Marbella: The Ultimate Destination for Luxury Living and Exclusive Getaways

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Marbella has become the hottest spot for luxury living and exclusive getaways. The Costa del Sol, with its lifestyle, climate and culture, attracts tourists from all over the globe. The arrival of foreign tourists at Malaga airport confirms a reality that is evident: the Costa del Sol is an acclaimed destination.

Malaga: A Rising Star in Spain’s Tourism with Marbella at Its Heart

Marbella is that place for luxury lovers. This is confirmed by the influx of over three and a half million foreign tourists who landed at Malaga Airport in the first five months of 2024. According to data from the INE (Spanish National Statistics Institute), international interest in Malaga and the Costa del Sol has surged, with a 16.47% increase in international flights to Malaga compared to the same period last year. The Costa del Sol now accounts for 10.83% of all international flights arriving in Spain, attracting a global audience eager to experience its delights.

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism reports that by May, Malaga was the third favorite destination for international tourists in Spain, only surpassed by Madrid and Barcelona. This means that Palma de Mallorca has been overtaken by the Costa del Sol as the preferred Spanish destination for foreigners. Considering that Mallorca, along with Marbella, is one of Spain's most famous luxury destinations, this is a turning point for Marbella. Both destinations have their own charm, so we help you to know the differences between Marbella and Mallorca.

And this is just the beginning! As July ushers in Malaga's sunny summer days, its airport continues to break records. The last weekend of June marked a new milestone: From Friday, June 28th to Monday, July 1st, Malaga Airport registered 2,196 flights, an eight-fold increase compared to the same dates last year. The high season has just begun, and the numbers clearly show the growing popularity of Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Boost in International Flights to Malaga: Costa del Sol Set for a Record-Breaking Summer

As we approach July, the international appeal of the Costa del Sol is unmistakable. From last weekend's data alone, of the 2,196 flights, 1,769 were international. The remaining 427 flights were domestic. This impressive increase in international flights marks a milestone for Malaga Airport, which now offers direct connections to 154 destinations worldwide this summer - now more people are experiencing the world from the heart of the Costa del Sol!

At the beginning of last week, Francisco Salado, president of the Turismo Costa del Sol tourist board, announced a significant increase in airline seat offerings at Malaga Airport. From June 1 to September 30, airlines plan to boost their seat capacity by 10.8%, resulting in 5.6 million available seats. Of these, 4.7 million seats are designated for international flights, marking an impressive nearly 11% increase. Additionally, domestic flight connections will rise by 922,000 seats, reflecting a 6% increase.

Salado also highlighted the expected growth in key markets: a 15.7% increase in German visitors, 6.5% more British tourists, 13% more French tourists, and a notable 24% increase in seats for flights from Italy to Malaga Airport. This surge in international connectivity is likely to benefit Marbella's luxury real estate market, although the increase in the number of visits from our neighbours in the rest of Spain should not be overlooked.

As for Drumelia, it is easy to find a relationship between the nationalities that will increase this year in their visits to Malaga with the top nationalities of our buyers in the past year 2023: Internationally, Germans accounted for 5% of luxury real estate buyers, while the British accounted for 3%, as did the French, who also accounted for 3% of Drumelia's buyers. On a national level, Spanish buyers also showed significant interest, representing 22% of Drumelia's purchasers last year.

United Airlines Triples Flights: New York to Malaga Now Daily

Since the inauguration last summer of direct flights from New York City to the enchanting city of Malaga, the international connection to Marbella has been significantly strengthened. This development marks a transformative shift for the Costa del Sol, impacting both tourism and the luxury real estate market.

For Drumelia, this opened the door to noticeable changes by the end of 2023. Comparing the nationalities of our buyers in 2022 and 2023, we saw an increase in American buyers from 3.57% in 2022 to 5% in 2023. This highlights the growing interest of American investors in Marbella's luxury properties.

Are you an American looking to discover the beauty of Marbella? Learn about direct flights from New York to Malaga. United Airlines has tripled the number of flights for 2024, increasing from 52 last year to 150 this year. Don't miss this opportunity to fall in love with the Mediterranean beauty!

This direct connection is perfect for enjoying Marbella's sun and summer, with flights available daily from May 2nd to September 25th. Malaga is the only Spanish destination with daily direct flights from New York during this period! Embrace the vibrant local and international atmosphere of our city, as Americans ranked as the fifth top nationality of international travelers in Malaga last year.

