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Since architecture is poetically called music frozen in space, the interior metaphorically is a melody that should be in harmony with the mood. An apartment or a private house gradually becomes not just a living space but a peculiar expression of the inner world of the owners. Home style is focused primarily on the creation of a comfortable and harmonious psychological climate. Therefore, modern interior, within its essential meaning, is relevant and comfortable when it reflects the personality of an owner, the habits, philosophy, mentality, temperament and lifestyle.

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Interior design plays a big role in the everyday life. It is important for the aesthetic appeal, comfort and functionality, introducing people to beauty and relaxation, inspiring creative thinking and success. Can we define with certainty what is more important - a successful thoughtout plan and layout design that meets your lifestyle or decor that reflects your taste and accentuate your status? “One is inseparable from the other” - insist the designers of Drumelia Interior Design who created harmonious and unique style interior for a spacious home.

The interior style of this home was directed by the surrounding nature and magnificent sea views from the windows and balconies. Natural palette is here to bring inspiration from the colours that nature provides, giving the interior its special character, the ease and freshness of the breeze. Every detail of the house confirms that. Design Studio Drumelia Interior Design has managed to find a balance between tradition and fashion and to create a truly harmonious living space that will impress more than just one generation. The beauty of Nature, the melody of Tradition and excellent style belong to this house forever.


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All three bedrooms are decorated in the same style. The colours of the interior palette are marvellously delicate or bold. In the interior of the room with two beds laconicism is harmoniously combined with bright decor textile - dynamic lines and trendy zigzags define the character of the space. Another bedroom with a king-size bed is truly a relaxing retreat. It is achieved by using pastel shades in the pattern of the bedspread which ornament remids of traditional decorative Spanish tiles, the soft sand paint colour flooring, styled on classic bedside tables and a headboard upholstered with gold carnations.

To emphasize the key element of the third bedroom - incredible villa for sale in Marbellaviews from its panoramic windows - designers decided to lighten up the space (and thus further expand it), and to fill it up with the most luxurious fabrics. The colour of noble velvet curtains blends with the sky outside the window, as if the landscape is let into the room. Floral ornament of the chairs’ and beds’ fabric, suitable for the famous palatial tapestries, emphasizes the high style of the interior. In the evening the play of light and patterned shadows created by the designers’ ceiling lights makes the room even cosier. It’s amazing the difference this game of light and shade can make!


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The design of all three bathrooms uses villa for sale El Rosariotraditional techniques and natural colour palette with an emphasis on natural freshness. Guest bathroom’s palette is bold and rich: sunny yellow - the lightest and brightest colour in the spectrum, and shades of blue, symbolizing the sky and the sea located just next to the house. Stylish and warm Spanish ceramic tiles used in the design of the different rooms have been chosen for a reason – this way the designers emphasized the distinctive character of the interior and the owners love for tradition and the authentic Mediterranean artisan cultureShining like jewels marble brings a feeling of luxury and glamour to the design of bathrooms and shower rooms.


The living room/lounge looks impeccably villa for sale El Rosariosolemn but not pompous, welcoming and conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. The combination of different velvet textures creating comfort, and the sky-blue colour palette with white and creamy shades make the interior style especially exquisite.A glass top coffee table, a transparent candlestick candleholder, the ceiling lights that sparkle like stars - everything creates a feeling of lightness and ethereality in the living room interior. A successful design solution elegantly smoothes over massivity of the velvet sofas and armchairs, while maintaining a sense of reliability, comfort and cosiness.


A delicate palette with subtle nuances of colours, accessories and ornaments characterizes the design of the dining room/patio located in the gallery at the kitchen. The handcrafted tiles decorating the podium and making it look like painted by hand, create beautiful homely atmosphere. The lovely wrought-iron balustrade and the uniquely designed pendant lights leave no doubt in their exclusivity. Located next to the dining area the kitchen with its bright blue decorative tiles is a classic example of the best local traditional style. The ergonomic positioning of the appliances and cabinets makes the kitchen convenient both for preparing a simple breakfast or creating some culinary masterpieces.

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