Privacy, Security and Safe Areas in Marbella

For 25 years Costa del Sol considered to be one of the safest areas in Europe with Marbella having the unprecedented low crime rate.

Safe areas

Some people connect it with the controversial personality of Jesús Gil, who ruled Marbella as a mayor for three terms and conducted a powerful campaign against prostitution, begging and drugs. He did make Marbella safer by evicting “unwanted citizens” and improving police by recruiting legionaries and elite military forces from Spain and North Africa.

“Luxury town became safe again. No fear walking around at night,” said Gunilla von Bismarck, a Swedish-German aristocrat who has been living in Marbella since 1976, the great-granddaughter of the “iron chancellor” and “glamourous nightlife queen of the resort” responsible for the new Spanish verb “gunillear” meaning to lead an active social life without missing a single VIP-party.

“… created by aristocrats for aristocrats.“

Today, Marbella is even more safe for its residents and tourists. There are no dangerous areas known for assaults, robberies, gang and drug violence, no homeless population. Children of those legionaries became policemen (hereditary profession in Spain). The local government together with law-enforcement authorities do everything to prevent crime and to keep one of the most prestigious corners of the planet “safe and sound”.

Glorious resort created by aristocrats for aristocrats has always been and still is the favourite destination for respectable, influential and successful people in politics, business, culture, sports who wish to live in elegant and secure place. Among the owners of luxurious apartments and impressive villas are the members of royal families and aristocratic society, few presidents, shahs and sheikhs, Hollywood celebrities. With so many exclusive properties around, it’s necessary to keep safety in mind. An intercom and an elderly lady as a concierge won’t count.

“…communities offering some of the best security are La Zagaleta, Cascada de Camojan, Sierra Blanca, Altos Reales, Madroñal, Vega Colorado, etc.“

There’s a whole range of security measures to keep the homes safe and sound:

– complete, aesthetically attractive fencing of residential complexes. Graceful openwork grilles with evergreen shrubs or natural stone walls are Marbella’s beautiful alternative to brick and wooden fences
– strict entrance control for pedestrians and cars (video cameras, access control system, turnstiles, barriers); the security guards manning the entrances 24/7 have quality training and some carry arms (La Zagaleta);
– mobile patrols and inspection of the urbanizations and surrounding area;
– top quality security equipment and latest technology help to provide best security surveillance 24/7
– home alarm systems connected with the main security centre
– popular in Marbella, innovative Home Automation managing security from personal devices – monitoring the perimeter, video surveillance, protective blinds control. It alerts the guards in case of burglary and takes measures in case of flood, fire & smoke (can be provided by Drumelia Real Estate)
– Key Holding Service brings security and peace of mind whilst the residents are away from home, their property or business are looked after (can be provided by Drumelia Real Estate).

Among gated communities offering some of the best security are La Zagaleta, Cascada de CamojanSierra Blanca, Altos Reales, Madroñal, Vega Colorado, etc.

Welcome to Marbella! Presenting world class properties that attract interest from high-profile clientele this location and its lifestyle will never be out of fashion. It will be a pleasure for us to help you in everything you need – from choosing the perfect property to managing its privacy and security.

Artur Loginov, CEO & Partner


Artur Loginov

CEO & Partner

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