Live the Good Life in Marbella

By Salma Hwedi on - 3m. reading time

Fantastic weather, history, culture and nature, 47 objects of World Heritage, amazing regional diversity, sophisticated cities, idyllic countryside, postcard beaches (577 Blue-Flag awarded), stunning architecture, healthy delicious food and delectable wine – all of this is Spain. With economy developing steadily and dynamically, Spain is the only EU country with actual figures exceeded the expected ones.


“All things considered, Spain is one of the greatest top retirement and holiday destinations and places to live on the planet,” writes Telegraph Travel’s Spain expert Annie Bennett. Many of the world’s “must-visit” and personal “bucket list” cities are found there, from the cultural majesty Madrid to trendy Barcelona and southern beauty Malaga which is all about passion, parties, late nights and tapas.

People enjoy one of the best lifestyles and quality of life in Europe, or, indeed, in the world. Life is fun, with excellent choice of ferias, fiestas and festivals.

Considered to be the quintessence of Spain, Andalusia is probably its most attractive and preferred lifestyle destination. Let’s see why.

  • Coastal Andalusia is statistically Europe’s sunniest place, with 320+ days of sunshine and mild climate all year round (Marbella boasts even better microclimate).
  • This region has it all: beaches, mountains (even ski resorts), hills, valleys and wooded areas with flora and fauna protected by UNESCO, natural and historical wonders, from dolmens to flamingoes; beautiful orange, olive, avocado and almond plantations, old towns saw Iberians, Phoenicians, Celts, Romans and Moors; “pearls of Spanish crown” Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba, elegant boulevards and promenades of chic seaside resorts, legendary glamourous Puerto Banus, hippest windsurfing mecca Tarifa. Marbella is Europe’s largest concentration of luxury golf-courses and you can even buy your home right next to a green!
  • Andalusia’s biggest attraction is its warm people who believe in enjoying life and high value of friends and family.
  • Southern Spain provides cosmopolitan ambience and excellent infrastructure with motorways, international schools, medical care and facilities, contributing to the special Mediterranean lifestyle.
  • It’s within close range of the major European cities; international airports are dotted throughout, buses are comfortable, trains fast and a ferry takes you to the UK and Morocco.
  • San Sebastian maybe the world’s best city for foodies, but Marbella has 6 Michelin-starred restaurants (2018), not mentioning the impressive ones opened by celebrities. There’s no shortage of praise for Andalusian artisan cheeses, best Spanish jamon (made in the north of Andalusia), olives, seafood from both Mediterranean and Atlantic, wines, incl. famous Malaga wine and Sherry (Jerez).
  • It’s the land of iconic cultural elements (art of flamenco, bullfighting, Spanish guitar, Semana Santa, Carnaval of Cádiz ranking 2nd to the one in Rio de Janeiro, according to USA Travel Guide) and cultural giants (Seneca, Maimonides, Murillo, Velázquez, Picasso, Garcia Lorca, Juan Belmonte, Paco de Lucia, Lola Flores, Joaquin Cortés, etc).
  • You don’t know what a relaxed lifestyle is until you experience Andalusia with its art of paseo and siesta (this is the country that came up with the siesta, after all). If you’re looking for a laidback retirement, look no further!
  • Affordable cost of living (day-to-day expenses are quite low). * Along with enviable abundance of excellent hotels, Andalusia has well-developed real estate market.
  • Andalusia keeps sharpening its image thanks to international and local investors, resulted in a massive development and new attractive projects.
Collaborator Salma Hwedi