The Guide to Marbella Luxury Hotspots Property Taxes Purchase process

Tours of the Finest Areas of Marbella

We are pleased to share with you our new project – Area Tours of Marbella! In this videos we will show you everything there is to know about the most exclusive areas in Marbella luxury Real Estate. After watching our area tours, you will become an expert!

Sierra Blanca

La Zagaleta

Nueva Andalucia

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If you want to suggest where to go next, just get in contact and tell us in which area are you interested in.

Property taxes in Marbella and Spain

Who pays taxes? When do you pay taxes? What other costs do you have when buying, selling, or owning a property in Marbella, Spain?

We believe that informing you correctly about all your taxes and costs related to buying, selling, or owning a property in Marbella is the responsibility of any real estate agent. Therefore, we have prepared this information in the most straightforward and accessible manner for you to analyze when you are ready to consider Marbella your home.

The property purchase process in Marbella and Spain

Buying a property in Marbella, Spain, or any location is a significant decision that requires specific knowledge. A professional real estate agent can help save time, money, and stress. We have prepared a simple guide, step by step, to provide you with a complete overview in advance to make the process feel easier and natural.

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