Inside Villa El Nido a €21.900.000 Mega Mansion Luxury Modern House in Marbella by Artur Loginov

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I am going to tour the most epic mansion currently for sale in Marbella, or even Spain! Get ready to be totally impressed! Are you ready? Are you ready?

This is a hell of a house, if you are looking at a price tag of 20-25mlm it's currently the best villa for sale in Marbella listed exclusively with DRUMELIA, and I cannot wait to show it to you! Designed by the most famous architect Joaquin Torres. We have a plot of 6.500m2, just over 3.000m2 built, 8 bedrooms, in the best possible location of Marbella, a gated peaceful community Cascada de Camojan with 24 hours security, golden mile, 5 minutes to EVERYTHING, completely private with beautiful sea views and mature gardens!

Over 7.000m2 of marble has been installed in this property, the house is completely covered in it, which is so insane! Just the marble cost the owner over 3 million euros! And it’s worth every penny, absolutely unique! Check it out for yourself, this back façade is amazing, look at all the façade layers, you can sense that the architect spent so much time putting his ideas to create this marble jewel! This is a masterpiece of modern and Mediterranean architecture!

Every step we will be making, there will be so many details and unique features, you have just no clue! Please take special attention to notice during the tour how every line is perfectly designed, a window is only placed to allow you to see what the architect wanted you to see, the game of height is going to be impressive, that’s it lets go inside! Scanner over here, beautiful glass door and we are in the lobby!

Villa El Nido Façade


And what a lobby! Great sitting in the entrance so you can feel all this vast atmosphere, surrounded by pure luxury. Double height, with those curtains that only underline how high it is and are used if the access to the master upstairs, or the dining or the living needs to be closed off for extra privacy. Opposite the lift, we have a wide, and singular marble staircase to the upper floor and basement with glass on both sides, but the craziest thing of all is this! The PULSE, a singular art piece made of a steel structure of 15m, was created by Belgian artist Arne Quinze. During the day, sunlight plays and reflects on the steal and at night you have numerous ambient lights to set the mood going! The combination of red steal, with white marble and almost black windows, is something else! The house itself becomes art in this courtyard. Every floor of the house has a huge number of windows set in the most different parts to attract your constant gaze to this magnificent art piece as you move along the house in your daily routine.

Long hallways are leading to the bedrooms on one side and the kitchen on the other. Basically, the house wraps around these two courtyards that we have just seen on both sides of the hall.
Beautiful décor is always combined with outstanding qualities and sculptures and art pieces all around. The guest toilet needs a special mention, with a unique onyx piece on the wall that was so complicated to find and instal, and the final detail is this, I don’t know how to explain it, glass floating sitting reading oval thing... I guess I’m in need of an extra dose of elegancy! But it’s cool, and there’s a lot you can do with this.


And in we go to the Livingroom, and check this out! That’s indoor living combining with outdoor living! A lot of the time, we see how windows go inside the walls on the sides, right? But this obligates the architect to create walls on the side to be able to receive the windows, and here there was just no way that the architect would add walls that would affect the façade. So, the solution, a very expensive one, is windows going underground, disappearing completely without any sign of rails, as if they never existed, creating a perfect frame of the landscape and views. Amazing! This system also allows for the windows, when closed, not to have any profile between them, which usually disturbs the view, so you see only glass, which is pretty unique for this length of windows.

Again we have double height in the middle, set to distinguish the two ambiences that we have of the living space on one side and dining space on the other side. Beautiful cosy sitting area in the living, from here you can enjoy the immense spaces of the outside.

Villa El Nido Living Room


And just before we go outside, may I show you the most incredible office I have ever seen! This is so spectacular, more double heights, but combined with standard 3-meter height, creates a unique sensation, it's wide and broad but at the same time inviting and warm. The window above gives a lovely sky view, on top we have a Passarella to the bedrooms, which has also an impressive view into the office and through that window. And what a table! Reminds me of some boat designs I’ve seen… And this is not the only office. There is two in the house, so I would guess this is his office, and later in the master, we will see her office. Like his and hers walking wardrobes, which of course the master has!

Villa El Nido Office 1


And now I get to take you outside! Well so so many things to talk about here, of course, the marble from the inside continues on to the terrace, we have lots of different areas to dine or sunbathe, we have a hidden barbecue in this structure and a hidden full kitchen at the back, there’s also an outside toilet, all of it hidden so that every angle is perfect. Lots of covered porches, and look at all this space, it's huge! The pool is heated, its infinity and is 23*9meters long, so wide which gives a whole different perspective, but because the mansion is so huge, you had to place a massive pool just out of pure proportion. I absolutely love how the tiles in the pool are black, depending on the light, the water can have a gorgeous and unique mirror effect which is so stunning! As you can see for yourself, the main colours here are the combination of the black windows and pool providing a striking contrast to the white marble, which is totally insane!

