Kévan Martial Property Consultant

Kévan was born and raised in the south of France. Besides football and kickboxing, his interests included cars. At high school, he joined an internship program to learn about the car business, and ended up with 3 degrees in it.  Building on a lifelong career in sales, Kévan established himself in the automobile trade in France and Montreal, Canada. He converted himself to a successful car sales representative who was also doing the marketing.

It appeared that his best customers were involved in real estate business, and it confirmed his willingness to explore that branch. Looking for the top real estate in Europe and a fantastic climate, he stumbled across different YouTube videos presenting properties. The ones that really attracted him and made him discover Marbella and its market were the ones from Drumelia. “It was a no-brainer, I thought, "Drumelia is the company that I need to work for!"

Kévan came to Spain in 2020, the same week as the lockdown. After a few months, passing through different cities to get the paperwork, then the languages skills, then the experience of working as a real estate agent in Barcelona and Madrid, he moved to the Costa del Sol. His journey ended up where it all started in his head. With his sights firmly set on Drumelia, he joined the team thanks to his ability to make people feel listened to, understood and offered the solution perfectly suited to their needs.

As a property consultant, he sees himself as somewhat of a ‘property matchmaker’, a custom-made property or project finder. Speaking French, English and Spanish and ready to share his in-depth knowledge of magnificent Marbella neighbourhoods, he assists people to find the best properties, including hidden gems and those that are not even on the market, and transform them into the Home of clients’ Dreams to fit their lifestyle perfectly.

"His motto is a golden rule: "Treat others how you want to be treated.""

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