Free Marbella Luxury Property tool: For the 1st time, view the market LIVE!

By Leon van Huyssteen on - 6m. reading time

As a Marbella luxury property buyer, seller or real estate agent, do you become frustrated when: 

  • Property prices are out of date, and published too late? 
  • Marbella luxury property prices are mixed with Malaga, creating a false picture of actual prices? 
  • Prices for the same properties are duplicated, and vary, even on the same property website portal? 

For some time, the team at Drumelia real estate have encountered this same issue, requiring more time to present this information in an accurate, easy-to-follow way.

The solution? 

We created a Marbella Luxury Property tool to solve it! 

Marbella Luxury Property Tool - Live Market Report

What inspired Drumelia to create Marbella Market Watch? 

As anyone in the real estate business knows, knowledge is power. More precisely, it’s the lifeblood that drives any sale, purchase decision, and property listing. Yet even as a real estate leader with many listings in the Marbella property market, a wide network of contacts and our agents’ knowledge of the area, Drumelia had to rely on web property portals for property information.  

As most of the information online is out of date, and a good deal of it subject to inaccurate estimates, it created an awkward situation: how to accurately estimate villa and property prices to enable successful sales? Overestimating villa prices often scares away potential buyers. While underestimating leaves sellers unsatisfied. 

What’s more, as a luxury real estate expert in Marbella, Drumelia’s business focus is much narrower than say, a real estate chain serving the Costa Del Sol. As such, we need: 

1) Marbella-focused property information, but also info about  

2) Luxury property listed at over € 1,000,000, and  

3) Information for each separate neighborhood. 

These 3 requirements are what inspired us to create this Marbella Luxury Property tool. And now you can use it too! 

What are the unique features of this Marbella Luxury Property tool?  

If we had to describe this tool in a sentence, think of it as a stock exchange for property.  

As everyone knows, stock exchange changes are reflected instantly, and immediately updated. Giving investors real-time information to act on. 

Marbella Market Watch does the same, with a focus on Marbella Luxury Property. 

Here’s how: 

Marbella Market Watch doesn’t repeat information

Unlike a property web portal like Idealista, Marbella Market Watch doesn’t repeat listings of the same property, advertised at different prices. 

To create a very clear picture of the current Marbella luxury market, Marbella Market Watch only shows info of PROPERTIES SOLD, from a variety of sources, that Drumelia has listed, be it exclusively or otherwise. 

This gives a very clear and current idea of what properties are trading for, instead of speculation. 

Marbella Market Watch provides info per Marbella neighborhood

That’s right. Having a general idea of what a villa or property is going for simply isn’t enough. As an example, villas in La Zagaleta will trade for more than those in Marbella East. That doesn’t mean that neighborhood can’t rise or fall in value, though. Which is why we only use SALE prices to create a real-time picture. 

Sierra Blanca House types and styles
Just some of the many luxury villas of Sierra Blanca

Marbella Market Watch presents all Sales data - LIVE 

Knowledge, as noted previously, is key. We are regularly the first to know, ahead of other agencies, and update the Marbella Market Watch datasheet immediately. This offers not only a current picture of property prices, but a much fuller one. 

Marbella Market Watch by Drumelia is the first of its kind in Marbella

Need we say more? 

How does Marbella Market Watch work?  

It might sound like the flood of LIVE incoming property sales information needs a complicated tool to make sense of it – but Marbella Market Watch is here to make things easy for you. 

It’s intuitive and user-friendly! 

As example, here is the data sheet of Sierra Blanca: 

Marbella Luxury Property Tool

Above, you can see information about the last villa sold in the region. Further sales are displayed in reverse chronological order as you scroll down the page. 

The following helpful information is also displayed: 

  • Number of bedrooms 
  • Built (House size) 
  • Plot Size
  • Asking Price 
  • Price per m² 
  • Sale date

If you click on the heading of any of these categories, it rearranges the information in rising or descending order (low to high / high to low). 

Please note, this is the information as it relates to ONE villa sold. Scrolling down, you will find information relating to ALL previous luxury property sales in Sierra Blanca. 

All of this information is then collated to create an AVERAGE OVERVIEW OF THE AREA, as seen below: 

Marbella Luxury Property Tool

All of which can help you make an up-to-the-minute estimation of accurate property prices for the specific area in Marbella you are interested in! 

What are the benefits of this Marbella Luxury Property tool?  

For Buyers  

  • Get a clear idea of what villa / property prices are going for 
  • Strengthen your bargaining position when negotiating a purchase 
  • Give you a clear idea of the price range in a neighbourhood, after which you can search another neighborhood, if it is too costly, or you’re able to spend more. 

For Sellers

  • Get a clear idea of what the market trading price is for the neighborhood of your villa 
  • Help you to arrive at an accurate asking price with the guidance of your real estate agent. 
  • Avoid time-wasting haggling situations by having a clear upfront estimation of your property’s worth, to help streamline negotiations. 

For Real Estate Agents 

  • Determine an accurate sales price, with full transparency. 
  • Be able to counter an asking price that’s too high, with accurate information. 
  • Keep you on top of property values per region in Marbella, and increase your credibility. 

For Drumelia 

  • Offer easy to access helpful information to the property market in general, and our clients in particular. 
  • Solidify our reputation as a technology-driven and knowledgeable real estate player. 
  • Help our agents deliver even better service. 
  • Increase SEO traffic to our ever-updated, award-winning website. 

 Where can I find Marbella Market Watch?  

 At present, Marbella Market Watch has been integrated on our website into: 

  • Area Guides 
  • The bottom of our individual Property pages, after you have selected a property. 
  • An average overview of an area is also provided at the bottom of search pages by area, after a search has been entered. 

Currently, the tool is predominantly featured in English.

In future, the Marbella Market Watch tool will also be included on our main landing page. 

Happy house hunting, from team Drumelia! 

As the leading luxury real estate agency in Marbella, we are dedicated to connecting people with properties that inspire them. 

By creating this tool, we trust we’ve made it even easier. Any questions? 

Feel free to contact us today! 

Get in touch! 

Collaborator Leon van Huyssteen