La Zagaleta 2023: See what we sold there !

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La Zagaleta is a neighbourhood that takes status to a whole new level.

And that upper echelon extends to the villas there, plus the salesmanship needed to draw potential owners and introduce them to a home to call their own.

2023 was a strong year for Drumelia, known for its outstanding position in Zagaleta market. And here is even further proof: this year, we successfully closed 6 notary sales, with 1 under contract, and another close to selling. Furthermore, of our 8 deals in Zagaleta in 2023, 3 are under exclusive contract with Drumelia and 5 were with direct clients of Drumelia.

At the moment, Drumelia has even more exclusives in Zagaleta: including the spectacular Villa Enso, as well as Casa Terregles.

Read on to learn more about some of our most stunning sales this year, and what went into them!

Komorebi House

  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • Built: 2185 M²
  • Plot: 3726 M²
  • Asking Price: € 14,800,000
Exclusive Marbella Villa Komorebi

Sales Strategy 

After being signed to an exclusive contract, Drumelia relaunched, rebranded and promoted the property anew with property tours and visuals. What’s more, the property was unfurnished, so Drumelia collaborated with a décor company to furnish the exclusive Marbella villa completely and included it in the sales price.

Here you can see some of the videos we created to promote it:


Have a look at the full media campaign we created for the property: Komorebi House Media

In no time, a bidding war developed, which resulted in almost simultaneous offers, and a great sale for the vendor! Once again, reframing the look and appeal of a property paid off.

Villa Lagoon

Lagoon La Zagaleta
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Built: 1,046 m²
  • Terrace: 174 m²
  • Plot: 3,316 m²


In 2022, the new owner of the formerly named Villa Arcadio (winner of European Property Awards Developments) decided to undertake extensive renovations to the property, aiming to reintroduce it to the market. They granted Drumelia the privilege of listing and selling the property under exclusive contract. Rebranded as Villa Lagoon, the newly revamped estate underwent a stunning transformation.

To ensure that Villa Lagoon made a powerful return to the market, the highly skilled Drumelia marketing team committed to fresh, breathtaking photos and videos. These captivating visual representations highlighted the beauty and allure of Villa Lagoon like never before, thereby ensuring that the villa would showcase it to its fullest potential. To push marketing efforts even further, a property tour garnered 150,000 views on Drumelia's YouTube Channel.

La Zagaleta 2023: See what we sold there !


An exclusive viewing was arranged for a discerning client who had expressed keen interest in Villa Lagoon. Following two weeks of negotiations, the client ultimately reserved the property on January 20th, marking a momentous step towards the ultimate sale.

On March 15th, 2023, and the finalisation of paperwork at the notary clinched the successful sale of Villa Lagoon!

What other villas did Drumelia sell in La Zagaleta in 2023?

Villa Sierramar

  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • Built: 434 m²
  • Terrace: 92 m²
  • Plot: 4,022 m²
  • Listing Price: €6,250,000

Though not directly listed through Drumelia from the owner, we sold it to our direct client that came through our website.

Stunning imagery and media all contributed to love in first sight, after the client viewed the house online.

In no time, a property tour was arranged. Once the prospective client stepped into the house, they became a client in full! Who did not even want to consider other options once they had seen it!

Villa Cristal

  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Bathrooms: 10
  • Built: 2.500m²
  • Plot: 7.350m²
  • Listing Price: €11,900,00

The house had been on the market for a while. Once Drumelia stepped in, the house became an exclusive listing with a re-branding done by Drumelia. Thanks to efforts between marketing, sales and clever management of how the property was presented, it was successfully sold, leaving both vendor and buyer more than content.

How can I learn more about La Zagaleta?

The secluded urbanisation of La Zagaleta is one of the most exclusive and prestigious gated communities in Europe, and has become a staple of the Marbella luxury lifestyle. In 1991, it started its development as a private hunting estate, covering 900 hectares of protected wooded groves and green valleys.

Drone photograph of LA Zagaleta, gated community in Marbella.

Currently, there are 230 properties within this trendsetting yet traditional gated community, but there are still plots available that can increase the total number by 190.

Discover plenty of details, fascinating history and just what life is like over here:

La Zagaleta

Let Drumelia show you La Zagaleta!

As the doors of this remarkable villa open to its new owner, it marks not just the end of a real estate transaction but the beginning of a grand chapter – one of elegance, opulence, and the timeless allure of La Zagaleta.

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