Top 10 Interior Designers in Marbella

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When you buy your dream home in Marbella, you will most likely be decorating it from scratch. Whether a Mediterranean-style villa or a beachfront duplex apartment, the interior design should reflect your personal style and provide you with comfort.

While decorating your home is fascinating, it can be rather challenging. That is why many people hire professionals to help build or renovate your home. This is because it is less time-consuming, causes less stress and can even be more cost-efficient in the long run. And this is an option many people choose when buying a home in Marbella. This is because Marbella offers many interior design options to choose from that provide bespoke services.

At Drumelia, we have spent over 2 decades working with many interior designers in Marbella. We have compiled a list of Marbella's best interior designers. We have considered the professional service, quality of service, design and client satisfaction.

How to find the best interior designer in Marbella. 

One of the easiest ways to find reputable interior designers in Marbella is by researching online. Interior design companies typically have websites that show their portfolio, past work, and client testimonials. We recommend searching for companies before contacting them to narrow down options.

Another efficient way to find interior designers is by recommendations. Speak to some friends or family who has recently renovated their property. Go on Google and read reviews on the interior designers that have piqued your interest. If you recently bought a property, you can ask your real estate agent for suggestions of reputable interior designers.

Top 10 Interior Designers in Marbella 

Pedro Peña

Top 10 Interior Designers in Marbella

Pedro Peña is a reputable and long-established interior design company in Marbella, known for its "Modern Mediterranean" style. The company has gained international recognition, having designed spaces in many cities worldwide. Pedro Peña is known for creating unique, exclusive designs for refined spaces, using custom handcrafted furniture and pieces with strong personality.

Pedro Peña also provides personalized service to meet the specific needs of clients. The company's designs reflect the luxury of mansions in exclusive areas of Marbella, like La Zagaleta, Sierra Blanca, and the Golden Mile, where Pedro finds inspiration.Pedro Peña is a reputable and long-established interior design company in Marbella, known for its "Modern Mediterranean" style. The company has gained international recognition, having designed spaces in many cities worldwide.

Pedro Peña is known for creating unique, exclusive designs for refined spaces, using custom handcrafted furniture and pieces with strong personality. He also provides personalized service to meet the specific needs of clients. The company's designs reflect the luxury of mansions in exclusive areas of Marbella, like La Zagaleta, Sierra Blanca, and the Golden Mile, where Pedro finds inspiration. Most notably, Pedro Peña was responsible for the interior design of several homes of the Altius Development, Drumelia Exclusives. 

A fun fact, Pedro Peña is responsible for the interior design of Drumelia's brand-new office in Puerto Banus. You can read our blog to learn more about Drumelia's brand-new office.

Ambience Home Design

Top 10 Interior Designers in Marbella

Established by German-born Andrea Böck, Ambience Home Design is considered one of the best interior design companies in Marbella, specialising in crafting interiors that "make every house a real home to live in".

With over 20 years of experience, Andrea and her team have been commissioned to work on large-scale luxury projects in the UK, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Morocco, Hong Kong and St. Lucia. Ambience also has many ongoing projects, collaborating with renowned developers and architects in Spain and abroad.

Ambience Home Design is responsible for many exclusive projects across Marbella. Most recently, they curated the design for the new boutique residential complex of The View Marbella. Ambience was also responsible for designing the beachfront residence Emare and the La Perla Blanca frontline beach villa on Marbella's New Golden Mile. Furthermore, Ambience has designed many interiors for villas in La Zagaleta, Puente Romano and the Marbella Golden Mile.

Ambience has several European Property Awards for its designs. Most recently, they were awarded Best Office Interior in Europe at the 2022/2023 European Property Awards.

Aalto Exclusive Design

Villa Cascais in Marbella designed by Aalto Exlusive Design
Villa Cascais by Aalto Exclusive Design (

Aalto Exclusive Design is a renowned interior design studio that has established a reputation for excellence in the world of luxury interior design. Based in the exclusive coastal town of Marbella, Spain, the studio offers professional and private clients a wide range of services, including conceptual design, space planning, project management, and furniture sourcing.

One of the unique features of Aalto Exclusive Design is its personal luxury furniture line. The studio manufactures high-end furniture pieces that are functional and visually stunning. Additionally, the studio also works on international projects, catering to luxury residences, developments and commercial spaces.

The studio's showroom, located on the prestigious Golden Mile of Marbella, is an 800m2 space designed to give clients an immersive and luxurious experience. The showroom displays the studio's exclusive furniture collection and gives clients an idea of what they can expect from Aalto Exclusive Design. With a factory in Malaga, the studio's team of skilled artisans and professionals create bespoke furniture that exceeds expectations.

The team of experienced designers at Aalto Exclusive Design is known for their attention to detail and ability to create unique, personalized spaces that reflect the client's style and personality. They are fully equipped to meet the demands of even the most discerning clients, making Aalto Exclusive Design a very popular choice among those looking for luxury interior design services in Marbella.


Villa Alcuzcuz by UDesign in Marbella
Villa Alcuzcuz by UDesign (

UDesign are award-winning architects, 3D visual artists and interior designers who create beautifully detailed contemporary homes in Marbella and across the globe. Known for inspiring and innovative designs in commercial and residential projects, they match their style to clients' ideas and promise that their interior design projects will "lift your spirit".