Check out how massive is the main porch, that’s 50m2 of the suspended terrace! It is so expensive to create such a structure to hold all that weight! And can you see how this massive bulky and strong façade integrated with so much glass and the hanging main porch, creates a floating sensation to the property? I've never seen anything as impacting as this is! I mean this mansion is setting another level of standards!

Another thing I want to attract your attention is how private this property is and how beautiful is the landscape around the property both inside and outside the perimeter. I mean how amazing are these trees! Huge amount of garden space with a nice jacuzzi on the other side and so many walking paths around. The sensation of space is almost infinite and every corner is so intimate and stunning with sea views and gorgeous la concha mountain behind. Cascada de camojan is right next to Sierra Blanca, and some consider Cascada more exclusive and private than Sierra Blanca, precisely because there are much fewer houses and they are not so close to each other and there is a huge number of trees and nature around, almost like living inside of a forest area, almost feels like Zabaleta, but you are so close to everything! If you want to know more about location, check out the video about Sierra Blanca and Camojan!

Moreover, you have your own hard surface tennis court at the bottom of the property, way away from the house for noise purposes. Pretty amazing, I heard that Djokovich bought a house around the corner, with a tennis court, it's a shame he didn’t know this was for sale...

What is also very admirable is how the architect, extended the façade to a total of 50m so that, every single room on the ground and first floor, are looking to the south and there is not one room at the back. Plus, we have lots of interior patios, that separate different living areas from each other, like on this floor we have 2-bedroom suits, but they are all the way on that far end, way away from everything else. And on the top floor, we have the master suite in its own east wing with that distinctive terrace, completely away from the 3 bedroom suites in the other corner.

Villa El Nido Outside

Now we step back inside under this floating porch, through the dining room, next to the living, opposite the office. The main dining area sits up to 16 guests, a very squared room with lots of space around, and featuring a glass wine cellar for x bottles with temperature control at the back! I mean this table is massive, we’ve even got a piano in the corner which I’m sure can create a very special evening atmosphere!
Villa El Nido Dining Area
And just next to the wine cellar we have the main kitchen, which is so distinctive to anything else you’ve seen!


A huge space with tremendous heights, and lovely hanging chandeliers all the way from the ceiling that was designed by Tom Dixon, whose works have been acquired by museums across the globe. The brand of the kitchen is Poggenpohl, I had to google it myself, I have never seen it before, but you can tell the quality immediately, and I like how the white colour gives a lot of contrast to the previous rooms, combined with so much light coming in from all around, very clean feeling, a joy to cook in here for sure. Not only cook, but it’s also a great space to spend some time, with a glass of wine, for example, enjoying the moment.

Villa El Nido Kitchen

We can briefly see the second office which is upstairs, and also another corner of the outside terrace with another dining area and chimney beautifully integrated into the marble wall. Lots of work surfaces everywhere, I mean lots of people can be working here and not disturb each other, we also have a refrigerated room at the back with a second kitchen for support and a lift to bring in the shopping from the basement. Behind this wall, there is another chillout area and a separate tv room so that everyone in the house can spread in all these different areas and rooms and live peacefully together! At the back, we have a massive laundry with its own terrace.


And check out this hallway! With windows on both sides, it feels over 100m long! I also really like how its shape and lines are not straight, therefore giving even a longer sensation! Three different patios with singular elements have to be passed to get to the two-bedroom suits on the other side.


Each bedroom suite is 40m2 which is a very decent size for such a house. They both have waking wardrobes with skylight, huge bathrooms with marble all around and windows with an eye-catching view, both bedrooms are looking out to the main terrace, but in their own private corner, and what I really fancy is this kitchen moment that we have in the middle of the bedrooms with access from both sides through this doors that you can of course lock from each bedroom. I think it’s really nice details. Remember that hallway I just had to cross…? You don’t want to be doing that level of exercise for a coca-cola! These bedrooms are more thought for guests probably, even though it is very easy to adapt the property to anybody’s likings really, and upstairs we have the main family bedrooms, a total of 4, which are also much bigger and have all a really cool design to them. Let’s check it out!


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So the master suite is all on this side, occupying its own wing, which is really nice, and is accessed through this steel security door that we have a scanner to open, the same door with a scanner is on the other side to access the rest of the bedrooms... Another irresistible view of the PULSE from the entrance to your master which by the way Is almost 200m2 and starts with the second home office, which is overlooking the kitchen, again the architect made very good use of the windows to bring in the view and light in a different way to each room.


I really like how the office space overlaps with the kitchen joining both areas, but at the same time, they are perfectly private. In here you’re not in a closed room, you’re still part of the house, even the chandeliers from the kitchen become part of the design of the office…very nice and different!