Future of Travel: Drone Flights to Marbella from Malaga Airport

The passenger drone service by Crisalion Mobily is set to revolutionize luxury travel with a unique and scenic route connecting Malaga Airport to Marbella. This groundbreaking service, launching with the goal of being operational by 2030, represents a significant leap forward in modern transportation and highlights Marbella as the premier destination for luxury tourism.

Crisalion Mobily’s new passenger drone service offers a travel experience between Malaga Airport and Marbella. Passengers will enjoy a scenic 12-minute flight for under 100 euros per person (when full), a remarkable difference compared to the current helicopter service that costs up to 400 euros per passenger (when full). The drones, designed for one pilot and five passengers, promise to reduce travel time and provide a more affordable luxury option for visitors to Marbella, La Zagaleta, and the Ascari Circuit. It is important to note, however, that this is only the beginning, as the idea is that this will evolve into pilotless drones. Prototypes are already underway, changes are coming!

Marbella has been chosen as the launch location for this innovative drone service, underscoring its status as the top destination for luxury tourism. The introduction of passenger drones will enhance connectivity, attract high-net-worth individuals, and boost the local luxury real estate market.

Expected Impact of Drone Flights on Marbella's Luxury Real Estate Market

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: The new drone service will make Marbella more accessible, appealing to luxury property buyers seeking fast and convenient travel options.
  2. Increased Property Value: Improved connectivity through the drone service is expected to raise property values in Marbella. High-end buyers will be drawn to the area's luxury real estate due to the convenient transport links offered.
  3. Tourism and Investment Boost: The facility is likely to attract international tourists and investors, creating opportunities for short-term rentals and long-term investments in Marbella's luxury market.
  4. Technological Appeal: The introduction of cutting-edge passenger drone technology will enhance Marbella’s reputation as a modern and luxurious destination, appealing to affluent buyers who value innovation and exclusivity.
  5. Infrastructure Development: The establishment of vertipuertos (vertical airports for drones) and related infrastructure will support drone operations and contribute to the overall development of the region, further appealing to investors.

Why choose Marbella as your luxury destination?

Now you know that everyone has an eye on Marbella, do you want to know why? Marbella is rapidly gaining recognition as an international luxury hotspot, driven by the influx of high-end brands and significant investments in the area.

One of the pivotal elements in Marbella's emergence is the development of branded residences. Notable developments include the Maria by Missoni residences and upcoming projects like Epic Marbella by Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld Villas, and Design Hills Dolce & Gabbana. These residences offer exclusive services, ranging from concierge and security to personalized hospitality, enhancing the appeal for affluent buyers. Discover everything about branded residences in Marbella.

And brands not only trust Marbella to enter the real estate world, but they also know the Marbella public and offer them unique experiences. This summer 2024 you can enjoy the sunny days of Marbella while relaxing at Dolce&Gabbana's innovative concept, La Cabane, a beach club that is also a pop-up store. Another brand that is committed to innovation in Marbella is Fendi, which brings both its pop-up store where you can discover its new summer collection and the opening of Fendi x La Plaza, a very special gastronomic proposal in Puente Romano.

Speaking of gastronomic proposals, let's not forget Gaia, the first Greek-Mediterranean restaurant of its kind in Spain. Located in Puente Romano, this new Marbella gem has its origins in Dubai. Have you tried its delicious dishes yet?

It's not just international brands that have fallen in love with Marbella's beauty; national luxury brands also appreciate the potential of the local. This is the case of Loewe, which dazzled the city with its most floral pop-up, a traditional Victorian Greenhouse.

Taking all of this into account, it's no wonder that, coupled with our climate, natural beauty and rich culture, Marbella has been named Best European Destination 2024 by Forbes!

Discover Marbella's charm

Now that you know everything about it, it's your turn to fall in love with Marbella!

For those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle infused with cultural richness and technological innovation, Marbella offers more than just a sunny escape. It promises a lifestyle where every sunset is celebrated with exquisite cuisine and every day brings new opportunities for exploration. Discover Marbella — where luxury lives forever.

Are you looking for a special place for your second home? Do you want to fully embrace the Spanish Mediterranean lifestyle? Do you want to invest in a promising land? Let Drumelia help you find your ideal property in Marbella!

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