Simple but tasteful

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How to create a house - according to the fashionable trends or your own taste? It is well-known that every interior style dictates the rules that you have to abide by. However, there is a way not only to express the individuality, but to live in a place with modern interior. Contemporary style is an ideal solution for those who want to be sophisticated and easily follow the waves of fashion trends, with a touch of classics as well.

Simple but tasteful

Without strict design standards, contemporary style requires clarity and simplicity of planning. The image of space is created by the objects of decoration – specifically they fill the house with a special atmosphere.


Following the traditions of contemporary style laid in the 1950s and 1960s the basic furniture should be functional, simple and even neutral in its look. Note that the true followers of this style advise to choose furniture with “unknown age”, meaning that its design should not be trendy or vintage, classic or avant-garde. This furniture is timeless. Smooth surfaces, clean geometrical shapes, proportion of volume and lines are the necessary background for the decorative elements of the interior.

This style prefers modern Scandinavian furniture as the basis, which has practically no decorative or ornamental components. Furniture also defines the functional space zoning. This is particularly interesting to use in studios and lofts where you have a large open space. Contemporary storage systems and units are considered to be an important and almost a mandatory element of the style - home wall units, built-in wardrobes. This style has created the well-known furniture modular system and transformers that help us to increase the usable area and optimize the living space. Consider a convertible sofa, transformer tables, closet with built-in desk, light chairs that can be stacked, or an open bookcase which turns into a screen. However, contemporary furniture being neutral can be quite colorful and bright, emphasising contrasts like black and white, combining metallic coating with saturated colours.

Colour palette

The basic range of colours is provided by textile. The colour palette of contemporary interior upholstery fabrics can vary, but certainly with matching colours for each room.


So for bedroom you can prefer beige and chocolate hues, maintaining their translucency and lightness. The ornaments are joined into elegant strips or sleek graphic patterns.

Living room

Contemporary style in the interior of the living room is often created in shades of grey or black and white colour scheme, which necessarily should be diluted with colour accents - orange, red or silver in the new season. Any accessories - vases on a table or shelves, pillows on a sofa, ceiling light can be used for the dominant colour of the living room.


However, in the kitchen the dynamic colours should be avoided - turn to the true Scandinavian functionalism with its tendency to simplicity both in forms and in colours that embodies natural motifs. Such items as tableware, tablecloth and a vase of flowers or fruit can become decorative elements of the kitchen interior design.


Sophistication lies in simplicity - this is the contemporary design slogan, and best of all it is realized in the bathroom. Furniture, faucets and accessories, all the details of the room of laconic forms and restrained colours, glass and chrome-plated metal combined with modern plastic or composite
materials such as Corian and other artificial stones will create harmonious lifestyle of modern man.


Materials: Natural wood (treated and untreated), stone, marble (for walls and floors, furniture, accessories). Natural fabrics: linen, cotton, wool, silk. Artificial materials imitating natural surface. Marine pebbles, rattan, skins and fur, knitted items.

Colours: The preferred neutral colours: black, white, shades of grey, beige, brown. Colour accents: mustard, dusty grey, chocolate brown, rarely - orange.

Textures: Glossy surfaces: glass, tiles, marble, acrylic, chrome, steel, lacquer. Matt materials: wood, stone, natural fabrics.

Decor: Posters, black and white photographs, modern art paintings, transparent glass vases (coloured glass).

Ornament and Pattern: Strips, zigzags, geometric shapes (circles, spheres, cylinders), stylized flowers.

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