From Slow to Sold: Why Drumelia is Different in Real Estate

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Finding the ideal real estate agency can be overwhelming. Between misinformation, miscommunication, and the idea of "I could just do this myself," it's easy to hit a roadblock. The reality often doesn't line up with our expectations.

Occasionally, serendipity strikes, and your perfect buyer appears out of nowhere, turning the sale of your home into a fairy tale ending. However, for many, this process is anything but magical. It can be disheartening to wait years for that one person who sees the unique charm of your home. That's why selecting the right real estate agency becomes more than just a choice; it's a necessity.

What distinguishes a competent real estate agency when selling your home?

  • Accurate Valuation: Some agencies inflate property values, leading to unrealistic expectations, prolonged market presence, and diminished brand perception—what we term as 'burning' the house with a misguided price tag. Our focus is on giving you an honest valuation, setting realistic expectations, and ensuring your property is competitive in the market.
  • Qualified Buyers, Not Just Viewers: It's all about quality, not quantity. We focus on bringing potential buyers to your door, not some casual viewers.
  • Regular Feedback: A diligent real estate agent keeps you informed about the efforts to sell your property and shares insights from viewings. We offer you a personalized agent who is dedicated to your property, available 24/7, ensuring that you receive timely feedback after every potential buyer's visit.
  • Local Expertise: With over 20 years of experience in Marbella's luxury real estate market, Drumelia offers unparalleled in-depth knowledge and extensive networking. This expertise can significantly decrease the time your home stays on the market.
  • Tailored marketing: A poor branding can decrease value of your home. At Drumelia, we understand the power of effective branding.We recognize that the same strategy is not valid for every house; every owner's and home's circumstances are different, and we do understand that. That's why we take a personalized approach, customizing our marketing efforts to meet your specific needs and objectives.

With this blend of good deeds, it's common for your house to be sold within a reasonable timeframe. However, certain properties, due to their unique characteristics, require a little extra push, an added effort, and exclusive attention.

Why trust Drumelia as your sole agency?

The best evidence is in our results. Here are sixteen examples showcasing the importance of a good real estate agency!

El Cortijo

El Cortijo (29M€), Nagüeles, Marbella Golden Mile: One of the most unique properties in Marbella, a one-of-a-kind beautiful mansion combining Mediterranean with Arabic style and set on a 4-hectare plot right in the heart of the renowned area of Nagüeles. Seeking a very private sale, the owner patiently awaited the perfect buyer for over 8 years before signing an exclusive contract with Drumelia. The terms were clear: no publicity, no marketing. Leveraging our extensive network and database of clients collected over 20 years, we identified the individuals who would fall in love with this property. To this day, they continue to live and adore life in their Andalusian Cortijo.

Drumelia Website, Reference D1847

El Nido

El Nido, Cascada de Camojan (21.9M€): This house was under contract exclusively with another international agency, yet it failed to sell. Then, the owner used a local agency – also unsuccessfully – and tried an international broker once again before finally deciding to sign a one-year exclusive contract to Drumelia. A very special marketing campaign was prepared, featuring a property walkthrough with Eric Conover, the most followed real estate YouTuber in North America at the time. The campaign included music videos with models adorned in Bulgari jewelry. We showcased an array of luxury cars in the home’s garage to link the home's opulence with our high-quality presentation, giving people a sense of familiarity with the property before they ever stepped foot in it. The outcome? Once again, a bidding war between multiple buyers that naturally led to a sale in under 9 months after signing the exclusive contract with Drumelia, at a very attractive price!

See our Property Tour featuring Eric Conover.

Drumelia Website, Reference D2313

La Favorita

La Favorita, Rocio de Nagueles (19M€): This exceptional house boasts truly unique features, architecture and design. Situated on an extensive plot and being unfurnished, it posed a challenge in its presentation to end-users. However, its immense potential for investors was unmistakable. Recognizing that, Drumelia targeted the ideal client and through our marketing campaign and network connections, successfully sold it to an investor who intended to sell it afterward. After a six-year wait, the property was sold within just six months after Drumelia taking exclusive control and rebranding it.

Drumelia Website, Reference D619

Komorebi House

Komorebi House, La Zagaleta (14.8M€): After the property had been on the market for three years with other agencies, and interest had started to fade, we knew it needed a fresh approach. We revitalized the marketing with new tours and better imagery. What’s more, the property was offered unfurnished, so Drumelia collaborated with a décor company to furnish the exclusive Marbella villa completely, and included it in the sales price. This new strategy quickly attracted attention, resulting in multiple offers at the same time, and a successful sale for the owner.

Watch our Property Tour of The Komorebi House.

Drumelia Website, Reference D2718

Villa Serenity

Villa Serenity (14.6M€), Cascada de Camojan: A modern, exquisitely furnished home situated in one of Marbella's premier and most exclusive gated communities. Despite that, the property remained unsold for 1.5 years. However, following an exclusive contract with Drumelia, a comprehensive rebranding of the property was undertaken, leading to a successful sale within just a few months of signing.

Drumelia Website, Reference D952

El Mirador

El Mirador, Marbella Golden Mile (13.5M€): A hidden gem on the market that remained unsold for 8 years. Recognizing its immense investment potential, particularly with its 1000 square meters of unfinished space, we collaborated with an architect to devise a building plan that incorporated additional gyms, spas, guest rooms, and garages. This transformed the property into a new and enticing prospect, which an investor swiftly acquired within 5 months of our assuming the contract.

Tour El Mirador with CEO, Artur Loginov.

