Choosing Property in Marbella. Problems & Stereotypes.

By Salma Hwedi on - 3m. reading time

While choosing your Spanish real estate, get ready to avoid some stereotypes. Here are the most common of them.

"By the very blue sea."

Living by the beach might seem like a dream… (Spanish Coastal Property) But it might be overrated.

As a rule, it is the busiest part of the city or town. Crowded beaches, beach clubs and parties that are always together, like a hot summer and cold sangria.  Glitzy, fabulously boho, quirky Puerto Banus is a lifestyle, not a location.

If you wish to be right at the heart of buzzling life day and night, there’s no better place to live in. However, in Banus area Drumelia offers some luxury properties ideal for those who value peace and privacy, e.g. exclusive bungalows in Bahia de Banus and stunning apartments in Malib

Carefully planned with respect to environment and its residents, some coastal resorts of the New Golden Mile give a sense of tranquillity and freedom from disturbance. Among them elegant beachfront developments Torre Bermeja, Cabo Bermejo, Menara Beach

Nueva Alcántara is the beachfront area expected to grow most in the coming years. This popular, especially for a holiday home, residential area in San Pedro Playa is the beachside extension of San Pedro. Its long and wide, never crowded due to its size beach (often recognised by the Blue Flag award) is backed by a marvellous seafront promenade with restaurants, cycle path and a quiet urban access road.

It takes more efforts and financial investment to take care of coastal properties. Bear in mind humidity, sand, possible fungus, rust on metal surfaces. Apartments require less effort than townhouses and villas, and they are more in demand for rent.

“Neither first nor last”

If in some countries, the lowest and the highest floors are not the most popular. Not in Spain. On the contrary! The top floor (atico) usually has a large terrace/solarium with fantastic views, chill-out, al fresco dining and BBQ areas. The ground floor (bajo) usually has a patio-terrace, direct access to community gardens and often its own little garden - perfect for families with children and pets. Their price can be 20-30% higher than the rest apartments’ in the same building.

Great views.

A beautiful view is not only eye-pleasing, but also comes with a price. In Spain, accommodation with a frontal sea view sea is on average 30% more expensive. An apartment overlooking a wall of a neighboring house can be twice cheaper than the one with views in the same house.

Marbella is lucky, with glorious sparkling Mediterranean Sea all the way to African coast and the Strait of Gibraltar framed by the distinct outlines of both legendary Pillars of Hercules, and majestic mountain ranges as the background of the beautiful picture. Add La Concha Mountain view, the iconic symbol of Marbella seen from almost everywhere, peaceful Andalusian landscapes and green carpets of golf courses. Envy of the world!

Realtors photographic art’.

Be prepared for the fact that an apartment that looks spacious and glossy in Internet in reality can be cramped and quite shabby. It may happen the other way around. Depends on the camera ... and the real estate company’s honesty as well.

"Beautiful and expensive necessarily means high-quality."

Not at all. In Spain, there are very beautiful complexes that were built ‘rough-and-ready’. For the buyers, especially from abroad, it is quite difficult to figure it out.

Trust the professionals who have specific knowledge and experience in their field!


Collaborator Salma Hwedi