonious environment (landscape design plot plans, garden designsmall architectural forms, functional and decorative constructions).

Welcome to the world of beauty and harmony! 

Artur Loginov
Artur Loginov Sales Director +34 622 596 121