Drumelia Website, Reference D1094

Villa Symphony

Villa Symphony, Sierra Blanca (13.5M€): A stunning classic Mediterranean-style villa in Sierra Blanca offering breathtaking sea and mountain views. Despite its appeal, the property languished on the market for 3 years until a swift sale was secured through an exclusive contract with Drumelia. Our signature events and intensive marketing efforts played a pivotal role in facilitating this successful transaction.

Drumelia Website, Reference D2553

Villa Lagoon

Villa Lagoon (8.5M€), La Zagaleta: Here's an interesting fact – originally, we sold the land upon which this villa now stands. Following the sale, Drumelia, led by Artur himself, took charge of the new villa project. Throughout the two-year construction period, we worked hand in hand with the clients, offering support ranging from financial advice to overseeing the completion of the project. Upon its completion, due to its unique charm, we strategically made it enter the 'International Property Awards'. In 2017, the villa was recognized as the best villa in Europe, bringing significant attention to Drumelia, Artur for his project management skills, the developer, and the villa itself. This recognition greatly contributed to a successful sale to one of our direct clients. After residing in the property for three years and personalizing it to their liking, the owners decided to place it back on the market, once again granting us an exclusive contract. Through our exceptional marketing efforts, the property was sold for the second time within just under six months of signing the exclusive contract.

Tour the villa and its impressive qualities on Drumelia Youtube Channel.

Drumelia Website, Reference D2648

Villa Futura

Villa Futura, La Reserva de Alcuzcuz (€5.75M€): Since its listing in November 2011 with another agency, Villa Futura has posed a unique challenge. Its distinctive design needed finding a buyer who would fall in love with the property as deeply as we had. So, after signing the contract, we found a buyer in 6 months, which was also the time frame the owner had given us.

Drumelia Website, Reference D3088

Villa Heart

Villa Heart, La Alqueria (4.950M€): From the moment you step inside this house, you can feel the dedication the developer poured into it. Built with heart and meticulous attention to detail, it earned its fitting name, 'Villa Heart'. Although the property seemed overpriced for its location, we recognized that its exceptional quality could captivate buyers, overshadowing any concerns about the area. Despite the complexities of the sale, our marketing efforts, understanding of each buyer's preferences, and tailored approach to each owner and property circumstance led to a successful sale in just 6 months. Drumelia's strategic market positioning and timely price adjustment, reflecting current market values, culminated in a successful this past February.

Drumelia Website, Reference D2251

Emare Pearl

Emare Pearl, Estepona (4.9M€): Despite a year without any success of this property on the open market, Drumelia's focused marketing strategy under an exclusive contract achieved success in sales within six months – and at the full asking price.

Drumelia Website, Reference D3069

El Bosque

El Bosque, La Reserva de Alcuzcuz (4.7M – 4.95M€): This community of 4 villas was originally entrusted to another sales agency, who didn’t sell a single unit in one year. The villas themselves boasted beautiful features and the famous name of Tobal Architects, the same architects who created Villa Cullinan, and the prices were spot on; all it needed was a creative touch to help convey this to the buying public! Drumelia managed to sell all units in less than a year after taking over the contract. Tour of one of the El Bosque Villas.

Drumelia Website, Reference D2340

Villa Gloria

Villa Gloria, Sierra Blanca (4.750M€): This is one of the fastest sales that we are proud to share with you in this blog. This villa was on the market for over a year and a half before we signed the exclusive contract with the owners. The price was higher than it should be, so it wasn’t an easy task, but well, if it was easy, they wouldn’t have ask us to sell it, they could do it themselves! This was a great teamwork; Open House, pictures and marketing efforts were done in no time, and a successful sale (notarized) was done in 3 months.

Drumelia Website, Reference D3059

Fairways Villas

Fairways Villas (2.2M – 3.3M€): We originally sold the land on which these villas were later developed. Through close collaboration with the developers and architects, we managed to create a product that was highly attractive to buyers. We successfully sold all of them within the exclusive contract period.

day picture of luxury modern house in marbella with pool
Drumelia Website, Reference D1578


Altius, Meisho Hills, Sierra Blanca (2.5M – 2.9M€): Other agencies struggled to sell these units due to the lack of strong branding. Drumelia transformed the sales narrative by rebranding the five mini-villas as Altius and implementing a rigorous publicity campaign, including unique video showcases and high-profile social media engagement. Additionally, we organized events, posted it on Instagram, attracted visits of celebrities, and even arranged for some to stay over. The result was the sale of all units within four months, with achieving the elevated asking price.

Check out all Altius properties & their content.

Drumelia Website, Reference D2304

Villa Cullinan

Villa Cullinan, La Zagaleta (32M€):

In 2019, this villa set a record as the most expensive new home on the market in La Zagaleta and Marbella, a property at this price was offered for the first time.

We launched a major online marketing campaign ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, which proved crucial. Our innovative promotions included producing a music video with Tom Claren, creatively enhancing the villa's appeal by painting the lawn green and filling the pool while still under construction. Additionally, our property tour video attracted 2.5 million views on YouTube. We named the home Villa Cullinan, designed a unique logo, and watched as the buzz spread throughout Europe.

Our strategy worked perfectly, selling to a buyer who was originally not even looking to buy in Spain but was captivated by our online sales materials.

Watch our Property Tour for Villa Cullinan.

Drumelia Website, Reference D574

Here are just a few of the remarkable stories of success, showcasing some of our most extraordinary sales. But as you can imagine, there are plenty more happy endings waiting to be told.

Keep in mind, while every home is distinct, with a proficient and dedicated team, we can nearly guarantee a successful and stress-free sale.

In our listings department, we have 7 professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that your initial steps are as easy and smooth as possible. This includes our Head of Exclusives, who will be there to guide you throughout the entire process. Additionally, our team of 11 brokers will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Together, we will transform your sale from 'Slow to Sold'.


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