Marbella’s Sizzling Restaurant Scene in 2024

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Are you a foodie? Have you a refined interest in meals? Do you enjoy eating out? If yes, then, Marbella is the right place for you!

Drumelia brings you the fresh information about crème de la crème of Marbella’s dining scene. Whether you seek Michelin-starred elegance of finest establishments, enchanting vibe of beachfront chiringuitos, or authentic flavours of hidden gems tucked away in historic alleyways, our town has it all.

Marbella’s dining culture thrives on plurality. Restaurants in the different international communities and Marbella’s neighbourhoods cook remarkable foods, and make the town a reflection of the changing tastes and values around dining in Spain. It's not just tapas and paellas. Absolutely not!

Michelin Star Awarded Restaurants in Marbella

We are pretty much swimming in Michelin stars here, in Marbella.

In 2024, the Michelin Guide recommends 15 local restaurants that represent the high level of culinary expertise, creativity and consistency in their food, service and dining experience. From the traditional flavours of Andalusia to the refined Mexico’s Pacific dishes and avant-garde Mediterranean/Japanese fusion, these finest restaurants in Marbella display a diversity of culinary styles.

Explore Marbella’s marvels from the prestigious Michelin list that includes Skina, El Lago, Messina, Casa Eladio, Back, Ta-Kumi, Areia, Nintai, Erre & Urrechu, Lobito del Mar, Mantarraya Mx, Leña Marbella, La Milla, Kemuru and Kava!

Let us share with you Michelin Guide’s Point Of View.


SKINA restaurant in Marbella
Source: Skina Restaurant website

Real gems are often hidden in unusual and rather obscure places, but rarely in such a tiny venue as this! Tucked away in a narrow street of Marbella's Old Town, this restaurant has only four tables. Marcos Granda, its famous owner and sommelier, justifies the small size of the place perfectly, saying, "What Skina has to offer is huge."

The young chef from Toledo, Mario Cachinero, proposes creative and sincere cuisine that strives to put a new spin on traditional Andalusian recipes, and that he describes as being "all about harmonies and contrasts".

Skina proudly holds two Michelin stars, committed to exceptional gastronomy that has stood the test of time.


MESSINA restaurant in Marbella
Source: Messina restaurant Instagram

Messina reflects the dream of Chef Mauricio Giovanini, who has explored beyond his Argentinian roots to develop the unique, non-conformist culinary style, ably supported by his wife, Pía Ninci, in her role as sommelier and front-of-house manager. In the kitchen, he always strives for harmony and clean flavours, creating cuisine influenced by Europe and Latin America, with a special focus on Lebanese recipes.


BACK restaurant in Marbella
Source: Back restaurant website

Seamlessly blending haute cuisine with playful plate surprises, Back earned its first Michelin star in November 2023, making its debut in the Michelin Guide 2024.

The first thing to mention is that Úbeda-born Chef David Olivas has always been a free spirit when it comes to creating dishes. This fact is evident in his contemporary cooking that displays his technical ability and personality using the best locally sourced ingredients. The cornerstone of his cuisine is to bring time-honoured flavours into the present day.


NINTAI restaurant in marbella
Source: Nintai restaurant website

Another culinary project courtesy of renowned sommelier Marcos Granda, who returned from Japan at the end of 2019 astonished by its culture and the country’s respect for the finest ingredients – a revelation which led to the development of this new project. Here, everything induces a feeling of serenity – the perfect state of mind to savour tasting menus of different lengths. The desserts come as a surprise. One of the best sake menus in Spain completes the picture!


MANTARRAYA restaurant in marbella
Source: Mantarraya restaurant website

An authentic Mexican restaurant with Chef Roberto Ruiz, the first Mexican to achieve a Michelin star in Europe.

Boasting charm in spades, Mantarraya Mx follows the trend set by Barracuda MX (Madrid) for the very best of Mexico’s Pacific cuisine, which has been transplanted to Marbella's famous Golden Mile. The terrace is an absolute delight!


EL LAGO restaurant in marbella
Source: El Lago restaurant Instagram

Located in Greenlife Golf course, one of the Costa del Sol’s legendary fine-dining restaurants offers contemporary dishes. This haven of peace and tranquillity provides the ideal backdrop for the perfect meal (sensations enhanced by the harmony of the surroundings and views of a large lake, especially from the stunning summer terrace).

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Source: Areia restaurant website


A Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with a striking decoration (unique fabric craftwork) that comes as quite a surprise! Seasonal cooking features top-quality ingredients, with the final flourish to some dishes completed in front of guests.


Source: Kava restaurant Instagram

A contemporary yet intimate restaurant with a focus on modern cooking which aims to incorporate the traditional flavours of Andalusian cuisine. The chefs serve their dishes in person so they can explain them in detail, including a cheesecake that is out of this world!

Savour the adventure! Let us know if you try out any of these amazing spots.

New Restaurants in Marbella

Chefs in Marbella keep stretching their wings, incorporating flavors from other cultures, bringing the focus back to regional ingredients, and using modernist methods to get their point on the plate. The year 2023 blessed us with a bunch of new restaurants, presenting a refreshing blend of Mediterranean, Peruvian, Japanese, Italian and other cuisines.

Do you want to try something new? Check out these hot spots that combine gastronomy, culture and entertainment.

Among the new excellent additions are stunning Coya Restaurant and Pisco Bar in Puente Romano, charming Bossa near Selwo Park, and top-notch Nomad Marbella in Nueva Andalucia. Dune Beach Marbella in El Rosario is ideal for enjoying a perfect day in style. Trendy Beso Beach, west of Marbella, has quickly become popular due to its beachfront location, chic décor, and mouth-watering food. Another newest addition to Marbella's beach club scene is Oyana in Marbella East.

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Marbella's New A-List Restaurants

No doubt, Marbella attracts big and famous names.

With a remarkable, almost a century-old history and culinary excellence, the iconic Venetian Cipriani handpicked Marbella as its exclusive destination for the grand inauguration of the second restaurant in continental Spain, Cipriani Marbella.

Magna Spain Group has inaugurated Kalma & Kaos, a new restaurant in the Cancelada area, housing two distinct restaurants within a single location and encompassing the union of Japanese and Mediterranean types of cuisine. These two might not sound like a match made in heaven, but the novel concept makes it work, with a lot of finesse and originality. A truly unparalleled culinary journey!

With its Madrid concept, Barbillón Group opened the doors of its first beach restaurant located in Guadalmina Baja. It offers 4,000 m2, sea views and 3 atmospheric areas: the bar-restaurant with capacity for 350 diners; the beach with a hammock area; and the pool with beds by the water.

The revamped La Cabane Club in Los Monteros has got a Dolce & Gabbana twist, exceeding all expectations. To the Dolce & Gabbana's stunning design that sets the scene for a slice of Mediterranean paradise, add Chef Dani García's delectable cuisine and Dolce & Gabbana-inspired desserts. Expect an unforgettable gastronomic delight!


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