Julia Nilsson Lead Editor

Cosmopolitan since birth, Julia is multilingual and has a doctorate degree in international auxiliary languages as means of intercultural communication. A university professor and a world traveler, she was nicknamed 'Miss Indiana Jones' by her students.

She has worked in 72 countries as a researcher, teacher, travel writer and journalist covering culture, nature and lifestyle, as well as interior design, architecture and urban innovation. Julia interviewed A-list celebrities (Fidel Castro, Diego Maradona and Boris Yeltsin, to name a few); was a personal interpreter for Dave Brubeck; wrote for Costa del Sol and Miami guides, and newspapers and magazines in the USA, UAE, UK and Spain.

Her keywords are: honesty, common sense, joie de vivre, passion and kindness. Julia does volunteer work, rescue animals, loves cooking, and thinks that life is meant for great adventures and interesting work.

In 2004, she moved from Sweden to Spain. The following year her long-lasting relationship with Drumelia started. Even being a business partner in a British investment firm, or a founder of her own company in Marbella, she wrote for Drumelia as a freelancer.

Julia believes that compatibility is crucial. Like Drumelia, she sees herself gladly stepping outside her comfort zone to try something new, while embracing traditional values. She also emblemizes the multi-cultural character of the company. English, Swedish, Russian, Spanish and German are among her languages, but Esperanto is her favourite one.

In Drumelia, Julia has distinguished herself by sharing exciting ideas and marketing materials, as well as the posts that rank #1 on Google, and texts for our luxury villas that won International Property Awards.

Julia Copywriter
"Like Cristiane Amanpour, Julia believes that good journalism can make our world a better place."
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