Property taxes for owners in Marbella

Property taxes for owners in Marbella

Hello everyone, today I want to use this opportunity to talk to you about taxes when owning a property. Sometimes the information about this can be a bit misleading, so I thought I’ll break it down for you.

First, all these taxes and costs will be calculated on the basis of the purchase price, the location of the property – municipality, and its size and cadastral value. Let’s break it into different parts. You’ve got taxes and costs related to the property itself, and then you got taxes related to the owner.

Taxes related to the owner when owning a property in Marbella

First of all, you’ve got the wealth tax, only applied to properties that are purchased above €700,000 per person. What does that mean?

Let’s say it’s a property of 1,5 million, but there are two owners. So, from the 1.5 million you deduct 1.4 million and only 100.000 are applied with the wealth tax. The same situation if it’s a 300000 – there’s no wealth tax.

The second issue is related to the owner but in this case, it’s only owners who are non-residents in Spain, in that case, there’s a non-resident tax – taxing the owner of the property. I know there are many clients who don’t pay that tax and the government don’t really follow up today that match on it, but what they do is that the day that you will be selling they will be reviewing all these years you haven’t paid, and they will make you pay at the moment at the notary. You can leave it for later, but that payment will be also incremented with percentages and so on. So, it’s better to pay every year, a lawyer can charge about maybe €200 per year to fill in all your tax declarations. That was regarding the owner.

Taxes related to the property itself when owning a property in Marbella

Now let’s talk about the property itself. You’ve got the IBI (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) – the Property Tax itself paid on the yearly basis, same as the other taxes. It depends on the cadastral value of the property. Then the property has the community fees. Then you go also the garbage tax on the property, but that’s a very small figure. You can talk about €100 per year or €300 per year. And then, of course, the electricity, water, but that depends on the consumption, it does not exactly the taxes.

So I hope you have got a pretty good idea about it, and I’ll see you next time.

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