French style in Marbella

By Salma Hwedi on - 4m. reading time

In Marbella highly stylish classic furniture design definitely speaks French. It is perfect…though now and then even perfect and ideal are subject to correction, expansion and updating.  ‘Precious’ , first of all, is connected to gold and metal luster, luxury ornaments and rich texture. At the same time, the word precious evokes different images and means almost anything: from material well-being to the connection between the external and internal reality. Here are some important trends in home interior design, furniture and décor.

French design




A great comeback of the traditional values such as historical stylistic trends of Baroque and Rococo.  Lush carving and gilding distinguished remastered classic collection of the season. The new interpretation of classical in home design revealed the beauty and true French charm of every object. New ornaments in fabric collection of upholstery textiles, featuring geometric patterns and combined with the classical shape of chairs and sofas, created a new type of harmony.

The key fashionable colour of the collections are rich yellow with all its shades: saffron, olive mustard, lemon and warm ochre. Art Deco Classic reached the apex of its popularity and now it sparkles with all the facets of true luxury: dark lacquer, natural stones inlay, expensive leather (occasionally imitation), carved and polished bone. Silver that was much in favour last season has been replaced by Gold. Combined with olive and dark brown shades it looks particularly posh. Gold is a giant trend now, delicately splashed across furniture elements and accessories. Wooden vase can be decorated with a gold stripe, the edge of the stone tabletop can be gilded. Even simple natural fibers such as linen, loved by French, may be intertwined with gold threads, and thus turned into a precious cloth, worthy of royal palaces. As well as simple fabrics, velvet gets a new luxurious look, but alternatively to previous seasons it is deprived of vintage creases and scuffs. Designers decorate the feet of glass coffee tables, chandeliers and table decor, picture frames and mirrors with matt gold.

True luxury is in vogue.


 Faceted Crystal



Another fashion trend - faceted crystal, this season decorating tableware and interior elements: mirrors’ frames, photo frames, candlesticks, tabletops, vases. Diamond-cut and glass engraving are back in fashion in dinnerware; vignettes on glasses and decanters and initials on cutlery are made fine and delicately, with a great sense of details While choosing fashion accessories for your interior, designers recommend objects of arts and crafts, which are often unique. Handmade craftwork is worth its weight in gold. Snow-white Chinese porcelain of a translucent cup, resembling ice, almost invisible glass of Scandinavian vase, exquisite silk oriental rugs - your own collection from all over the world can create a unique interior. Subtlety and delicacy of natural materials are in contrast with massive forms of the furniture - sofas have to be deep, armchairs - with high backs, tables - with massive legs and solid tops, paintings and mirrors - with broad frames.


 Gemstones and Minerals



Unique natural stones and minerals sparkle in fashionable interiors of the new season, figurines made of natural stones decorate the exclusive interior: malachite, amethyst, turquoise, moonstone and opal. They have a uniqueness all of their own, and each of these stones has its own magic that transforms the space around. Metal is another popular trend of the new season. The upholstery fabrics of bright orange color shades, gilt leather and ecru satin replaced the metal in lounge furniture. The design of carpets and decorative textiles focused on autumn colour palette and hand-made material, so we can expect the textured Bouclé rugs and gorgeous carpets revealing the traditions in wool embroidery
Actually, embroidery (silk, wool, Richelieu, cross stitch and satin stitch) is getting more and more popular. The autumn-winter interiors offer embroidered decorative pillows, embroidered seatbacks, embroidered tablecloths, which becoming mandatory now. Interior design is committed to fill our life with colours, it aims to remind us about the true jewels, classic luxury and natural beauty of the world around us.  The French know perfectly well design à vivre and the art de vivre itself - the art of living in harmony with their own history and avant-garde fashion.



Collaborator Salma Hwedi