Villa Cullinan – The Diamond of Marbella

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Sunrise at Villa Cullinan
Villa Cullinan | Exclusive Agent - Drumelia | Developer - Prestige Expo | Architect - Tobal


One of the best destinations in Europe, Marbella provides its new gem at the award-winning development Zagaleta, the most iconic address of the Costa del Sol and crème de la crème of the Spanish Mediterranean.

Dubbed ‘the Pride of Zagaleta’, the ‘Diamond of Marbella’ and ‘the best among the best’, Villa Cullinan is not just a new top-quality contemporary house. It’s the epitome of true modern luxury and a special lifestyle. If “007” were filmed today in Marbella, Villa Cullinan is where James Bond would stay during his sojourn in Spain.

Delivering luxury homes that rise above and beyond the expectations of the most discerning and demanding clients is never easy, especially in the sought-after neighborhood that knows perfectly well what luxury is. However, the aim was to create “the best new property in Marbella” in terms of quality, luxury, design, size, functionality, ergonomics, efficiency and location...and it has been achieved. The unique property combines the ultimate comfort with respect for the surrounding nature and stands out for its difference and achievements, freedom, excitement, adventure and positive thinking of the 21st-century living.

Think modern opulence. Think ultimate comfort. Think tasteful extravagance. Bold, Big and Beautiful, Villa Cullinan has been created without compromise and presented flawlessly. It is both a powerful architectural statement and a wonderful liveable house with very large living and dining areas, cosy lounges, the entertainment space, which is reminiscent of a nightclub setup, and the amazing al fresco living areas inviting to enjoy the best climate in continental Europe.

Villa Cullinan – The Diamond of Marbella


The fascinating setting is a destination of itself. When it comes to the truly magnificent houses where glamour and lifelong pleasure are very much the name of the game, nothing can beat picture-perfect Zagaleta. Speaking of its microclimate, panoramic views, ecological condition, privacy and security, legendary architect- designed creations, unrivalled services and lavish way of life in general, the most commonly used words are the ‘best’, ‘ultimate’ and ‘utmost’.

Zagaleta is considered Europe’s most exclusive country club and the finest golf resort with services brought to an unprecedented level, the highest level of security and luxurious facilities that include recreational, social and sports activities areas, a heliport, a bank, a gourmet shop with home delivery, a premier equestrian centre with Spanish and Arabian horses, etc.

Embraced by Mediterranean magic, the privileged area keeps its incomparable beauty of nature, and large green zones separate grand villas and mansions built with the local wildlife in mind. The former hunting estate of extravagant Saudi magnate Adnan Kashoggi still plays host to an abundance of wildlife but the four-legged neighbours are treated kindly.


When it comes to luxury and sensational experience, it doesn’t get more special than Villa Cullinan – which, like many properties with a ‘wow’ factor, even has its own name. Cullinan, the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, was presented by Transvaal to his Britannic majesty Edward VII. Its cut parts, created for eternity, were mounted in the Imperial State Crown. No wonder, that ‘only the best is good enough’ has been the concept behind the project named Villa Culllinan.


Extraordinary and incredibly tempting as the stone it is named after, Villa Cullinan is the most exclusive and biggest new modern villa of Europe. The eco-friendly mega mansion is also considered one of the most innovative contemporary estates. It has no competitors when it comes to the latest, top-notch technology, up to the minute trends, brave ideas and luxurious features. The same can be said of the generous size of the house offering 3.110 m², its 13.845 m² plot and imposing swimming pools, a 20-meters long internal heated pool and an outdoor saltwater pool that goes underneath the house, with astonishing depth of 4,56 m, a masterpiece of its own.

Two state-of-art designer kitchens can satisfy the most demanding celebrity chef. Any luxurious boutique-hotels would envy 9 large and alluring guest bedrooms, while a serene Master Suite is a peaceful retreat occupying the entire wing. 14 marble bathrooms offer a perfect balance of chic and pure pleasure, impressing with magnificent 800kg honed marble bathtub in the Master Suite.

Described as a voyage of the senses, the property invites the residents to enjoy deep relaxation and activities both indoor and outdoor, while watching the glorious Mediterranean sunset as the sun slips behind the Rock of Gibraltar.

It’s all there at your fingertips: a pampering SPA-centre, designated chill-out areas, a professional gym and sports lounge, a game room, a home cinema room with natural light coming from the imposing swimming pool windows, undoubtedly the pièce de résistance - very much larger-than-life the James Bond film style!

Truly unique features add a feeling of luxury, beauty and interest: the rotating platform and a black mirror ceiling in a huge glass-walled garage (all people love their toys of choice, and that is certainly true of car collectors), sophisticated lighting and backlit onyx walls, the bio ethanol and wood burning fireplaces, the walk bridges at different living levels, a glass wine wall, the newest stylish option for wine storage and perfect way to showcase a fantastic wine collection right in the heart of a formal dining area. The handpicked suppliers of high-end luxury furniture, designer decorative items, selected fittings and home accessories have the elite brand names that are the very best in the world.

The gardens are spectacular too: the award-winning old part which is a proper Mediterranean paradise, the eye-catching hanging gardens at the entrance, the gardens inside the house boasting the rare awe-inspiring 7m-high exotic trees specially delivered.

The gorgeous vistas are breath-taking: towards the scenic coastline of Southern Spain, idyllic Andalusian mountain landscape with undulating green carpet of golf-courses, iconic La Concha Mountain, the Mediterranean Sea shimmering in the sun, African coast decorated with Rif Mountains, and both Pillars of Hercules that flank the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. Envy of the world!

Villa Cullinan is the result of a shared vision and a quest for perfection created by Tobal Arquitectos, one of the most prominent architect bureaus and leading designers of luxury properties on the Costa del Sol. This project is considered to be the finest work of the bespoke prime residential specialists that have contributed to a great many of the region’s iconic buildings.

With no funds spared, the extraordinary, chic and sophisticated villa that stands out from the crowd and rewards the adventurous owners with its up-to-date functionality, luxury and privacy, has become the biggest new-built modern property in Europe that comes with a 32-million-euro price tag.

The most desirable property of the year 2019 will be a real joy and pride to possess.

For Drumelia Real Estate, it is a great honor to represent Villa Cullinan. As the exclusive real estate representative for such extraordinary property!

Villa Cullinan – The Diamond of Marbella
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