Inside €5.000.000 The Best Modern PENTHOUSE with €500K FURNITURE and SEA VIEWS in Marbella by Artur Loginov

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This flat is the result of the union of two, having left one of them as the "public" area of the house and the rest with the bedrooms.

This first area has been conceived as a single open space of great amplitude in which different areas and different uses coexist.

As soon as we enter the flat we find a large entrance hall in which a large low console stands out, a piece of design that together with the circular backlit ceiling captures our attention from the beginning.

The living room has several ambiences, an office area in the central part which in turn acts as an element of separation between the entrance and the living room itself, a reading area with a large armchair, a lounge or games area, a wine cellar and a sitting area with a fireplace.

The central bookcase is a very important element in the living room, which has been designed around a structural pillar, concealing it, thus creating both a functional element to support the office and a decorative one.
The desk is a piece of furniture of exclusive design, with machining, and with a swivel armchair in high quality leather by Giorgetti.

All this space, which as we have said, has different atmospheres, is in turn unified with a ceiling decorated with lacquered slats and wallpaper that bring a lot of warmth to the space, also due to the indirect lighting in the chandelier that is also present in other specific areas of the house.

In the living area we find a large Minotti sofa with straight lines, very comfortable. Here all the tones in the fabrics are neutral, and we add a touch of colour with the structure of the armchairs in blue, also by Minotti.

The coffee table, also designed by us, is a large piece around which the other elements are arranged. Also a centrepiece of this area is the bookcase, with indirect lighting on the stone cladding at the back, which includes the television and a bioethanol fireplace.

Next to the living area is the dining room, which is in turn linked to the kitchen. The dining table in high-gloss black lacquer intersects with the kitchen island, so that the two spaces are connected, creating a relaxed atmosphere in which the client can interact with his guests while cooking.

Here we can highlight a large mural of mirrors with a central painting. All this in a black-white combination that goes perfectly with the modern lines of the flat.

The terrace has a great backdrop, as both the living and dining areas offer impressive views of the mountainous landscape and the sea in the background. For this reason we have played with very calm tones, whites and beiges, and the marine blues of the sea. We have also played with the blue, red and white lines that add a marine touch.

We access the bedroom area through a sliding door with an exclusive design for the client, as well as the rest of the doors.
All the bedrooms are en-suite, and all of them have a modern design but at the same time very warm thanks to the spot and indirect lighting and of course to the tones and materials/fabrics/paper used.

Each has its own complementary colours, and different designs, but the whole house breathes the same relaxing, modern and comfortable vibe that we wanted as a final result. The flat has a contemporary base but the decor makes the client feel at home.

Finally it is worth mentioning that all the bathrooms have been designed for this client, using different materials and finishes, with grey, white and black stones as well as vanity units with fronts decorated with different types of machining and finishes.

In the master bedroom we opened a window to the bedroom in the bathtub area so that it connects directly with the views and also provides much more natural light. The client can choose whether to see through this glass or not, as it can be darkened with a control.

We could highlight the courtesy toilet with a striped design with two different materials on the walls, playing again with black and beige or off-white, very modern and different.

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