Jose Luis Toledo Beneroso Visual Content Creator

Born and raised in Cádiz area, José started his way in the world of filmmaking and photography at the age of 15. In 2019, he came to Marbella to study and receive a degree in Filmmaking. While studying, he also worked for a well-known company as a filmmaker, making videos for the best brands and luxury real estate in Marbella.
Fluent in Spanish and English, José travelled all around Europe creating his videos, and worked in Dubai for notable designers, architects, and real estate companies. It gave him a broader perspective on business. For him, Drumelia has always been an inspiration in terms of marketing. As soon as José saw an opportunity to join the team, he had no doubts. To be part of a big creative team he considers crucial for archiving bigger career goals.
José films and edits Drumelia's exclusives properties, creates content for the brand, and manages our Youtube channel. He is also a Certificated Drone Pilot, with a lot of experience flying regular Drones and FPV Drones.
A versatile filmmaker, proficient in operating cameras, lighting, and sound equipment, José is passionate about creating extraordinary recognizable videos. He pays attention to every detail, and thinks that being consistent, truthful and committed is the only way to succeed in luxury market. In his quest to meet the highest expectations of customers, he likes watching the reactions of the property owners who get pleasantly surprised when they see his perspective on their houses.

Having knowledge in mechanics, electricity, and construction, in his spare time, José enjoys restoring old cars and taking on DIY house projects. He has built some of his drones from scratch, welding all components and setting up software. José also loves travelling and believes that embracing different cultures makes us richer in terms of knowledge, memories, exploring and having different perspectives, which is the key to improving all aspects of life.

"His motivational quote belongs to Casey Neistat, “Without a goal you can’t score!” "
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