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Before Buying Property in Spain

Before contacting a real estate agency in Spain make sure you know what you want. Or at least answer the main questions to save time, efforts and money and avoid disappointment “They offer me something completely different from what I need”. Here are these questions.

Buying a resale property in Spain

In the process to buy a resale in Spain there are important aspects to consider. A buyer will need to go through some documents, and it’s better if you do it together with the experienced professionals.

«Друмелию» можно назвать «бутик-агентством» по недвижимости, специализирующуюся на оказании услуг по приобретению, аренде и обслуживанию недвижимости в одном из самых красивых и престижных мест Европы – г.Марбелья. Основное правило компании - клиенту должно быть комфортно! И мы абсолютно искренни в этом желании.

Why Do We Need a Real Estate Agent?

Buying/selling home is complicated, significant transaction for most people. Potential problems of going solo outweigh possible benefits. Invest countless hours in Internet research and doublechecking of every detail of useful and useless information, but there’s no substitute for experienced professional dealing with selecting properties …

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