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Today it’s my pleasure to present to you Villa Heart, our new exclusive listing in La Alqueria from Drumelia! One of the most exciting listings that we have had recently! Brand new villa just came to the market for only 4.950.000 euros, frontline golf, with sea and Gibraltar views and amazing qualities that can be only compared to a villa of 10M€ or above. We've got 6 bedrooms suits, a total of 850m2 interior built + 227m2 of porches and terraces and a bunch of unique wow factors! Really looking forward to showing it to you in all its details, so are you ready? Let’s go then!

As we approach the house from the street, we get a view of the back façade, which is like a shell rapping the house around and protecting it from people looking inside. We have 24 hours security here, with cars patrolling the urbanization and the security checkpoint just in front of the house. There are also security gates that close at night and work from a remote control.

Villa Heart Drumelia Real Estate


As we enter, we have a nice Passarella leading to the main entrance with some water features. The beautiful olive tree and on the other side we have a carport for 1 or 2 cars for daily use in case you don’t want to drive into the garage.

The entrance door opens with an id scanner, and we are in! Immediately we have one of the nicest features of the house, which is an Andalusian patio. Rarely you find this in modern properties, and I love how the developer managed to integrate this classic Spanish feature in a modern villa. To my right, we have a lift and a guest toilet right next to the entrance with some closet space. And following along the corridor, we are inside the Andalusian patio. It’s a beautiful detail that is appreciated in everyday living. The patio provides fantastic airflow and extra lightning to the living room, dining room, and kitchen that flow around it. This is a completely outdoor space, and the rainwater is collected through the gaps between the flooring. In summer, by opening up the patio windows, you create a nice current, and you don’t need to use the AC at all!


To my right, we have the Livingroom, which has great size and proportion. We've got big chunky sofa pieces. You can tell how comfortable they are, and still, plenty of space around. You can play with the furniture depending on if you feel like facing it to the tv or turning it around to face the garden! Also, spectacular lightning details that you can move along and focus on different spots to create that perfect atmosphere! The lightning is something very special in this property, but we are going to leave this to the end with some night shots, which is when you are going to appreciate it the most! Of course, full domotic system to control absolutely everything that you need to control in this house! We've got plenty of hidden storage space here and all-around to store all the daily stuff so that you can actually live in this house and keep it nice and tidy like in the video!

High-quality Schüco windows and security blinds in every single window, also controlled from the domotic.

Villa Heart Living Room Drumelia Real Estate


Coming out with have this impressive suspended covered porch protecting the inside from direct sunlight. By the way, beautiful high-quality furniture all around.

Furniture like everything else you see, is included in the price of 4.950.000 euros and as we go along the tour you will see that everything has been thought through and finished to the last detail, so there is nothing, absolutely nothing left to do, you just move in and enjoy the property from day one! No headaches! Like this barbecue, check it out, finished to the last details, you’ve got a proper roof, high-quality materials, fridges over here, and plenty of space for that amazing time with your friends.

Great welcoming pool area with sunbeds over here, the pool is with saltwater, and what a beautiful view. House is southwest orientation, so you get sun all day, especially after 12:00. The view is very different from what we usually see in Marbella. The combination of the golf course with these huge trees and the sea and Gibraltar at the far end is definitely unique. The space out here is so open but at the same time so private! I love it! And looking back, we can appreciate the main façade of the property. Very massive porches on both levels give it a lot of character. They are around 20m long and 5m deep, which gives lots of shade and make it very practical to enjoy in the sun heat. In summer, the sun goes very high, and with such deep porches, the sunlight doesn’t hit you directly, maintaining both indoor and outdoor covered spaces very fresh. An in the winter, the sun goes much lower, and you get the direct sunlight coming into the porch and even inside the living space, heating up the spaces, which in the winter is amazing to have! By the way, really cool opening in the ceiling on the first floor above the jacuzzi. Overall a very modern and unique façade stands out a lot! I really like how well is combined modern architecture with the most practical aspects of a villa in Marbella. This house is actually qualified as level A in energy efficiency, which if you are into this, you will know how complicated it is to find in Marbella.

The grass that you can see is artificial grass, very good quality, and on this side, we have special outdoor synthetic wood, the house is very low maintenance, we've got a huge number of photovoltaic panels that produce electricity for the whole house.


Stepping inside the house from the opposite side, we have outdoor and indoor dining altogether. Great spaces, well connected with the kitchen. More hidden cabinets over here, a beautiful chimney and what a nice touch of light brown on the wall. It's very elegant but at the same time brings a nice character to the room. Sitting in the living room, especially at night, you get a nice view of this wall on the other side of the house, which gives a cool vibe to all the ambiences.


The kitchen is simply superb! You know working in real estate we get to see a lot, I mean a lot of properties, and that’s what so nice about the job, and each time you see a cool detail, you save it for later in case you someday do your own project, or a reform or something, and this house for me was full, full of amazing design and quality details, that I was so impressed about! I mean if I was to design a house for myself someday I would copy so many things in here, it’s a shame that we cannot show you all the details, like for example the motor of this extractor is installed in the basement and not in the island to avoid noise, or you’ve got a special vacuum in the island to take in all the crumbs after breakfast, or the so cool towel hangers in the bathrooms that we will see in a moment, or how the wardrobes that are used for shoes, have special air renovation inside of them and so many more details.

