Paraiso Alto Luxury Real Estate Sales & Trends

Welcome to the Paraiso Alto Luxury Real Estate Sales & Trends. This page gives you a detailed snapshot of the most recent property sales in Paraiso Alto area. Offering you a deep understanding of local market trends and dynamics, each entry features a comprehensive set of data, from property type and size to its asking price, sale date, and price per square meter. You can observe fluctuations, compare prices, and get a good sense of real estate in this specific part of Marbella. Brought to you by Drumelia, this tool is a powerful asset for buyers, sellers, investors, or anyone interested in Marbella's real estate market, for that particular location. Providing you with an ALL-IN-ONE property price register for Paraiso Alto. Stay informed and step into the property market with confidence!

Reference Type Location Bedrooms Built (m²) Plot (m²) Asking Price (€) Price per m²
of built size
Sale Date
D2838 Villa Paraiso Alto 4 524 1762 1950000 3721.3740458015 2023 Q4
D2284 Villa Paraiso Alto 6 770 1920 4500000 5844.1558441558 2023 Q3
D1706 Villa Paraiso Alto 7 415 2930 1990000 4795.1807228916 2022 Q2
D1684 Villa Paraiso Alto 6 650 1843 1695000 2607.6923076923 2022 Q2
D2354 Villa Paraiso Alto 6 722 1805 3950000 5470.9141274238 2022 Q2
D1059 Villa Paraiso Alto 5 519 2110 2950000 5684.0077071291 2021 Q3

The average results for Paraiso Alto Luxury Real Estate Sales & Trends

Key Insights into Paraiso Alto Luxury Real Estate Market based on our data:

  • Average Built Size – 600m²: The average built size of properties in Paraiso Alto is 600 square meters, demonstrating the appeal of spacious luxury living. This metric is key for those seeking ample living space, and to house amenities such as home offices, gyms, or guest rooms.
  • Average Plot Size – 2.062m²: With an average plot size of 2.062 square meters, luxury properties in Paraiso Alto offer plenty of outdoor space for landscaping, swimming pools, or expansions. This statistic is useful for those looking for homes that offer a blend of indoor and outdoor living or opportunities to customise the exterior.
  • Average Asking Price – €2,839,167: Paraiso Alto luxury properties command an average asking price of €2,839,167, reflecting the area's reputation as a high-end real estate locale. This figure is vital for potential buyers and sellers to understand the market dynamics to price properties competitively.
  • Price per Square Meter – €4,687: Averaging €4,687 per square meter, this metric is an excellent indicator of the price of properties relative to their size. And invaluable for investors seeking to assess the value proposition of properties and predict potential returns.

Understanding these critical figures can guide you towards informed decisions, whether you're a buyer looking for value, a seller pricing your property, or an investor assessing potential returns in Marbella's vibrant real estate market.