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This 21.9 million euros mansion in Marbella has a plot of 6,500 m2, built volume over 3,000 m2, 8 bedroom suites, massive outdoor spaces and beautiful views.

It is located in Cascada de Camojan, one of the most luxurious urbanizations in Marbella, very close to the sea and town centre, just a 5-minute drive from the beach.


This huge, very private house looks powerful, like a fortress or a Bel Air mega-mansion. You can think that someone who built it wanted to show power and wealth. No wonder! It was created by Joaquin Torres, one of the top architects of Spain known for building houses for celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Marble is used throughout the house, with about 7.000 m2 of marble pieces. The reflecting pond with the river rocks and tiles leading up to this mansion is impressive. The entrance glass door has a fingerprint lock.

At once, you see a very special art piece, probably the largest you have ever seen in a home. Created for this property by a famous Belgian conceptual artist Arne Quinze, the huge red steel structure serves as a design piece not only for the entrance; you get a glimpse of it from the Master suite, basement, from everywhere. It’s even more impressive at night lit with different lights.

The home is truly unique, so thought-out, with all the details, measurements and angles. There is glass everywhere, the atriums, transit windows above the walkway, even a cool, see-through bubble swing attached to a chain from the ceiling and reminding of the ‘Men in Black’. A beautiful floating staircase has glass on both sides. The huge drape underlines the height of the ceiling is about 8,5 m. This is a lobby, not the living room! However, this space can easily be used as the second living room.

Of course, a lift connects all floors.



The living room impresses with the special panoramic glass wall. You have a feeling of having a painting in front of you. The glass goes under the floor completely, and it takes about a minute. This architectural solution is quite expensive with all the groundwork, a laser, security system that stops the process if you come too close.

The living room with double height and a chimney is cosy, not huge, like the other spaces that are immense. It’s a family room. The couches enjoy the views, there is no television and the ‘entertainment’ is the outdoor space with an infinity pool that reflects the sky. The wet bar area has night-lights and can be opened up and extended.

The full Domotic system controls home attributes: lighting, floor heating throughout, air-conditioning that is separate for every single room, and everything you would expect in such a home.

Two offices are also special. One has a desk with a boat design; attached to the wall it’s completely floating above the ground. A fireplace is an actual wood burner.



The architecture of the house is spectacular. The piece about 10 -12 m long is almost cantilevered over the massive heated pool (23 x 8). The engineers had to put huge pillars that go through the property all the way to the other side just to hold that weight. There's a Jacuzzi and plenty of stunning little details like the TV that also goes under the floor like the windows. Of course, there's a separate TV room as well.

A plot of this size is rare for the area that is so close to the town and the sea. The landscaped gardens are mature and beautiful, and you will have your own tennis court.

The enormous wood table is stunning; it’s one solid piece of wood. The black glass doors hide a kitchenette and sleek barbecue. You can see more patios, which separate the bedrooms for noise purpose. The tinted windows are black, stylishly combined with white marble. Two marble little houses are for the dogs.



The formal dining room allows throwing special parties. It has a massive table, a piano for extra ambience, purple lighting in the ceiling and an amazing chandelier with ‘snakes’ coming out. A wine cellar separates white and red wines that need different temperatures.

The grand kitchen of the leading German luxury brand Poggenpohl is quite special as well, with a triple-high ceiling of almost 8 m, huge light fixtures, a window above, white lacquer. It mixes mid-century and modern styles and is combined with the outdoor space. A little outdoor seating area has a fireplace integrated in the marble wall. The cooktop and extractors are completely hidden. A lift for the beverages goes into the Master suite, just press the button. There is a separate fridge room, then a cold room and a dirty kitchen as well.



There are very many unique elements and enough privacy for a big family, with all those different little rooms and areas around, all over the house and outside, like a poker room, lounges, a breakfast area, TV – area, etc. The two-bedroom staff apartment has its own living area, kitchen and terrace. The house has everything, a huge laundry room, nice wardrobe spaces, a guest toilet that looks like a nightclub bathroom with cool blue LED lights and onyx pedestal sink, long hallways, indoor patios with statues and trees.

Two bedroom suites, bathrooms looking into the beautiful patio and a separate walk-in closet complete this floor.



The staircase is so ‘powerful’ and majestic that the moment you see it, you already know there is something special up there.

The house is built like a modern fortress, and the Master wing has its own fingerprint access, security locks and a security door. It is over 200 m2, and enjoys wonderful views of the statue, sea and mountains including the famous La Concha Mountain, which provides the very special microclimate to the town.

The Master suite has an office, identical “his” and “hers” bedrooms, an amazing Jacuzzi in the opening glass corner, gas fireplace, storage, modern bathrooms and toilets.

The Guest wing (Kids’ wing) is also secure and huge, with 3 large bedrooms, bathrooms en-suite, lounge and office areas, and terraces that are connected between the bedrooms. The neighbourhood is very tranquil and has 24-hour security, but just in case if something happens you can close off all the bedroom wings with the security doors and still the parents can access their kids.



The basement has no bedrooms; it is the fun space, purely for entertainment.

The dark stone changes the mood.  This level of the house hosts lots of changing rooms, guest toilets, a hair and beauty salon (it's a 21.9 million euros mansion and you expect the beauticians come to the house), a massage room, a gym with superb hardwood floors, mirrors and a bar for your energy drinks. An indoor heated swimming pool is also special, hidden under the floor. The SPA-area has the showers, an ice machine, Hammam, cold plunge pool, glassed sauna, a yoga or disco room, a smaller gym, etc.

The garage is pure sophistication, more like a showroom for the car collection. It has cool lighting, the patio with an old olive tree and even water features.

It is a statement home, a truly incredible, colossal home with a stunning land, where nature is combined with the architecture and art of landscaping. Even compared to the other stunning homes that we show, this one does kind of stand out above the rest due to its uniqueness. Of course, it is worth every penny!

Add the magnificent location, the sunny weather and great food. So many people out there still have not discovered Marbella and all the things that it has to offer. It is still hidden, especially for Americans. Then google it, like American YouTuber and adventure filmmaker Erik Conover did, and find out that it is also very close to Africa. You can have an adventure trip to Morocco while enjoying beautiful life in Europe.


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