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Unique Way to Travel by Helicopter on Costa del Sol. Drumelia & Helicopter Charter.

Great news! We are delighted to inform our clients that after working closely with the helicopters’ provider on all aspects of your flying on Costa del Sol, Drumelia offers an additional service: point-to-point travel getting its clients by helicopter directly to where they need to be, in luxury, comfort and style – airport, Sierra Blanca, Zagaleta that have their own helipads for VIP residents and guests, etc. The helicopter with luggage capacity 1 bag/suitcase per person takes up to 6 people. Now our clients can skip traffic, save time and maximise their business productivity with Drumelia helicopter charter. Add fun! And what a way to make an entrance!

To invest in Costa del Sol Property

Buying and renting property on the Costa del Sol has long been a popular investment. You can find good quality villas, townhouses and apartments from Nerja to Sotogrande. In recent years, property market of the prestigious coast has been providing a steady return on investment.
What are the most sought-after areas giving the great opportunity to invest in Spanish sunshine?

Factors that Influence Andalusia Property Market.

The largest autonomous region and the only part of Spain with both Mediterranean (600kms) and Atlantic (300kms) coastlines is one of the world’s favourite destinations attracting tourists, holidaymakers and expats. No wonder! Andalusia is just about as close to paradise as it’s possible to get.

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