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We are thrilled to announce several exciting developments within our company that underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation in helping you find your Dream Home and improve your quality of life.

Strong Team Of Talented Individuals

First and foremost, our team has grown impressively in all its aspects!

Having a workforce inclusive of different backgrounds and 13 national origins, and proficient in the most-spoken European languages, we bring an international perspective to local real estate.  This tapestry of cultures, resources and perspectives enriches our company, increases its productivity, and enhances our ability to connect with clients from various backgrounds.

Drumelia is a place where 11 dedicated real estate agents bring unique expertise, energy and passion to meet Client´s diverse needs and aspirations in the high-end real estate of Marbella.

Our Listings department comprises 7 talented individuals, and each of them works hard to deliver exceptional service to the property owners who entrust the selling of their Homes to Drumelia.

Following the results of the first trimester of 2024, 100% of all sales were done with our direct/exclusive listings and 70% of those deals were with direct clients of Drumelia, which shows that we are on the right path towards the ambitious goals set for this year.

New Strategies & Projects

To initiate the year with momentum, we have dedicated time to versious strategic sessions and extensive training focused on personal and professional growth within the company. These initiatives aim to unify the efforts and enhance the approaches to increase team’s efficiency, and help to each member to develop essential skills for advancement and meaningful contribution to our collective goals. This commitment to growth ensures that we maintain highest standard of delivering quality of service to you, while also nurturing the potential within Drumelia’s team.

In addition to our brokerage services, we are actively working on exploring various opportunities to establish a significant presence in other sectors.

Drumelia Online

This year, we are bringing new creative branding strategies for Drumelia’s online channels, including social media, blogs, and YouTube channel, to provide even greater value to our respected followers.

Focusing on authentic insights and personal experience from team members and clients, the aim is to help you discover Marbella through the eyes of locals and feel its true essence with us!

Speaking of lifestyle, we've got a very dynamic start to the year! Thanks to our marketing team´s clear vision and hard-work, some of Drumelia´s recent Reels reached between 1 million and 3.5 million views each. This highlights our reach to the global audience, motivating us to keep up the good work!

Source: https://www.instagram.com/drumelia_real_estate

We Love To See You Grow

Speaking of opportunities, in a thrilling development, we are glad to announce the internal promotion of Alexander Ackermann to the role of YouTube Manager. He joined Drumelia in 2023 as a Listings Coordinator, and continues to demonstrate strong attention to detail, dedication and creativity in everything he does. We can't wait to see how he will elevate our YouTube presence. Stay tuned for inspiring and valuable content that brings you closer to the team and the real estate world we are passionate about!

We are also excited to welcome Luis Fedriani Gavira, a new Finance Manager, to Drumelia family, a move that underscores our continious commitment to financial integrity and transparency. Luis brings a wealth of experience and innovative ideas to ensure that all financial operations support Drumelia´s mission and increase your satisfaction, working side by side with our CFO & Lawyer Borja Salas.

The future is wide open, and so is yours. At Drumelia, we value expertise, diversity, and the pursuit of excellence. Explore new opportunities as:

  • Sales Agent
  • Listing Agent
  • Rentals Manager

If you want to work in the environment where your skills are nurtured and your achievements celebrated, check out our Careers Page today.

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