2021: “Through the Thorns to the Stars!”

By Salma Hwedi on - 4m. reading time

2021 starts two great cycles for the future: of 20 years and 200 years, that defines a new vector of life. A new layer of social programmes is being formed, it is important to form new directions in our private life.

What we sow in 2021 will slowly grow and bring its fruits already in the first quarter of the 20-year cycle (in 5 years) and then maximum of benefits in the middle of the cycle (in 10 years). So truly, "You reap what you sow" – what we sow in 2021, we reap in 2025-26.

The themes of the new 20-year cycle (as well as the new 200-year cycle of human development): the formation of a new type of thinking and a new type of collective consciousness. It is the opening of humanity to the new values of uniting with others: when the new productive ideas are generated as a result of combining the creative and mental abilities of different people.

In 2021 it’s important the factor of cooperation and collaboration, the ability to think outside the box, in paradoxes, leaving out stereotypes, outside the previous dogmatic patterns – it opens up limitless possibilities of thinking, joint collective insights.

Concepts, knowledge, information, the ability to create and generate original ideas, approaches, strategies, solutions, to unite and cooperate - all this becomes the main condition of the new world and the main mechanism of existence in it.

For those who are not able to rebuild their thinking, life will become increasingly more absurd and chaotic, when the spontaneous and uncontrollable processes overturn their life and completely disorientate them.

The development of a new quality of humanity will be, at times, catalyzed by unpleasant events, as was demonstrated in 2020, the year which began the exiting of rigid paradigms. And here is the first such paradox that 2020 offered to everyone with its pandemic: on the one hand, people were divided by rigid restrictions, but on the other hand, all the people on the planet were, for the first time, united by one common idea! Most likely, the training of humanity on acute situations will continue, but the faster the new way of thinking develops and the ability to unite and cooperate increases, the higher the probability that we will live through these events with a positive outcome for ourselves.

So in 2021 - a strong shift in the quality of the energies and structures of time:

2020 contained the heavy energy of the Earth element – it was the test of strength and inner stability,

2021 contains lots of Air energy (elements of ideas and links) - is a test of flexibility and adaptability! The energies of the year are lighter, super-dynamic, moving forward, but unpredictable – everything is very fluid and changeable. It's time to learn to live and act in a New Era.

The positive opportunities of the energies of 2021

Taking advantage of these aspects will multiply your perspectives in the new times and increase the opportunities of finding new ways.

  • Year of "Multistreaming". It is important to act in several different directions at once, to participate simultaneously in several projects, to quickly switch from one reality to another, to "connect the unconnected".
  • Tremendous freedom to choose. To expand your personal world in many directions.
  • People's contact with each other increases. A lot of communication and opportunities to find and gain people of the same interests together to realize your ideas and long-range goals.
  • The factor of cooperation and collaboration is strong: "Together we are power and creativity!"
  • Strong learning ability. The importance of being open to everything: new knowledge, new concepts, new people, new types of communication, new places.
  • Birth of many genius ideas, high power of creativity. Especially in cooperation with others. "Puzzles add up" – the ways out of difficult situations are appeared.
  • A window of opportunity into a new world: to lay the foundation for long-term, promising projects. A time for long-term planning.
  • The factor of surprises, unpredictability, flip flop situations is strong, the remedy is: "keep your nose in the wind and your mind in the cold”. It’s important to set strategic goals and keep moving forward without stopping.
  • In autumn, the preferred destinations will appear more clearly.

The positive energy that sets a new vector for the future are specially strong: the 2nd half of February-March-April-May.

A particularly tense time, that can dramatically reshaping reality, but also gives the opportunity to "breakthrough to the next level»: 2nd half of January - 1st half of February, 2nd half of June-July, November.

So, after the collapse of 2020, the new year 2021 sets the vector for moving in a new direction through the acquisition of new knowledge and the union of people.

To all, new opportunities, progress and promising expansions of your worlds!

Astrologer Emilia Gutkowska


Collaborator Salma Hwedi