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The most sacred time of the year for Christians, Easter is a huge event in Spain. It’s not just about Easter Sunday. In our Blog, you’ll find out what other events and traditions are connected to the big day. Many people also take this week as holiday, visit family or go to some new places.

Andalucia keeps breaking records by welcoming more and more tourists for Easter Week. The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports in Spain and President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, present the amazing official data. In 2023, we received more than a 1.000.000 visitors that generated an income for the community of around 403 million euros. It made that Easter holiday season the best in the history of the region.

Marbella receives tourists who come to experience religious celebrations of glorious Semana Santa, or enjoy spring, stunning scenery, fabulous food and all pleasures of Marbella’s special lifestyle, or simply worship the sun at the beach. How to make the most of your time this Easter in Marbella?

From kids’ bunny and egg hunts to nature adventures, spring ferias, live music events, special Easter dinners and lunches in restaurants, hotels and golf clubs, there are so many things to do in Marbella during Easter time. Drumelia’s handpicked suggestions can help.

Things to do in Marbella for Easter 2024

1. Discover cultural richness of Semana Santa

Spain has a strong tradition of Easter processions, especially in Andalucia. Marbella celebrates Semana Santa (Holy Week preceding Easter Sunday) with masses and religious brotherhoods carrying floats though the streets. The custom is to make pasos, the floats or platforms adorned with flowers, candles, statues of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, saints, biblical personalities and depicting scenes from the Passion. Pasos are very heavy, and 50 or more porters (costaleros, cargadores or portadores) carry each float, escorted by a band playing solemn music. Nazarenos (penitents) precede the floats with lighted candles or crosses. They belong to the brotherhoods, and wear tunics, cloaks and tall conical hats. Head to Marbella’s Old Town to watch the festive and religious processions.

2. Take Family for Picnic

Marbella has wonderful green spaces, beautiful parks and idyllic locations that provide the perfect backdrop for spending quality time with people you love.

Among them are Parque de la Alameda in the town centre, Arroyo de la Represa and Parque de la Constitución. Lago de los Tortugas in Nueva Andalucia, the pine forests at Nagüeles and Elviria are peaceful and lovely locations to spend a kid-friendly day. Pinar de Nagüeles, a large pine grove in Sierra Blanca área, is full of amenities: barbecues, tables and benches, playgrounds, hiking trails and carpark. It is also home to the Hermitage of San Bernabé, the Patron Saint of Marbella.

3. Connect with Nature

If you want your Easter break to be filled with adventures and sports, Marbella is The Place! Delight in picturesque hiking trails, stunning views and diversity of flora and fauna. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities. Use a great opportunity to connect with nature! Climb gorgeous La Concha Mountain, it will reward you with breath-taking views. Explore the beauty of Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park. Enjoy Lake Istan nestled just a short drive east of Puerto Banus.

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4. Experience Wine Tourism

Explore Nilva Enoturismo, the unique, southernmost vineyard on the European continent. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the scenic vineyard and organic winery are located in Manilva, 35 min. drive from Marbella. Meet its amazing people, wine enthusiasts, enjoy wine and food tastings, try exclusive and different Moscatel de Alejandría (Muscat of Alexandria), Pedro Ximénez and Chardonnay. And feel good, because you contribute to saving the historic Spanish vineyards!

5. Delight in traditional Easter dishes

Try potaje de vigilia, a delightful blend of chickpeas, spinach, and cod dish enjoyed during Lent or Holy Week. Another must-try dish of Semana Santa is Croquetas de Bacalao, crispy croquettes filled with mashed potatoes and salt cod, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to perfection. Good Friday is time to eat fish, take advantage of the region’s fresh-water delicacies (Hemingway loved our trout!). Elevate your experience with the torrijas, a sweet bread pudding coated with cinnamon and honey, filled with cream, or drizzled with chocolate.

Read about 10 top restaurants chosen by Drumelia’s team and indulge in local flavours!

6. Go for a Day-Trip

Easter draws thousands of visitors to Malaga, declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest. People gather in the city centre to witness the extraordinary displays of tradition and artistry. Beyond its tourist appeal and rich cultural offerings, Semana Santa in Malaga has inspired countless literacy and artistic works.

During Holy Week, 42 brotherhoods (cofradía) make 45 processions through the streets showing realistic wooden sculptures that depict scenes from the Passion, or images of the Virgin Mary showing sorrow. Most of the confraternities and brotherhoods have their own centres, which can be visited like a museum.
Malaga, Sevilla and Granada are particularly famed for hosting the most impressive parades.

You can find some additional information here, Easter in Malaga.

Don’t want to go to a big city? Discover the magic of rural Andalucia, its scenic wonders, cultural gems and the charm of typical white villages. Attend the vibrant Easter parades in Casares or Mijas Pueblo. For unforgettable experience, go to one of the outstanding locations close to Marbella.

Our blog will help you to choose the most exciting destination.

Easter for Kids in Marbella

As you can see, for a truly fabulous Easter in Marbella there’s no shortage of things to do. But what about children? Let’s start with the Easter Advent Calendar, the sweetest way to remember how many days are left until Easter. Let the countdown begin! Marbella offers an extra special holiday and joyful Easter celebrations for the little ones of different nationalities. The Easter Bunny will be here before you know it! Happy Times Kids Club hosts the egg hunt party on March 29th. Kids can join the Easter Bunny for Breakfast at La Sala (11a.m., March 30th and 31st).

You can enrol your “mini-me” in Kids Clubs or Easter Camps that offer the energy-burning Easter activities, outdoor fun and new friendships. Happy Times Kids Club at Nueva Alcantara or Campamento Kids at Villa Padierna Racquet provide a mix of crafts, padel and other outdoor games, enriching holiday experience for both kids and parents.