Coming into the bedroom area, of course, we have his and her wardrobe, which is a must for such a house, the wardrobes are done of high-quality wood, have plenty of space and skylight which is great, and done in dark and light tones. The bathroom to my left has his and hers side to it, with a huge shower and toilets in the middle that can be accessed from both sides. Very ample spaces, I like the dark tones, and the fact that at least after having his and hers offices and his and hers wardrobes and so many his and her things, at least they can meet up in the shower... huge mirrors with tv incorporated that works of domotic system. No need to mention that the house has, of course, a full domotic system, floor heating throughout, independent ac all around and so on.

The Master bedroom is beautiful, has the best view of the house that you can appreciate from the bed and from this oval freestanding bath, that is bigger than some Jacuzzis. It's actually a Japanese-style custom-made Bioffi bathtub, yep whatever that means… The most perfect place of the house, for you to really charge those batteries. There is a small decorative fireplace, and the view from the terrace is really something else. Only from here, you can really appreciate the size of this estate, look at this gigantic tree that is the answer to the tremendous privacy that you can enjoy here. The sea joining with the sky is hypnotic... The tennis court lit at night and surrounded by this landscape also adds a charming effect. And we can appreciate the nice architectural lines and from here you can see the other bedrooms, all looking to the sea, that we will check out straight away!

Villa El Nido Master Bedroom

BEDROOM 3,4 & 5

Actually, let’s go from here, much nicer than through the hallway… Careful! We still have to shoot many movies, well that’s only if you´ve kept hitting that like button! Small window opening, small detail but really nice, when you come up the staircase to this floor, the first thing you see is the sea through this small opening, like as if the architect wants you to look here before you do anything else… So 3 bedrooms on this side, very generous sizes, windows are of course very high quality, the brand is schucco, every window has automatic rollers coming from the ceiling, one is a curtain and the other is a blackout. The good thing about these bedrooms is that you have plenty of space for a table to work here. The bathroom is a very modern open plan concept, all in one space, we have the vanity behind the bed and the toilet and shower on this side. Quite a lot of wardrobe space and coming out, we walk into the hallway above the first office that we’ve seen at the beginning, remember. Looks even cooler from here!

Carry on, very wide hallway with more stunning views through all the different windows set to make your day a little bit better. I mean waking up and seeing all of this, you must be a happy person throughout the rest of the day!

Another bedroom through this floor to ceiling door, which is pretty much a mirror copy of the previous one, again plenty of space, even a big sofa and same views that you never get tired of! And the last bedroom on this floor, slightly different than the previous ones, for the kid that doesn’t like all in one space, nicely decorated of course, with a beautiful bathroom behind, and we are back to the corridor.

This time I’m using the staircase instead of the lift, and as we walk all the way to the basement, guys if you got to the point, let me know how many of you have seen other property tours and how many are new viewers to the channel! That would be awesome for us to get an idea, the proportion of new and old viewers that watch the full video tour. Just leave a quick comment right now! Still, plenty of walking! And I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been watching my property tours and giving comments on how to do things better and what to add or change, and for all that immense support! I promise you; I wouldn’t be able to do it without all the support! So huge thank you!


And as we go down, I want to mention that apart from all the bedrooms seen, we have some staff quarters in the basement, that can be accessed from the laundry, and its a 2 bedroom apartment with living and kitchen and a very nice, intimate terrace. There is also another bedroom in the garden.

So! Are you ready to check out the basement and see a 10-car garage full of nice cars, gym, yoga studio, spa with sauna, hammam, massage room and hairdressers?? Let’s go!
But first, because this video is all about transmitting the way of living in such a house, I'm gonna need the help of …… for the basement shooting! After you….
So here we have the yoga studio, great space as you can see, down this side we have the glass sauna so you again enjoy some, while burning calories... Straight after, we got the rest of the spa, your relax time, put that quiet music and enjoy your zen moment, ice machine and hammam is also here and a cold water dipping pool and shower to refresh yourself, nice right?

Remember that the huge outdoor pool is heated, so no need for a big pool here in my opinion. And after the spa, or before, we have this gym with a perfect size for a full-body workout no problem. The nice thing is that you get plenty of natural light from the patio. It's kind of a modern concept with this pretty cool bar area for your shakes or some drinks even, so I'm guessing its also a multifunction room right! This way we access the massage room, connected to the hairdressers. I mean living at this level you want the hairdressers and any other professional really coming to your house and giving you the highest quality of service in your own home, and for that, you need many rooms like this! On this side, we got more toilets, changing rooms, and plenty of storage.
And finally, let's go and check out the cars! Nothing more to say here, the garage is for a minimum of 10 cars, but I'm sure you can fit 20 in here as well! Let’s just drive these toys!!
Comment if you think this was our best tour so far and let me know what you liked the most! This was EL NIDO, an exclusive listing of DRUMELIA, currently the best property for sale in Marbella, for 21.900.000 euros. Thank you to all of you for watching and for being with us!

Villa El Nido Garage
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