The weather and seasons in Marbella

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Marbella is one of the most prestigious and affluent cities in Southern Spain. The city stretches for 28 km along the Mediterranean coastline, with gorgeous villas where world-famous stars and royalties live. This resort gained popularity mainly due to pleasant sunny weather throughout the year. We will inform you of the climate that is waiting for you if you want to visit Marbella.

General information about the climate in Marbella

Beach in Marbella
Marbella's warm sea and sunny weather attract thousands of tourists every year.

No wonder Marbella is referred to as the oasis of southern Spain. The city's location is related to the pleasant microclimate and plenty of warm sunny days. The southern warm air flows from the Mediterranean Sea and Africa influence the city's climate. Meanwhile, the Sierra Blanca range protects the city against the northern cyclones. At the same time, it can be windy and cold in the Strait of Gibraltar, and there can be heavy rains and high waves on the coasts of Fuengirola and Paseo Maritimo. Nevertheless, the weather in Marbella would be calm and pleasant.

The summer in Marbella is mild, and the winter is warm. That is why you really need some light clothes and a headdress during the summer season there. Meanwhile, wearing a T-shirt and shorts within a few days in winter is totally OK. You might need to wear a warm cape, a cardigan or a jumper at night.

There are only about 45 rainy days a year in Marbella. Even in this cloudy weather, the average daytime temperature is +18 °C.

The best time for a vacation in Marbella in May until late September when the air temperature is +25 °C to +29°C. Rainfall is very rare at this time, and the average water temperature at sea is about +22 °C.

The average daytime temperature in summer is about 20 degrees. The "coldest" month of the summer is June. Then the temperature gradually increases during July and August, so the hot weather holds until the end of September.

Then the sea breeze is gradually decreasing the temperature on the coast— it is the beginning of the best period for vacations in autumn. The water temperature is +21 °C and the air temperature is +23 °C at this time. The amount of precipitation since November has increased twice compared to September and October. The average air temperature in winter is about +18 °C, and the water temperature drops to +12 °C.

The incredible climate, stunning landscapes, and variety of seasonal activities make Marbella a prime location for those interested in acquiring property in Spain. Regardless of whether you seek a vacation home, a permanent residence, or an investment, Marbella boasts a great selection of properties, including luxurious villas and charming apartments in the historic city centre.

The winter weather in Marbella

Quay in Marbella
The average summer temperature in Marbella reaches 20 degrees

The average daytime temperature in Marbella in December is +17 °С, but it drops to +9 С° at night. The water temperature during the first winter month is still quite pleasant to wet feet; it is about +16 °С.

Marbella is a good place for wind and kite surfers in December. There are high tides during this time, and the average wind speed is about 3 meters per second. The Marbella December weather is the rainiest one. You need to be ready so that it can rain for 3-4 consecutive days.

January is the coldest month in Marbella. The daytime air temperature drops to +16 °С during this month; at night, it drops to +8 °С. The water temperature at this time is around +15 °С. The rainfall and wind speed increased in Marbella in January.
February is still not comfortable for a beach vacation. In the last month of winter, the average daytime temperature is about +17 °С; at night, it's about +9 °С. The water at sea cools to +14 °С.

The general climate indicators in Marbella in winter are in the table:

Average temperature, °C1711,211,6
Minimum temperature, °C9,88,58,7
Maximum temperature, °C14,914,314,6
Rainfall, mm1248876
Humidity, %777674
Rainy days 776
Amount of sunny hours6,36,77,3
Minimum water temperature, °C 1514,415,1
Maximum water temperature, °C15,714,114,4

The spring weather in Marbella

The air temperature of the city is gradually warming in March. On average, it warms to +13 °С in the daytime and to +11 °С at night. The sea is also slowly warming to +15 °С. Rainfall increases slightly in the first month of spring, but the wind speed stays the same, about 3,1 meters per second.

April is the beginning of the tourist season at the resort. In the daytime thermometer stably reads +23 °С. However, the difference between the daytime and nighttime temperature is still significant (about 10 °С) and stays till the middle of the month. The water temperature is about +16 °С at the time.

The Marbella weather in May is really summer. In fact, the first period for a beautiful vacation at the resort starts then. There is no heat yet, but the daytime/nighttime temperature balance is more than comfortable: + 22 и +15°С, respectively. You even can go diving in the coastal waters of Marbella from mid-May. The water warms to +18 °С and it’s comfortable enough. Rainfall is decreasing, and it's precisely the summer at the end of the month.

