Top 5 Best Architects in Marbella

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Marbella is a melting pot of the diverse architectural styles it has adopted through the years. The beautiful city proudly presents traditional Andalusian and Mediterranean-style villas, palatial Moorish-style estates, as well as ultra-modern and minimalist homes.

If you plan to build a house in Marbella, one of the essential points is choosing a professional team of architects that will do the job to the highest standards. 

We have compiled a list of the 5 best and most sought-after architects. They have created plenty of state-of-the-art houses, which have made Marbella a popular and desirable place to live for many people from all over the world.

Known for luxury villas in privileged natural settings, those architects work in the most exclusive locations of Marbella, such as La Zagaleta, Sierra Blanca, Golden Mile, Nueva Andalucía, Los Monteros, y etc. Each of these specialists can be called the best, so below they are arranged in random order.


Villa Cullinan in La Zagaleta
Villa Cullinan in La Zagaleta

Tobal Arquitectos is a studio headed by Miguel and Diego Tobal, dedicated to designing and constructing luxury high-end homes since 1980. They developed more than 150 houses in the prestigious La Zagaleta, more than half of the buildings there!

In their work, they strive to integrate traditional and contemporary architecture creating timeless buildings. They aim to blend into the landscape to achieve a harmonious aesthetic that is also functional.

One of the most iconic projects of Tobal Arquitectos is definitely «The diamond of Marbella» Villa Cullinan in La Zagaleta with a total of 3,100 square meters.

MS Design

High-End Villa in Zagaleta by Marcos Sainz
Villa in La Zagaleta €16.000.000

MS Design studio was founded in Marbella in 1973 by Marcos Sainz. He is renowned for his brilliant architectural achievements, one of which was his involvement in creating the emblematic Puerto Banus.

The firm specializes in integrated urban planning, architecture, and decoration. Various private residences and urbanizations, golf clubhouses, public spaces, and restaurants have been built in all popular areas of Marbella and other cities of Spain and abroad.

The most outstanding projects of MD Design are several villas in La Zagaleta with an asking price above €15 million and an exclusive gated community «Los Ceibos», which consist of a total of five modern villas currently in construction.


Villa Ibiza Breeze in La Zagaleta designed by ARK
Villa Ibiza Breeze in La Zagaleta, Benahavís, €14.500.000

ARK Architects is more than 20 years in the sector and led by Manuel J. Ruiz Moriche, who creates the concept for a new home and two technical architects: Diego Suárez Jurado and Santiago Ruiz Moriche, responsible for the construction phase.

Behind them is a great team, which includes professionals from various sectors and areas of expertise: from architecture to interior design, including engineering and landscaping, and even neuroscience.

The key of the firm is respecting nature. The first thing before starting their work is a thorough analysis of the place where they are going to build, the native natural materials they will use, the surroundings of the location. And also, they pay a lot of attention to sustainability.

Villa Heaven 11 and Villa Ibiza Breeze in La Zagaleta and The Fifteen residential complex in La Reserva Sotogrande are often cited as the most brilliant projects of ARK Architects studio.


Villa in El Madroñal, Benahavís
Villa in El Madroñal, Benahavís

Since the creation of the studio in 2011, founded by Antonio Morillo and Esther Sánchez, AMES Arquitectos has developed more than a hundred unique and exclusive projects.

They aim to find the balance between design and functionality, which they quickly implement in fantastic houses.

AMES Arquitectos focuses on modern houses projects. One of which is Villa Victoria which we can without exaggeration call one of the most attractive estates in Nueva Andalucía.

Villarroel Torrico

Villa Halcyon in La Zagaleta
Villa Halcyon in La Zagaleta, Benahavís, €21.900.000

Villarroel Torrico is an architectural firm founded by Melvin Villaroel that has been on the market for 40 years and specializes in architecture and landscape design, and urban planning.

In their work, they combine sophistication and technological rationality with the origins of the Mediterranean region. The firm specializes in designing residential communities, hotels, marinas and ports, and golf and polo resorts worldwide.

The most significant projects of Villaroel Torrico in Marbella are complexes like Puente Romano Hotel, Alhambra del Mar and the extension at Marbella Club Hotel.

We have told you about the top 5 architects of Marbella, but we can not fail to mention one who is not based in Marbella, but deserves strong attention because his ingenious buildings are truly amazing.

Joaquin Torres (A-Cero)

Villa El Nido in Cascada de Camojan, Marbella Golden Mile
Villa El Nido in Cascada de Camojan, Marbella Golden Mile €21.900.000

Joaquín Torres is mainly known as the “architect of the stars” because he has built stunning homes for the celebrities such as Madonna, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and most of the Real Madrid soccer team.

In 1996 Joaquin Torres became a Co-founder of A-Cero Arquitectos, together with Rafael Llamazares and Alberto Peris.

The company started with the construction of single-family residential projects. Still, A-cero has recently carried out more extensive projects, including real estate and mixed-use skyscrapers in different countries. Now the firm is based in Madrid and has offices in A Coruña and Dubai (UAE), even though Joaquin Torres has still managed to do a couple of landmark projects in Marbella, like El Nido in Cascada de Camojan.

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