Costs to purchase a property in Marbella

This form will inform you of all the costs and taxes applied when purchasing a property in Marbella. The primary difference is if a property is purchased directly from a developer or if the property was already previously owned and inhabited.

Purchase Price
Purchase Type
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Taxes if the property is sold directly from a developer
VAT 10% 1.000.000€
Stamp Duty 1,20% 120.000 €
Total taxes to pay 1.120.000 €
Approximation of other purchase costs, depending on the professional
Lawyer fees 80.000 €
Notary fees 8.000 €
Registry fees 4.000 €
Cost of cheque / bank transfer 2.000 €
Total of further costs to pay 94.000 €
Total cost to purchase a property if sold directly from a developer: 11.124.000 €

If you are looking into applying for a mortgage in a Spanish bank to purchase the property, it is possible to do so. Currently, Spanish banks can issue mortgages up to 50% of the purchase price - so a total of 5.000.000 € - to a non-resident.

There are exceptions where it is possible to apply for a higher amount, but the higher the purchase price, the more complicated it becomes to obtain the 50%. The only further cost to receive the mortgage is the bank valuation, which can cost between 500 € - 4.000 €.

These numbers are approximate and are based on common situations for non-resident buyers. There can be other exceptional cases when the taxes and costs applied vary, but don't worry! Our experienced sales agents will always guide you in the process and provide recommendations on the best solutions, subject to personal meetings with professional tax advisors that we can organize!.