Villa in Monte Mayor SOLD in a few weeks thanks to Drumelia’s Marketing

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As the leading real estate firm in Marbella, Drumelia has gained recognition through our impressive sales records accomplished over the years. Most recently, we have made some sales unprecedented in the Marbella real estate market, and it is all thanks to our innovative marketing strategies and unmatched sales standards. An example of one of our latest accomplishments that we would like to be acknowledged was the swift sale of a Villa in Monte Mayor (D2721) with an asking price of €4.800.000 that was listed with us for just under 4 weeks.

Villa in Monte Mayor sold by Drumelia just in a few weeks thanks to Marketing

This outstanding modern villa was listed with us on the 12th of August, 2022. We knew from the get-go that the house was not going to be on the market for long, as the property ticked all the boxes. On the 15th of August, Drumelia's in-house marketing team photographed the property using our state-of-the-art equipment and produced tailored photographs within a matter of hours that did the property justice; a day later, the photographs were edited, and the property was officially listed on the Drumelia website on the 16th of August 2022.

On the 16th of August 2022, the first visit took place with a direct client that flew from Scandinavia just to view the property. The following day, another visit took place, all whilst our in-house team and a member of our sales team went and recorded our bespoke Drumelia Property Tour, which was then published on our world-renowned YouTube Channel on the 20th of August. The video racked in 50,000 views during the first week on YouTube. Property Reels were also published on our Instagram Page on the launch day and the 22nd of August, which collectively got 50,000 views upon posting.

Following the property's launch, our in-house team then created and sent out a curated property mailing of the property to over 8,000 consisting of clients and close collaborators. What's more, a total of 5 visits took place over a few weeks before our direct client put in an offer just a week after having viewed the property, and the villa was successfully sold on the 13th of September 2022, thanks to the hard work and effort put in by our talented team.

As you already know, Drumelia takes great pride in our marketing department and all the marketing efforts that have undoubtedly contributed to our overall sales success. The Drumelia Standard as a concept is replicated throughout a property's marketing process and is what drives the sale of a property and sets new sales records. Some of the most notable record sales in recent years, thanks to the high standards and extreme efforts our team met, were the sale of Villa Cullinan (€32,000,000), Villa Serenity (€14,600,000), Fairway 21 (€3,300,000) in 2021, El Nido (€21,900,000), Casa Varanda (€9,575,000), 4 Villas in El Bosque (€4,700,000 - €4,950,000) in 2022, all of which were sold in record times unprecedented in the Marbella Real Estate Market.

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