The Kids Club at Marbella Club Hotel is open to hotel residents and non-residents alike. It offers cooking classes, arts and crafts and a delightful aroma lab, as well as special Easter activities like an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday. Tons of fun! This video will give you an idea.

Source: https://www.marbellaclub.com/kids-club

Marbella’s Hotels Offer Discounts and Special Easter Packages

A legendary luxury resort with old-school chic, Marbella Club Hotel, offers Easter Packages, and invites to spend Easter Sunday at the MC Beach Club enjoying the Grand Buffet paired with a selection of wines created by MCH Sommelier.

Discover promotions, Easter offers and exclusive packages for a luxurious experience at Puente Romano Beach Resort, a famous 5-star resort in Marbella.

Source: https://www.puenteromano.com/gallery/

If you’re looking for Rock&Sun Easter, you’ve found it in Marbella! Get away to Hard Rock Hotel Marbella and enjoy the best beaches, the best climate and the best plans!

Anantara Villa Padierna Palace offers ‘Easter Pampered Stay Special’. Soaking up the sunshine and luxury as you are saving up to 15% on a Deluxe Room, isn’t it fabulous? Treat your family to the ultimate coastal getaway.


Source: https://www.anantara.com/en/villa-padierna-marbella/gallery

Occidental Puerto Banus Hotel invites to spend 10 nights in Marbella and includes 4 rounds of golf to the Easter Golf Package. The Flying Golfer and many other golf agencies have recommended golfers to spend Easter in Marbella enjoying “a gentlemen's game”.

You can read more about golf courses, golf clubs and golfers’ lifestyle in Marbella and its surroundings in our blogs.

Easter Journey across Cultures and Traditions with Drumelia’s Team

Semana Santa in Spain differs from Easter we celebrate in other countries. Drumelia’s multinational team shares the memories and stories with you.

Simke: in Belgium, on Easter Sunday, we usually had a big Easter Brunch with our family. There is no specific food but usually it is all very colourful. My family used to pretend that the Easter Bunny came by and hid many chocolate eggs, which we, kids, had to look for and collect in our baskets. The one with the largest number of eggs wins. Actually, the Easter Egg Hunt is usually only for the smaller kids, but even teenagers continue doing this … for the nostalgic feel of it. The Monday after Easter is a holiday.

Liam: born in Cambridge, the UK, I came to Spain in 2006, and had very many Easters here. For me, it’s a chance to enjoy a quality family time, together with my children. This year, my elder kids, both in Gibraltar and in Spain, will have their Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Sunday is a day of traditional roast, Easter eggs and chocolate treats.

Kevan: in France, we have a nice tradition to hide Easter Chocolate Eggs in the garden. Marbella is very international, and you can buy these Easter Eggs in many stores. Every time I look at them, I think about the French tradition. As with all special French meals, at Easter we eat several courses (lamb is traditional) accompanied by wine, and finish with a cheese plate and desserts.

This will be my first Easter celebration in Marbella, and I am looking forward to see Semana Santa on the coast, especially in Malaga. I may start my own special tradition. I am planning a little Easter Surprise for the property sellers I work with. I’d like to show that I appreciate their trust in me.

Carmen: when I was a child, I used to visit my family in Cadiz during Semana Santa. I watched my uncle carry the procession, he does it all his life. The whole family gathered there to watch him, with chairs that we brought from home, and we would spend hours and hours together. Eventually, we would have meals with all his 'costaleros' colleages and their families. It has always been a great opportunity to spend more time together as a family and enjoy some delicious torrijas.

Cinthia: in Italy, the whole week is full of processions, rituals and celebrations, but the most special day is Easter Sunday. A particular exciting holiday for children, it is all about eggs, the symbol of rebirth and renewal. When my children were younger (now they are 20 and almost 15), they couldn't wait to open their chocolate eggs ¨Le Uove di Pascua¨ with toys inside, so they can spend the whole week eating chocolates and playing with toys.

Source: Swedish Church

Easter in Sweden is one of the best excuses to spend time with family, dance, eat and drink snaps. Homes are decorated with yellow, purple and light blue colours. Easter tables are filled with food: herring, Jansson's temptation, salmon, lamb, sweets, Easter must and of course, eggs. Along with the food, we also have a MUST HAVE beverage called Påskmust, a variation of Coca Cola.
The Swedish Easter Bunny, Påskhare, never shows his face but moves swiftly in secrecy placing Påskägg (Easter eggs) filled with candy and fun gifts. Everyone eats candy, not just kids. It’s estimated that an average Swede consumes around 1 kilo of candy at Easter weekend. Painting and decorating eggs is also popular, and kids dressed up as Easter witches go from door-to-door.

Alexander: I’ll celebrate Easter in Marbella just like at home, eating and spending the day with my friends/family. I’ll stock up in Spisa or Scandi Market. I’m also looking for the Swedish Church announcement. For sure, there will be something interesting there, and maybe even at Spisa.

Julia: I love Easter in Sweden. However, familiar things can make it little closer. In Marbella, I buy Påskmust in Scandi Market, Semlor (cardamom brioche bun with marzipan) in Arena Scandi bakery, Easter wreath in IKEA; several restaurants in Nueva Andalucia serve joyous Swedish foodie feast.


Happy Easter! Have a unique experience of celebrating unforgettable Semana Santa in Marbella! If you like our beautiful town and Mediterranean lifestyle (we are preparing a special text about it), then stay. Drumelia will help you to become a part of it, and find your Dream Home.

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