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Drumelia Guides: Buying and Selling properties in Marbella

Welcome to Drumelia Guides, where we provide comprehensive information and expert guidance to help you navigate the property market in Marbella. Our guides cover the purchasing and selling processes, legal and financial requirements, and tax implications of owning property in Marbella. Our bespoke Area Guides offer valuable insights into Marbella’s most desirable locations, to make deciding where to live or invest easier. Trust Drumelia to help you confidently navigate the property market in Marbella.

A guide to Marbella's Prime Locations

We have tailored our bespoke guides on Marbella’s key areas, highlighting all there is to know about the most sought-after and desirable locations.

Drumelia Magazine

Drumelia Magazine

Since 2019, Drumelia Magazine has been an annually published magazine that encapsulates the highlights of the year, capturing the newest trends in architecture and interior design, bringing readers the latest information on various topics such as children’s education and exclusive hobbies. Also doubling as an aesthetic table book, be sure to grab your copy now!

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Marbella Market Watch

Welcome to the Marbella Market Watch – an incisive tool brought to you by Drumelia. Now, you can keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-moving Marbella real estate market. From villas to apartments and everything in between, our market data shows the latest detailed sales information across the entire area.

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Blog & News

Our blog is the source of everything we do and experience at Drumelia. We talk about remarkable properties coming to the market, the property market itself in Marbella and its surroundings, luxury lifestyle, new media content being released, property events and more.

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