Sergey Sinichkin Founder & Senior Property Consultant

Sergey Sinichkin

Sergey has a Master’s degree in engineering, but decided to try his hand at real estate. He started his professional career as a licensed real estate agent in 1993. In 2003, after 10 years of hard work, Sergey founded Drumelia Real Estate, a successful dynamic company with extensive client base, modern management techniques, and cohesive creative team.

He has passion for real estate business and thinks that it’s the most beautiful job you can have. He is proud that warm and friendly atmosphere reigns in the company from the beginning up to this day. His colleagues are his partners and friends. For Sergey, leadership is about people. One can lead a team only being a part of it.

"We solve difficult problems immediately, impossible tasks after a while. My motto is short and to the point - Always!"
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