Their goal is to exceed the client's expectations through creativity, attention to detail and a perfect balance of space, colour and texture. In addition to manufacturing their line of individually styled pieces and bespoke furniture, they also work with selected leading brands to ensure that each project is unique to each client.

UDesign has won several International Property Awards for architecture and interior design. Villa Alcuzcuz - Marbella's luxury avant-garde villa - won the prize for Best Architecture Single Residence in Spain and Europe in 2019. What's more, UDesign was awarded the title of Best International CGI Interior Company in 2020. UDesign is also responsible for the Vista Lago Residence project in San Pedro de Alcántara.

Inhabit Architects 

Example from Inhabit Architects portfolio for interior design
Breakaway House by Inhabit (
Founded in 2016 by Pedro Aroya and Ana Salinero, Inhabit started as a small design studio for architectural and interior projects. In a short time, Inhabit became an acclaimed company, gaining attention from clients worldwide - such as Italy, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Cuba and Brazil. With Marbella as their base, Inhabit continues to work nationally and internationally.
Inhabit provides architectural, commercial and interior services to their clients. They bring a fresh and unconventional approach to interior design. The Inhabit Team comprises professionals who always think outside the box and balance elegance, technology and nature. They also guarantee the greatest commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.
Inhabit are the masterminds behind beautiful projects across Marbella. They decorated the interiors of apartments in the famous Puente Romano Resort. And, they designed the interior of The Seed Room, one of Marbella's most exclusive coworking spaces. They are also responsible for the designs of commercial projects like Maleva Bakery and the Sacay beach restaurant in Marbella.

Diana Dominique 

Top 10 Interior Designers in Marbella

Diana Dominique Interiors was founded in 2011 and recently underwent a rebranding to be known as Diana Dominique. This interior design firm is based in Marbella and started its journey with furniture sales. Diana Dominique caters to their clients by providing bespoke interior, furniture, decoration and refurbishment services.

The Diana Dominique Team comprises interior designers, architects, project managers and coordinators with a combined experience of over 30 years. The team recently inaugurated their new Atelier Boutique in Marbella, an elegant and approachable space for the team, other professionals and clients.

Among their projects is Villa Antoni, a newly built villa by renowned architect Carlos Lamas, recognised as one of the most forward-thinking architects of the century. Diana Dominique is also responsible for the interior design of a Drumelia Exclusive, Villa Altius 5 in Sierra Blanca, which was sold in late 2021.

La Albaida Diseño Interior Málaga

Top 10 Interior Designers in Marbella

La Albaida Diseño is a family-owned business based in Malaga and Marbella. Founded by María Pura Pidal, La Albaida's first showroom opened in 1991 in Malaga city. In 1996, La Albaida expanded and opened its first showroom in Marbella in 1996. La Albaida is now run by María's daughters - Mar and Cristina Barrosso - and are now directing a large team of designers in Marbella and Malaga.

Among many projects, La Albaida is the mind behind the interior of a Villa in Cascada de Camoján, which Drumelia published in a property tour in late 2022. There is also Villa Tucán, an exclusive golf-front Villa in Los Naranjos. Lastly, they are responsible for the interior design of the Show House in the famous beachside complex of The Island, which Drumelia also published in a property tour. La Albaida has also designed interiors for properties across Marbella's Golden Mile and Malaga City.

Antima Homes 

Villa Julia in La Cerquilla designed by Antima homes
Villa Julia in La Cerquilla (

Antima Homes is a family-run Norwegian property developer and interior design firm based in Marbella, Oslo and Los Angeles. Their goal is to design and decorate houses to feel like home. They sell fully furnished projects and work closely with their clients to meet their requirements.

A perfect way to describe their approach would be a combination of quality, craft and culture. This can be seen in their projects, such as Villa Julia in La Cerquilla, Villa Victoria in Aloha Gardens and Villa Esmeralda in Los Naranjos. Finally, one of the most impressive projects was renovating the famous 49.95-metre Alexandra V Yacht.

OMEO Design 

Omeo Design Kitchen in Marbella
Example from Portfolio - OMEO Design (

OMEO Design is a full-service interior design firm specialising in renovations and new projects. Based in Marbella, OMEO tailors their services to each client, curating bespoke projects with a focus on attention to detail. OMEO goes above and beyond with their designs, bringing its original ideas to life in every space they create.

Said to be exploring the boundaries of contemporary design, OMEO uses their extensive pool of vendor resources and expertise to curate unique collections. What's more, OMEO commits to sustainability by researching and using sustainable materials, along with supporting local businesses.

Estuco Interiors 

Estuco Interiors example from their portfolio
Example from Portfolio - Estuco Interiors (

Estuco Interiors is a renowned luxury interior design and furniture shop in Marbella. With over 15 years of experience, Estuco Interiors comprises a dynamic team working on European residential and commercial projects.

At Estuco Interiors, they believe that interior design in Marbella is all about "the client's overall experience of the space that is a joy to be in". They tailor to people's desires and strive to keep up-to-date with design trends and materials. They work with brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Designer's Guild, Ralph Lauren and Nobilis, to name a few. A fun fact, Estuco Interiors is one of the first stockists of Farrow & Ball eco-friendly paints and handcrafted wallpapers in Spain.

Based in Centro Plaza in Nueva Andalucia, they have completed countless projects in this area, including the fabulous apartments in Los Granados. However, they have also led many design projects around the Andalucia region, including renovating the 5-star Melia Hotel in Cádiz.

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