Also, we are going to go in a sec onto the first floor to see the amazing master suite and 2 kids suites, and after that, I'm going to show you the craziest wow factor of this house, which Is in the basement, and believe me when I say it’s not a normal basement at all! And remember we are in a house that’s asking price is 4.950.000 euros, not a 10M€ property, but it has so many features that could easily be compared to a house of that level!

And in the kitchen, check this out, double Gaggenau fridge and double freezer. That’s what I call a fridge! Each one costs a fortune! Wine fridge, of course, any kitchen needs a wine fridge! Micro, oven, steam oven, plate heater, vacuum packer, all Gaggenau appliances. The countertop is dekton which is a special material that holds high temperatures. Nothing is missing, but what if you cooking fish? What about the smell? Well for that we have another kitchen at the back, also completely equipped with everything you need. That’s something that any house with a modern open plan kitchen must-have. You want to be able to cook all the smelly stuff somewhere else, so the smell doesn´t go around the house bothering everybody. Right? Common sense, but unfortunately, not always you see that!


I can’t stop saying how beautiful this patio is. It is such a nice detail for me! A state-of-the-art staircase.

Very nice colour tones. Nice double-height here. And check out what a cool view from this Passarella down into the patio and onto the terrace where the jacuzzi is. So master suite or kids’ bedrooms? Let’s start with the master suite, in you go!


Huge space with the most impressive views, the lift comes into the master, which is a nice detail, you’ve got your make up area in the entrance, sofa space here, lots and lots of closet space, king size bed looking into the beautiful views. The freestanding bath in the corner, double shower and here’s the detail of the towel hanger in the glass that I mentioned before and that we are going to see in every bathroom. The toilet is, of course, in a separate room behind the door with windows. All the first floor has this lovely natural wood, which I think has a great colour that contrasts very well with all the furniture! And now we step onto the terrace. The terrace connects all the bedrooms. The jacuzzi is in the middle. Again, all windows have shutters that you can manoeuvre in summer, which is really handy because you can sleep with the windows open, put the shutters down and then tilt them to get the night breeze flowing inside. Let's just appreciate the nice views from here. Even the roof of the barbecue has nice grass detail so that everything you're looking from here is attractive to the eye and nothing bothers you! Let's switch one second to the night view so you can check out how peaceful it is here…


And on this side, we have two kid´s bedrooms on suite, very practical, nice spaces, nicely decorated with great qualities and good size bathrooms with natural marble on the walls, both with windows, good size closets, all doors in the house are floor to ceiling, great carpentry work, but most importantly they together share this outstanding space that is so important in the day-to-day life of your kids. Here they can do their homework, play with friends, watch tv and so on. A real kids heaven, which therefore automatically creates your own heaven downstairs while kids can spend so much time up here! Right? Important!


Now let’s check out the basement and wait for it. It's impressive! I promise!

So several times now, I mentioned that the basement is special, you know why?? Just get in here, check it out for yourself before I say anything!

Today with so many people working from home, what could be better than this, right?? It's like another house down here. We've got a patio and terrace on both sides. This space is around 200m2, you’ve to your professional equipped gym to do a full proper workout, then your office to work, away from everyone else, ping-pong table for a bit of fun, sofas with a proper cinema to enjoy with your family and friends, and a massive kitchen island to entertain guests or have that informal meeting with colleagues or friends! This is something else! This space gives so much more usability to the whole property. You can easily spend weeks in here without no need to go out! Of course, if you want to make the gym bigger, you just push it out here, or if you want a pool table or whatever you need, it's so easy to play around, even and because there are 2 more bedroom suits down that hallway, you could divide this space into two, and join this kitchen and living together with the 2 bedrooms that will see in a sec, which have their own access and create an amazing completely separate around 200m2 2 bedroom apartment, for some older kids or amazing guest suits even though I would keep this as it is! Open plan unique concept of everything together, and light is coming in from a patio on the far end and from the terrace on this side!


Again, beautiful olive tree, same as in the entrance, the garden concept is once again very low maintenance, you can change this into grass if needed in a blink of an eye, but I personally prefer it like this. Gorgeous views even from here, and on this side, nicely separated from the entertainment areas, we have another two-bedroom suite, sharing this cosy terrace. They are the same size and qualities as the two kids’ bedrooms upstairs. Same quality bathrooms. Perfect for a bit older kids that want some privacy from the parents, or for grandparents or any guest would be very grateful to get an invitation here for sure! And here we access the hallway which I mentioned that connects to the multifunction room, and we get to access the outside through this door.


Great parking space, private once again, we've got a big garage for two cars with electric car charger and lots of storage space, the slope is really nicely executed a Ferrari can drive into the garage no problem at all and there is a lot of space out here to easily manoeuvre and also more parking! If you check out this east wing, you can see how the first floor is overlapping the boundaries of the ground floor. This is really cool, and it's what gives that special effect to the main façade when you are looking straight into the house.


There's also a really nice laundry room with its own terrace and a sixth bedroom that is currently accessed through the laundry, planned for staff living in the house, or the access can be switched to make it independent to the laundry in case you want to use it for guests.


Also, last but not least, at 200m from this house, we have two 18-hole golf courses, an international school for kids, a big food shop and an organic café for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yes, all that at an easy walk from the house, talk about commodities at the doorstep! And that’s it! One of my favourite houses of all time, under 5mln euros, let me know what you think! The reason we did a tour of this house was because of so many comments on the previous video! So, don’t stop writing. We love your input and comments! By the way, what form of presentation do you think is best, the property tours or the music video? For Villa Heart, we did both! Check out the music video we did of villa Heart with cars and models on the link below and let us know.

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