The climate indicators in spring are in the table:

Average temperature, °C13,315,117,9
Minimum temperature, °C10,211,914,5
Maximum temperature, °C16,418,221,1
Rainfall, mm815934
Humidity, %737257
Rainy days654
Amount of sunny hours8,49,711,5
Minimum water temperature, °C 14,114,815,7
Maximum water temperature, °C14,815,717,1

A time to golf

Springtime is a prime season for golfing in Marbella. Not only is the weather milder, but the longer days an almost uninterrupted run of sun creates near-perfect golfing conditions.

What can be better than stepping from your place of residence directly onto a golf course?

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The summer weather in Marbella

The summer in Marbella is the time when the weather reaches its peak. Nevertheless, you will not feel the boiling heat thanks to the cool water of the Mediterranean and the light sea breeze.

June is one of the most pleasant months of the year in terms of weather. The average daytime temperature is almost +22 °С. At night, it drops slightly to +18 С°. The average water temperature is +19 °С. At this time, Marbella is filled with divers who actively explore local underwater attractions.


Despite the beautiful weather in Marbella in June, there are still not so many tourists. That's why prices in shops and restaurants are low, like in spring. However, they will start to rise significantly in July.

The hottest time in Marbella is July and August. At that time, the tourism season reaches its peak. And it is no wonder: The daytime temperature during this time is + 28 °С, and at night, it is +21 °С.

The water in the sea is the warmest; the average temperature is +20 °С. Therefore, the diving season goes on. However, it is not a good time for windsurfers, because the wind speed is not more than 2.7 m/s.

The Marbella August weather is nearly the same as in July. There is no rainfall. In the daytime, the air warms to +29 °С; at night, it is about + 22 °С. The sea is still warm.


How to spend a summer season in Marbella comfortably:

  • Try not to spend a long time on the beach without sun protection and shade;
  • Wear a hat;
  • Do not forget to drink water and hold off on alcohol.

The climate indicators in summer are in the table:

Average temperature, °C21,824,524,7
Minimum temperature, °C18,120,621,2
Maximum temperature, °C25,228,128,2
Rainfall, mm915
Humidity, %737257
Rainy days101
The average amount of sunny hours12,612,611,6
Minimum water temperature, °C 17,319,220,6
Maximum water temperature, °C19,120,721,1

The capital of beachfront living

Spanning 28 kilometres of coastline, it's no stretch to call Marbella a jewel of coastal living. Several neighbourhoods line the beachfront, where stunning views and the scent of the sea come standard.

Here are some beautiful beachfront properties in The Golden MilePuerto Banus and Estepona Playa.

The autumn weather in Marbella

The weather in Marbella in September is still summer. It is still very warm during the whole day, the average daytime temperature is about +27 °C, falling 5–6 °С at night, and the water temperature is 21 °С. However, you can feel autumn approaching because of the increasing amount of precipitation (from 5 mm in August it rises to 30 mm at the end of September).
At the beginning of October, the second-best vacation period with the calm and warm weather (the temperature is +23 °С, at night it is +16 °С) starts in Marbella. The water temperature is about +20 °С, and the amount of rainfall increases only at the end of the month.

The beach rest period ends entirely in November. The maximum daytime temperature is +19°С, at night, it drops to +12 °С. The water cools to +18 °С. Besides, the amount of rainy days in Marbella is slowly increasing. If you are going on a vacation at this time of year, do not forget to take some warm sweaters, an umbrella, or a raincoat.

Average temperature, °C21,916,614,2
Minimum temperature, °C18,815,911,6
Maximum temperature, °C2521,517,1
Rainfall, mm328394
Humidity, %707675
Rainy days366
The average amount of sunny hours 10,18,47,1
Minimum water temperature, °C 19,617,815,8
Maximum water temperature, °C2119,617,7

Sunrise and Sunset throughout the year in Marbella

Marbella enjoys a privileged location on the westernmost point of Europe. Due to this, Marbella arguably displays some of the best hours of sunlight throughout the year compared to its neighbouring European countries. But, it must be pointed out that the length of a day in Marbella varies significantly depending on the time of year. In summer, Marbella averages 14 hours of sunlight a day. In winter, Marbella averages between 10-12 hours of sunlight.

Find below a table that describes the hours of daylight, sunrise, and sunset.

MonthHours of daylightSunrise (approx)Sunset (approx)
January10.0h08:31 AM06:26 PM
February10.9h08:09 AM07:00 PM
March12.0h07:32 AM07:27 PM
April13.2h07:47 AM08:54 PM
May14.1h07:14 AM09:20 PM
June14.6h07:02 AM09:40 PM
July14.3h07:13 AM09:39 PM
August13.5h07:38 AM09:12 PM
September12.4h08:03 AM08:29 PM
October11.2h08:27 AM07:45 PM
November10.2h07:58 AM06:12 PM
December9.7h08:25 AM06:06 PM

Sundowner heaven

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